Ring of Fire 16 December 2020: Ring of Fire update Wednesday 16th December 2020, Vidhvan brings rasgullas and reminds Daadi how Rohini and Brij used to fight for rasgullas in childhood. Revathi wlks in and yells no need for rasgullas as Brij will not have them until Rohini is in this house. Dulari says she will have Brij’s share also. Brij walks in with Rohini saying he will not share his rasgullas and tells Vidhvan that he and Rohini used to right so that Vidhvan could give even his share to them. Vidhvan says he is their elder brother and knew their trick. Vidhvan sees kurta and asks if it is Rohni’s gifted kurta. Brij says yes, Ragini and Shristi reunited brothe and sister, year’s old dirt is washed away in minutes. Rohini praises Vidhvan that he chose diamonds as bahus and until they are at home, house will be prosperous. Vidhvan says she is right. Revathi fumes in jealousy.

Shristi walks into her room and sees Vishu decorating whole room with flowers and Biwi no 1 card. He dances around her throwing flowers and singing Biwi No 1. Anurag also dances around Ragini in another room. Ragini gets happy. Anurag says when she can keep his family united, why should not he pamper her. She says she will go before Sasusmaa comes. Anurag insists her to sleep in his room itself, he will not break mom’s promise. Revathi walks in calling Dulari. Anurag hurriedly sits on sofa while Ragini cleans flowers. Revathi asks why are these flowers on floor. Ragini says she was preparing garland for Daadi and flowers fell down. She walks out.

Anurag sleeps with Vishu and imagines Ragini in him. He gets romantic. Vishu says it is him. Rohini walks in calling Ragini and asks what is Vishu doing here. Anurag says Ragini is in Shristi’s room. Rohini asks if they fought. Anurag says no and tells her about Revathi’s oath. Rohini thinks she should find out why Revathi is keeping love birds away. Anurag continues romancing Vishu in sleep thinking him as Ragini while Shristi romances Ragini. Their drama continues…

Next morning, Ragini and Shristi serve tea to whole family. Rohini tells daadi that her bahus took control of whole house. Daadi says even bussiness. Rohini asks Vishu if he left drinking jaggery milk. Vishu says even now he does, but seeing Shristi serving tea, he took it. Revathi fumes in jealousy. Anurag tells Ragini that tea is not sweet and she should sweeten it with her lips. Revathi gets more jealous.

Revathi sees Anurag and Ragini’s romance and dumps more work on Ragini. Shristi says she will help Ragini, but Revathi stops her. Rohini notices them. Dulari sees money on table while sweeping floor and silently steals it. Rohini catches her and says she is stealing money here. Dulari says she will return money and says she is in this house for 1 year and doing household chores alone. Rohini asks what is Ragini doing then. Dulari says if she irks Revathi, Revathi will punish her obviously. Rohini asks why. Dulari tells Ragini lied and tells whole story, says because of Ragini, even Vishu and Shristi are suffering. She tells whole truth and gets afraid if Revathi will know, she will get angry. Rohini thinks she kept money and trapped Dulari, now she will see how Revathi will trouble young couples.

Rohini sees Vsihu and Anurag coming and acts as singing Bahut Pyar Kate Hain Tumko Sanam song.. and acts as getting shy and says their uncle is very romantic and even after so many years of marriage, he gets gifts and takes her to movies and candle light dinner. Vishu says what is special in it, even he can light candle and feed Shristi. Anurag says he will not understand. Rohini challenges them if they can take their wives on romantic dinner. They both agree and ask what they will get in return. Rohini says lots of blessings.

Shristi and Ragini see Anurag and Vishu’s invitation to meet them at a hotel for romantic dinner and get excited. Ragini searches saris and says she will get bangles from her room. Shristi says she can use her bangles. Revathi walks in and asks them to grind spices. Shristi asks if they can grind some now and rest tomorrow. Revathi warns to do it right now and leaves. She asks Dulari to spy them. They both try to grand spices with stone grinder. Rohini brings mixer grinder and asks them to finish grinding while she waits outside. Dulari tries to walk in, but Rohini stops her and takes away to gift earrings. Revathi returns and sees all spices grinded. She scolds Dulari and finds mixer grinder, says know she knows who gave earring to Dulari and helping Ragini and Shristi.

Raginii and Shristi get ready and complement each other. Rohini walks in and asks them to go soon and not let her nephews wait. They take her blessings and leave. Anurag and Vishu wait for them in a hotel. They both reachhotel and message that Sasumaa dumped work on them, so they cannot come. Anurag and Vishu get disappointed. Two girls sitting in next table notice them and start flirting. Ragini and Shristi get jealous.

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