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Ring of Fire 17 February 2021: Ring of Fire update Wednesday 17th February 2021, Ragini walks to Vikral’s room and seeing him watching movie says she will also join him. Anurag walks in and says it is his place and asks her to get up. She gets up. He says he will sit in balcony and enjoy popcorn, she can sit down. Ragini and Anurag’s nok jhok starts. Vikral smiles seeing that, then coughs and signals at a packet. Ragini picks and sees books in it with a note that Vikral bought it via Divya, Ragini should start her studies again and even he will study. Ragini says good they both will study, but first watch movies.

Baiju walks to Revathi and says he needs to talk and takes her to room. Shristi in living room signs song happily and enjoys snacks. Ragini joins her and asks what is happening. Shristi after a bit of drama says she said Baiju finally I love you. Ragini happily jumps with him and says she will go and inform Anurag, Shristi can go back to Baiju. Baiju on the other side tells Revathi that he could not keep his promise made to her and tells her whole story how Shristi tricked him and make him confess he was making drama and stil loves her. Revathi fumes in anger. Baiju says she considers him as her son and should forgive him. Vishu in his room prepares a song for Shristi excitedly and thinks of singing it for her and express his love. Revathi walks in and asks him to listen to her first. He says he will return soon and runs away. Revathi pleads god what she should do now, on one side she has biological son and other side foster son.

Ragini and Anurag’s romance starts when Dulari walks in and says bua should keep baby’s n name, so she has selected names. Anurag says there is a lot of time for that. Dulari says let it come when it has to, she has selected Bhavra for baby boy and Bhavri for girl. Ragini says it is very bad. Dulari says Basant and Basanti. Anurag checks her book and says it is animal book. Dulari says she will bring human baby book and leaves.

Ring of Fire 17 February 2021: Vishu stands in Shristi’s room playing guitar. Shristi walks in thinking him as Baiju, but gets disappointed seeing Vishu. Vishu sings Aye Dil Hai Mushkil.. song for her and giving her a rose says I love you. Shristi says she loves Baiju. Vishu shatters hearing that. Baiju walks in and says Vishu heard it right, he and Shrisit love each other.

Ragini walks into her room singing Sawarlun…song.. and thinks she will read so well that Misterji will be shocked. She picks book. Car mechanic calls her and informs Vikral’s car will be ready tomorrow and someone failed car’s brakes, so someone tried to kill Vikral purposefully. Ragini is shocked to hear that. Anurag returns and asks what happened. She switches on speaker. Mechanic repeats same. Anurag says they will call him tomorrow and disconnects call. He tries to calm down Ragini. Ragini asks who must have done this. Anurag says whoever it is is very intelligent, they should find out who he/she is.

Vishu returns to his room and cries reminiscing Shristi telling she loves Baiju. He angrily tries to cut his wrist. Revathi enters on time and stops him and tries to console him.

Ragini walks into Tiwari’s home and in front of his family points gun on him and asks how dare he is to fail babuji’s car brakes and try to kill babuji. Tiwari’s family stand crying. Tiwari says he just attacked Vikral in hospital and does not know about car accident. Ragini shoots blank gun. Tiwari takes his daughter’s oath and says he really does not know anything. Raigni consoles Tiwari;s daughter and leaves. She tells Anurag that she did not load bullet at all as she does not want to kill any father in front of his child. Anurag says he knows and takes her home, makes her sleep and thinks he will support her in every situation and be with her.

Ring of Fire 17 February 2021: Shirsti tells Baiju that he is not informing family about their decision at all, she is afraid whenever she sees Vishu’s loyalty in his eyes. Baiju says he is indebted to this house and especially Revathi, she considered him as her son, he will speak to her and ask her to explain Vishu. He walks into Vishu’s room and sees Revathi making Vishu sleep, sees her hand injury and gets concerned. She warns he should not bother. He says he promised his mother to treat Revathi like a mother. Revathi asks what about a promise he made to her, he showed his true colors, she does not want to talk to him now and asks to leave.

Anurag and Ragini spend time with Vikral. Vikral senses Raginis’ tension and signals. Anurag says Ragini is fine. Ragini says she cannot hide anything from babuji and informs that someone failed his car brakes. Vikral panics reminiscing incident and collapses. Anurag calls doctor. Doctor checks and says he got a mental shock and should need rest. Revathi says samdhiji’s condition was improving, what happened now. Shristi enters and say she will bring something for them. Revathi says no need.


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