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Ring of Fire 23 December 2020: Ring of Fire Wednesday 23rd December 2020, Ragini gets ready in a beautiful red sari and red lipstick and thinks Misterji will fall flat seeing her beauty. In next room, Vishu gets severe cold. Shristi scolds him for playing in water. Their romance continues. He sees single bed and asks where will they sleep. She says on same bed. He gets shy. Rohini calls him and gives him some tips. Vishu gifts shristi a beautiful red nightie and asks her to try it. Ragini on the other side walks near pool side restaurant searching her misterji. Anurag comes and hugs her from behind and praises her beauty. Anurag makes her sit and shows champagne bottle. She says because of it, they were scolded a lot.

Vishu eagerly waits for Shristi. Shristi comes wearing red gown nervously. Vishu looks into her eyes and says she is looking very beautiful. She gets shy. Tinka Tinka Zara Zara…song..plays in the background. He lifts her, looking into her eyes and makes her sleep on bed, removes her slippers, goes and sleeps on the other side of bed and asks her to come near him. She shyingly moves. He holds her hand and pulls blanket over them then rolls on her…Song continues in the background. He switches off light and goes back to his side, says let us sleep, good night, he does not want any problem for her because of him. Shristi feels disappointed.

Ring of Fire Wednesday 23 December 2020: Anurag fills champagne in glasses and tells Ragini that they have come for honeymoon and he wants them to fly in air. She walks aside and says she wants to tell him. He holds her from behind and says he knows her nervousness, even he wants them to become two bodies and one soul and understand each other. Ragini says she does not want to spoil is beautiful evening and walks away sorry. He signs Aye Mere Humsafar Aye Mere jaane Jaan..song. She runs and hugs him and their romance starts. They continue their burning romance in swimming pool.

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