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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death

Subsequent to discovering that a companion has disappeared, Tabitha enrolls help from Jughead and Betty to explore the vanishing. Penelope plants question to Kevin, which drives him to face Cheryl about the service. A blast at the mines leaves a few lives yet to be determined.


Season Number: 5

Episode Number: 17

Episode Title: Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death

Air Date: Sep 22, 2021

Source: Riverdale.US.S05E17.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES

Betty and Tabitha talk. It has been 10 evenings with no homicides. Betty gets a call from a man holding the body of the man she killed. He needs to dispose of it. She discloses to him she will pay him to hang on longer. In the interim, Archie and his mates are as yet working in the mines. 

Veronica and Chad are at their separation procedures. He needs everything and all she needs is Archie, she discloses to him furiously after he requests a house she purchased and paid for. 

Tabitha gets a call at the cafe. Her companion Squeaky is missing. At the school, Toni chats with an understudy that is being harassed for being gay. Toni offers her help. In the interim, Hiram gives Chad an apparition weapon. It’s the best way to dispose of Archie. 

Tabitha sits with Jug and Betty at the cafe. She needs assistance discovering her companion. That evening, Chad attempts to kill Archie, taking shots at him outside as Archie is going someplace. Archie plunges for cover and hops up following brief smacking him in the face with an article. 

Betty and Jug work on their case. Betty gets a call. There has been another body found and it’s been disfigured. It very well may be her sister. 

Veronica meets with Chad. She realizes he attempted to kill Archie. She gets him to sign the legal documents. She heads to celebrate with Archie. Betty discloses to her mother about the body that has been found. 

Cheryl and Kevin have a discussion about confidence. She needs to implore mother earth. She has lucidity. This isn’t Kevin’s opinion. This religion thing is getting as well “fringy” he advises her. At the cafe, Betty watches her mother make a public request on TV for the executioner to stop. 

Toni and Fangs talk about her understudy and that it is so difficult to come out. Toni doesn’t mind what their kid chooses with their sexuality. Across town, Archie and the folks are in the passage when it starts to shake. Archies remain behind to save one of them. 

Betty and Jug meet with Jug’s previous understudy. He discloses to them how he woke up in a shed and accepts he was taken by the moth men. In the meantime, Archie and his companion attempt to escape the mines however they are caught. Veronica learns he is in there. She realizes her father should be involved. 

Betty and Jug get familiar with the body is that of Squeaky. They additionally find out with regards to DNA associated with the case. Apparently, the Blossoms might be associated. Veronica indicates her father and takes him out. At the point when he comes to she advises him if Archie passes on, he bites the dust. 

Container and Betty converse with Nana Blossom. She admits there is a tribe of Blossoms living in the forest. They have moved throughout the long term and likely live along the roadway now. 

Cheryl goes to the mines and appeals to mother earth. Veronica returns home to tidy up. Chad breaks into her home. She realizes somebody is there. She closes down the lights in general and impacts music. He scrambles around. They battle. She shoots him. All of a sudden Smithers comes in. The telephone rings. Archie is out of the mines, alive. 

Betty, Jug, Fangs, and Toni get together. Toni shares that Brita, her understudy is absent. They figure they might know where she is. 

Veronica visits her father. He is fortunate Archie is as yet alive. In the interim, Jug and Betty stroll through the forest. Container visits a lodge. He realizes who lives there. A more seasoned man enlightened him concerning the moth men. Container mentions to the man what he thinks he knows. The man humors him. 

While they talk, Fangs and Toni discover Brita. She has secured a shed. Unexpectedly they are enduring an onslaught by what have all the earmarks of being the moth men. Betty emerges from the forest shooting. They take the moth men out. Betty races to discover Jug. He is with the one who attempts to keep quiet off so he can’t talk. They stop him. 

Betty questions the man. He shares that her sister is in the junkyard. He draws them a guide. Betty and Alice go to discover her. She is dead in the storage compartment of a vehicle. They cry insanely.

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