Ring of Fire update Wednesday 20th January 2021 On Zee world


Ring of Fire 20 January 2021 update: Ring of Fire Wednesday 20th January 2021, Anurag gifts divorce papers to Ragini and walks out shattered. Channa Mere ya Mere ya…song..plays in the background. He reminisces time spent with Ragini and cries. On the other side, Shristi cries reminiscing women insulting her duringgoad bharai ritual.

Revathi walks in and asks to not bother about what happened today, goon Baiju is much better than those women who accepted mistake even if it was not his and left. Anurag calls Revathi and call gets disconnected. She calls back. He says he failed in life and does not know what is happening, he cannot see what is in front of him, please come and hold him. Revathi gets worried and asks where is he. Call gets disconnected.

Anurag imagines Ragini’s wedding with Abhimanyu, Ammaji doing gathbandhan, Vikral babuji doing kanyadaan, their pheras, etc.. He holds Anuragini’s letter and thinks when Anuragini is inseparable, then how did it happen. Anuragini kerchief falls in front of him. He thinks how did it come here. Ragini comes and picks kerchief. He asks why did she come here, she should have been married to Abhimanyu, he must be waiting for her, go away. She does not. He says he is going and walks. She holds his hand. He realizes it is really her and hugs her. she warns if he dare can go away from her, he knows how dabang/daring she is. He says she is really his Ragini.

She warns again dare not to go away from him. He asks what happened to her marriage with Abhimanyu. She reminisces cancelling her marriage with Abhimanyu and Babuji freeing gathbandhan. Ragini hugs Babuji and runs from there to meet Anurag. She lies that her marriage is completed, he knows how daring her babuji is, he got her married to the man she liked on gunpoint. Anurag gets happy realizing she is talking about him. She says she could not move ahead to marry someone else, her brain wanted to, but her heart did not agree and she ran from there. She hugs him again and says she remembered all the moments spent with him. She then shows divorce papers and asks what is this, he told their name is coming on paper for the last time, it will forever. They both tear divorce paper and hug again. She calls him misterji..he asks to repeat it. She shouts misterji I love you. He happily lifts her. She says if he had not done Udaipur mishap, this problem would not have happened. Revathi with Shristi walks in and says she is responsible for Udaipur mishap, she gave fire to Udaipur mishap and used it as weapon to separate them.


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