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Ring of Fire 13 January 2021: On Ring of Fire 13th January 2021, Anurag serves food to Ragini’s family and says he learnt preparing rotis from ammaji and asks to try food. Vikral asks him to go now if he has served food. Abhimanyu joins them and says his parents are going to meet aunt, so they will not attend his engagement. Vikral says he got a call already, they will attend wedding directly. Abhimanyu asks Anurag if he does not feel weird working her being Ragini’s ex-husband. Anurag says he does not.

Anurag walks back to his room and takes out T-shirt to change. Ragini walks in. He acts as shy and asks what will anyone say seeing them together, turn her face. She asks to stop his drama and wear T-shirt soon, why did not he tell truth to Abhimanyu. He says he wants her to take her back home where everyone are eagerly waiting for her and he knows even she is waiting for some.

Divya walks to Shristi’s room and gets emotional that family has not forgotton Vishu’s death, now problems have creeped on her. Shristi consoles her and asks to sleep with her today. Divya says she misunderstood Baiju, but.. Shristi asks not to think much and sleep.

Ammaji walks to Anurag’s room and tries to speak. Vikral walks in and says his daughter’s wedding arrangements are made except one thing and needs his help, hope he will help. He brings band master’s dress and asks to entertain guests. Anurag says he knows that he wants him to feel sad and return home, but he will not accept defeat at any cost. Ammaji blesses Anurag that he will never lose.

Ring of Fire 13 January 2021: Brij organizes bodybuilders to protect guard Shristi. He asks Divya to note down everyone’s name and ordrs them to compete among themselves. They play tug of war and oe team falls down. Baiju enters wearing face mask and pulls huge bodybuilders towards him. Everyone are shocked to see him when mask flies away.

Shristi decides to keep bodybuilder mohan has her bodyguard. Baiju says he won and can better protect her. Shristi ignores her and leaves. Baiju says these obese men cannot protect her, only a swift man like him can.

Ragini gets ready to go on a date with Abhimanyu. Parag walks in ad asks if her mind changes towards Anurag again, what will happen to babuji’s ego, what will he reply Abhimanyu and his family. He says Abhimany’s family is modern and she needs to learn ethics. She agrees. Anurag walks into Abhimanyu’s room and says Ragini is too raw and cannot handle dates as she eats loudly, orders litti chokha, methi parantha, slurps her hand, etc.. and plays loud music, if she gets angry, she turns 5-star restaurant into local dhaba, so he should himself do whatever she likes.
Abhimanyu thanks her. He brings Anurag’s written book and says whatever Anurag said to Abhimanyu.

Divya tells Shristi that Baiju won by trick. Mohan says he made him slip. Shristi says though Baiju won, he is a goon and his thinking would be low. Daadi says in this age, one should use brain and power, which Baiju used and won. Vidhvan says he hired bodyguard to make Shristi feel safe, so he cannot hire Baiju. Daadi agrees.

Ring of Fire 13 January 2021 zee world: Abhimanyu arranges dinner at home and takes Ragini. He starts doing same what Anurag warned, playing loud music, ordering methid parantha, dancing, etc. Food comes. He sees lizard and shouts in fear. Ragini picks it and sees it is fake. Anurag messages how is her date going. Abhimanyu feels sad that he spoilt his date himself.

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