Sacred Relationship update Saturday 13 February 2021 On Starlife


Sacred Relationship 13 February 2021: Sacred Relationship update Saturday 13th February 2021, Abir teases Mishti. She says Kunal forgot his phone in the hospital, your mom called, I answered and then line got cut, then I gave phone to nurse. Abir and Kunal ask her why did she attend the call. Abir says Kunal is in London. Mishti asks what do you mean. Abir says he is Meenakshi’s Nandan, currently in London. She says you are confusing me a lot, listen, don’t call me when I leave. Kunal asks why will I call you. Abir says she is crazy, come. Devyaani says you did a favor on me by accepting Mishti, you don’t need anyone’s permission. Rajshri says you are her Dadi, so I m sending you all details of the groom, I have accepted the proposal but I haven’t asked Mishti, I just had it in my mind and told everyone. Devyaani says relations join this way, if one has faith, Lord guides well, Mishti will understand your decision. Rajshri says I feel that I took the right decision or not.

Devyaani says Mishti will understand you, you two have a strong bond. Vishwamber asks what happened. Rajshri says I spoke to Devyaani, she feels we are doing the right thing. He says fine. Meenakshi manages everything. Ketki asks is this song ready for Sangeet. The man asks her to just concentrate on her steps, song is the best. He teaches her the steps. Meenakshi stays busy. Kaushal shuts her laptop. Abir and Kunal come home. They dance with the family. Meenakshi says Abir and Kunal are together. Kunal hugs Ketki and says how could I miss your Sangeet. Meenakshi says he left 100 crores deal. Abir says sister’s emotions are worth 1000 crores, so Kunal saved 900 crores. Kaushal says I will get the electrician. Meenakshi says Abir…Abir says I have to tell something to Nanu, the company has signed the first 100 crore deal. Kunal says I made a video call and then spoke to clients, deal got final. Meenakshi asks anything else, its late, everyone go and sleep. She goes. Everyone disperse. Abir says don’t tell her anything about Mishti’s accident, deal is final. Kunal says yes, there shouldn’t be anything wrong in Ketki’s marriage.

Kartik calls Mishti and says sorry, I was busy in work. She says Rajshri wants to get me married. He asks who is it, tell me, what does he do, I want all the details. Naira asks is it love marriage or arranged. Meenakshi says Kunal didn’t tell me where he was all day, one son got away from me and now other one. Parul asks why don’t you ask him. Meenakshi asks why should I ask, he has no time for me, I won’t ask him. Kartik says but Kunal’s relation came for Kuhu, I m confused. Naira says but Kunal’s mum thought Mishti is better for him. Mishti says I don’t know anything from him, I don’t want to marry him.

Naira says then know him, spend time with him, Kartik and I spent time together, marriage is just a marriage, the two people are common who make promises to spend life together. Kartik says I will help you and find out about the guy. Mishti says he behaved well and helped me. Naira says it means there is a chance. Mishti recalls Abir and says someone told me that I should give a chance to life. Kartik asks who. Abir comes to Meenakshi’s room and says I came to talk to Parul, I got Kunal’s London tickets, its booked three days ago mom knew that relation will break, she always thinks ahead, Kunal still thinks that his mom wants him to move on. Meenakshi says I chose the girl who is good for Kunal, if the girl’s family refuses, it will be their big loss.

Mishti tells Kartik about Abir. Kartik gets confused. Naira says Mishti is talking about Abir, my parents were lucky to make a good balance after marriage, when they both didn’t know each other, you both have the equal right to decide. Mishti says I hope I get the same chance like you. Jasmeet talks to Anshuman and tells everything. She sees Varsha coming and ends call. She acts good to Varsha. Kuhu takes everything easy. Varsha looks on. Kuhu stays positive. She says my family is perfect, stop worrying for me. Mishti comes and says I m sorry. Kuhu says thanks to free me from something boring like marriage. She goes and stays sad. Nidhi calls the decorator. She takes tension. Abir comes there. Mat karna tu panic…..plays…. The Family dances. Mishti’s family also sings Rishta aaya hai…..They dance. Kuhu sings and dances. Rajshri asks Mishti her answer. Mishti says I trust you a lot, but the results of such decisions get wrong, I want to trust the guy you chose for me. Rajshri says the guy is very nice, we met him. Mishti says its not enough to meet once, what if he isn’t right for me.


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