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Read Ring of Fire 12 May 2021 Zee world: Agni is about to open box in which Sakshi’s aide have hidden Sakshi when jeweller stops her and says it is gift from girl’s family. Agni asks if he is taking bribe. He shies. Ragini warns him not to take bribe, else she will throw him in jail. She then slaps constable and asks how are arrangements. He says gulab jamoon is hard, no salt in kachori. She scolds him to be alert. Aides take Sakshi’s box into a room. Sakshi calls aide Toni, tears box and comes out and then scolds him follow him. He asks what are her plans now, if they are from bride or groom’s side.

Groom’s friend gets groom ready and provokes him not to marry forcefully. Agni on the other realizes that thief has already entered wedding venue and reminisces thief’s bangles. Sakshi with her aides searches groom to kidnap him. Her aides hear nagin music and start dancing. She scolds him.

Agni searches thief and checks each young lady’s bangles. Groom’s friend notices her and reminiscing her as thief thinks of catching her. Sakshi passes by wearing same dres, and groom’s friend throws cloth on her and catches Sakshi. He takes her aside and is shocked to see different woman, says thief. Sakshi gets tensed. He says he mistook her as thief who is around. She acts as police officer and asks where is groom Raghav. He says his father has hidden him somewhere and he will right at the time of pheras, asks why she needs groom’s location. She says it is a top secret.

Agni continues searching thief while Sakshi searches groom. They both hide seeing groom’s friend. Uncle takes him away for nagin dance. Sakshi relaxes and continues searching, hide seeing Agni. Agni calls Mukhri constable. Mukhri says even he could not find out where groom is hidden. She slaps him and warns not to act oversmart. Sakshi’s aides asks how will they find groom. Many men wearing groom’s attire enter. Sakshi’s men get confused. Mukhri praises Agni’s idea. Sakshi sees a man entering last wearing different shoes and think he is the groom.

Sakshi sees 5 groom coming at once and gets confused who is one she wants to kidnap. Another groom comes at last wearing groom’s shoes and she thinks he is real groom. She sends her aides to take groom aside and then kidnaps groom. Agni notices that and laughs. Mukhri praises that her plan worked and kidnappers kidnapped fake groom.

Sakshi takes groom with her and asks pandit to start pheras. Pandit asks to show groom’s face and wake him up. Aide remove sehra and are shocked to see groom’s friend. He wakes up. Sakshi’s aides hit his head again and make him fall asleep again. Sakshi realizes that inspector Agni fooled her. Agni on the other side calls real groom and asks pandit to start mantras. She reminisces sending groom’s aunt to let groom’s friend wear his shoes citing to protect them from bride’s sisters. She sees bride and groom not looking happy and asks them if they are marrying with their wish. Groom’s father says yes. Groom accepts that he loves someone else and does not want to marry this girl. His girlfriend comes running. Agni gets them married and says whoever can dare to accept their love is a king. Sakshi’s aide tells Sakshi that inspector is helping them instead. Sakshi says she should meet inspector once.

Sakshi and her aide run. Agni follows them. Groom rescues his friend. Friend sees Agni running and runs behind to catch her. Sakshi escapes in jeep. Agni follows. Chasing drama continues. Their jeeps collide with each other and they fall outside jeep and lose consciousness.

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