Ring of Fire 29 December 2020: Ring of Fire update Tuesday 29th December 2020, Revathi continues consoling Shristi and says she needs something from her. Shristi says everything is given by her, so she can ask anything. Revathi asks to give her mangalsutra. Shristi hesitates. Revathi says they have to follow wordly rituals and cannot forgo them. She then goes to her room and cries that she is a bad woman and in her greed, she could not give anything to her son, it would have been good if she was dead than Vishu. Vidhvan consoles her and says she has to be alive for the family.

Ragini takes food to Anurag. Anurag holds her hand and asks her to have it with him. She says she fed everyone and will have later. He insists and feeds her. She says she is going to feed Shristi. He asks her to return soon. She leaves. He thinks he has lost her trust, but he has to try to regain it.

Shristi cries reminiscing Vishu’s love for her, his gifts during recent Udaipur trip, etc. Ragini walks in and consoles her. She feeds her and makes her sleep and herself sleeps next to her. Shristi asks if she will stay here, she should go to Anurag. Ragini says she needs her most here. Shristi says that is fine, but she should go to Anurag as she will be alone rest for life. Ragini says she is her sister than jethani, so sister’s relationship cannot end, she will be with her always. Shristi insists her to tell why she does not want to go to Anurag. Ragini breaks up and hugging her tells her whole story happened in Udaipur. They both sleep again.

Shristi wakes up in the middle of night remembering Vishu and goes to terrace. Anurag is playing marbles there and apologizes her for disturbing her. She asks if they are Vishu’s marbles. He says no, he had won them from Vishu and forgot to return, he regrets why he did not return them. She starts talking about relationships and how husband and wife are like marble and bottle which cannot be separated from each other. Ragini joins them and she also gets emotional seeing them.

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