Sacred Relationship 14 February 2021: Sacred Relationship update Sunday 14th February 2021, Rajshri says Mishti wants to… Meenakshi says sorry, its Ketki’s Sangeet, I have many things to do, we will talk later. She goes. Kuhu jokes on Ketki and Mishti. Ketki says I have three brothers. They laugh. Kuhu says you should also snatch phone like this after marriage. Mrs. Parekh says we wanted to challenge Rajvansh family in Sangeet, will you join us. Mishti and Kuhu agree. Kuhu says Mishti won’t dance against her would be inlaws. Ketki says they are my friends. Mishti says we are on your side. Abir says you both changed the sides so soon. Kuhu says your mum changed the alliance, so we changed sides. She gets sad and goes.

Abir stops Mishti. She says you will say nothing now. He says there is something but I don’t know, Kunal wants to talk to you. She says even I want to talk to him. She goes and thinks I should first tell Abir that I want to know Kunal first. Abir thanks Lord for sending them here. He says I hope I did right for Mishti and Kunal. Kuhu comes to Abir. She asks were you praying. He says no, I was talking to myself. She asks why were you praying. He says for you, when you will lose to us in dance face off, Lord should give you strength. She says this is called day dreaming, none can defeat Mishti and me. He says Mishti went to meet Kunal. Mishti sees Kunal on work call. He asks her to wait. He says I will be in London next week. He ends call. She says Abir told me that you are looking for me, anyway, I need to talk, I was thinking, before marriage… He asks where is Kuhu, whatever my mom told, I want to apologize. She says thanks for thinking about it, I will call her, I feel we should talk and know each other, before the wedding. Nidhi says Kunal you saved Mishti, wonderful, Rajshri told all of us.

Kunal worries and says I will talk to mom. Nidhi says Kunal is his mum’s fav. Abir and Kuhu joke around. He says you should have been my brother, Kunal is up right. She says you named him Nanko. He says I don’t like age jokers, one relation doesn’t define us. She says I know. He says life confusion is worse, Kunal should get a crazy girl like Kuhu in his life. Meenakshi says Kunal didn’t go to London and went to take care of Mishti, don’t know what else he has hidden from me, this alliance has to break. She asks Parul to stand at the door. Kunal says I should have told everything to mum. Meenakshi checks the pics. She doesn’t see Mishti’s pic.

Kunal sees Parul and thinks why is she guarding Abir’s room. Meenakshi gets the earrings and says this earring will end this alliance, Maheshwari family thinks they will control my son, they came here with alliance and they will break the alliance today, I will choose my bahu, it won’t be dad and Abir’s choice. Kunal hears Kuhu’s voice and goes. Meenakshi leaves from Abir’s room. Kunal says Kuhu. She sees him and turns. Bekhudi….plays… He says I m really sorry, whatever happened shouldn’t have. She says if you liked Mishti, you should have told it. He says its complicated, I can’t explain it, it was wrong, I m sorry for rejecting you. She says you didn’t reject me. He says yes, none has this right. She says if your proposal comes again, I will reject you. He smiles and says I will remember, friends. She says friends.

Kaushal welcomes everyone in the dance face off. He says it will be boys versus girls. Mishti asks Rajshri did she talk to Meenakshi. Kuhu asks Mishti to show her dance talents. Mishti says so you want my help. Meenakshi says sorry, I have much work, I couldn’t sit with you. Rajshri says I understand. Nidhi says we will keep meeting now, dance is starting. Ketki starts the performance. Nagada sang dhol….plays… Everyone cheers for Ketki. Ved goes to attend a call. Mrs. Parekh says he got shy. Abir says you lost a lot. The bride and groom’s parents dance on Sasural genda phool….. Babu ji dances on Pappu can’t dance Saala…. Abir laughs seeing him and cheers. Kunal and Abir join their Nanu on stage. Everyone claps for him.

Mishti and Kuhu dance on Mere khwabon me jo aaye…. Abir and Kuhu dance on Kamariya….Mishti and Kuhu dance with them. Meenakshi looks on. Everyone claps. Mishti and Abir smile.

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