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Ring of Fire 8 December 2020: Ring of Fire update Tuesday 8th December 2020, Shristi writes a letter for Vishu sadly. Hamari Adhuri Kahani…song..plays in the background. Shristi completes letter, keeps it on bed for Vishu and walks to living room. Brij brings doctor in and asks family who called doc. Revathi says this house needs blessings than doctor. Anurag walks in saying doctor is also sent by god and this is Dr. Sharma who will treat Shristi. Doctor asks Shristi to walk along for examination. Shristi hesitates. Ragini convinces her to get it examined for Vishu. Shristi says she will do anything for Vishu and agrees. Vishu returns to his room and reads Shristi’s letter that she does not know what is happening with her, but she cannot think about harming him even in her weirdest dreams.

Vishu’s heart melts for Shristi and walks to examining room. He sees Shristi with bipolar disorder and strangulating doc shouting if he will examine her. He gets afraid and calls family for help. Family rushes in and Anurag rescues doctor. Doctor runs away saying Shristi is mad and he cannot treat her. Revathi continues yelling as usual. Ragini throws water on Shristi. She wakes up and says she is ready for examination.

Drama continues… Revathi calls psychiatrist and explains him whole situation. Shristi sits shattered in her room. Ragini walks with her bags and keeps clothes back in cupboard. Shristi says she is helping her so much, does not have to hereon. Ragini says she is helping her sister and wants her to spend her time and energy to become best lawyer instead. She shows her love letter for Anurang with title Anuragini. She then Shristi coronation ceremony photo and says she will hang it in front of her bed so that she get an inspiration. She then shows Vishu and Shristi’s photo and says these are best couple’s photo and hangs it. She continues cheering Shristi and asks her to stop crying, she hates contagious disease. Shristi asks what is that. Ragini tickles her bones. Shristi smiles.

Vishu thinks he cannot be in fear always and should work on something. Dulari reads murder novel and seeing a shadow walking holding knife calls Revathi worriedly. She clashes with Vidhvan, Revathi with Dulari also walks in. Dulari says murderer is walking holding knife. Divya says she was giving knife to mom to cut vegetables. Revathi scolds Dualri to stop reading novel. Divya takes her to give romantic novel.

Vishu tries to work using tools. Shristi walks in thinking of helping Vishu and lifts cutter from floor and tries to give it to him. He asks her to go away.

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