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Sacred Relationships update Sunday 4 April 2021 On Starlife

Sacred Relationship update Sunday 4 April 2021 On Starlife
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Sacred Relationship 4 April 2021 update Kunal and Kuhu coming home. Everyone welcomes them and hugs Kuhuy. Kuhu says I m very happy, I didn’t miss Jasmeet. Kunal looks at her. Rajshri asks Kunal to sit for a while. Varsha says we will show some hospitality. Kunal says its not needed. Rajshri says its our wish, please. Kunal sits. Ananya hugs Kuhu. Kuhu thinks he agreed, there is some hope, his anger is getting down. Mishti sees Abir and says what is he doing here. Abir messages her… I have come, but date will be cancelled when you will tell me who is your BF. She replies…. will you stop it now. He says I will give you a chance, if you don’t say, I will get married to the one whom Rajshri chooses for me. She says pyscho Ajeeb Rajvansh.

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Abir comes and asks Jasmeet how much she missed him. She says a lot. Shaurya says ask us how much we missed her. He hugs Kuhu. Mishti comes. Kunal says I have some imp work, I have to go. Vishwamber says you have just come. Abir says forget Uma today. Kuhu says its okay, I asked him to end the work today, he is an attention thief. Vishwamber says you won’t stop you if you have work. Kunal says I need to talk. Kuhu thinks Kunal can’t be so rude, he will ask me to forget all that. Mishti says I will just come. Abir drops tea on his sleeve. Rajshri asks are you fine. Mishti says it must be burning, he spilled hot tea on himself. Abir asks may I wash my shirt, will you help me Mishti. Rajshri says yes, Mishti take him.

Mishti and Abir come to the room. Abir asks what’s going on, don’t act cute. She asks don’t you find me cute. He says very funny, what’s happening. She says either you have forgotten drinking tea or spilled it intentionally to spend alone time with me. He says I don’t care if you had a BF. She says great, what’s the need to tell me, I hope you aren’t jealous. He asks her to help him in cleaning the stain. She asks him to take the tissue and clean it. She cleans the stain off his shirt. They smile. He gets close. They have an eyelock. Dono milke….plays…. He says you are angry, violent and a thief, I didn’t know you are stone hearted. She says aw, what will happen now, you are in love with me. He says tell me, who is your BF. Mishti says you find it, then I will come with you on date. He says this date will happen. Kuhu says I know you were in anger, but we have got married.

Kunal says Shekhawats was my big competitor, I didn’t lose and made sure that we got the tender, I did work of 20 people, I bought all shares of them, now none remembers them, I didn’t hate them. Kuhu says sure, what connection does it have. Kunal says this marriage is like Shekhawat’s project for me, we had to get married, its no one’s fault, I don’t hate you. Mishti kisses Abir. Khubsurat yeh….plays… Rajshri calls them out. Mishti says dryer, give it to me. Rajshri asks what happened. Mishti says its almost done. She sees lipstick mark on his cheek. Rajshri says its dry. Mishti says its good that the tea spilled here, not on the right side. She signs Abir. Abir asks why, won’t the stain go on left side. Rajshri says no, its fine. Mishti signs him about the cheek. He asks are you fine. Rajshri asks what happened to you. Mishti says I will go. Abir says I will do, you go. Mishti cleans lipstick mark off his cheek. She goes. Abir smiles. He thinks I will find out, we will go on our first date today. Kunal says tell the truth to your family, and please don’t come back to my house, it will be better for both of us. He goes.

Khushiyan bhi baaten….plays….. Kuhu cries. Mishti sees Kuhu crying and says what’s wrong with her, she was looking happy, she is so upset. She recalls Kunal’s words. She says there is some problem. Abir calls Kunal and asks why did you go so soon. Kunal says I have many meetings. Abir jokes and asks him to get time for family functions, I couldn’t even meet you properly, you got married and you are nowhere to be seen. Kunal says I will come later and talk to you. Abir says pick up Kuhu on time. Kunal says okay bye. He gets angry.

He says don’t know what will happen when they learn the truth. Abir says I have to tell everyone about Mishti and my relation, how will they react. He sees balloons and recalls Mishti’s words. He says I will manage everyone, but Kunal. Meenakshi asks how much time will you take to type a business deal. Kaushal says all the letters are mixed up. She says you told me that you know to use laptop. He says yes, I m doing. She asks him to answer the phone. He answers. He says a courier had come for you, I said you are busy and asked them to keep it in Kunal’s cabin. She gets shocked.

Kuhu says Ketki is cute little sister. Jasmeet says you have become star of Rajvansh family, she has become so cute. Rajshri says wow, Kuhu has opened Gurukul here. Kuhu says yes, I m in demand there, Nanu is so cute. Rajshri says you win hearts. Kuhu says yes, I m the queen on hearts. Mishti says I don’t understand, is she pretending to be happy. Kuhu acts like Nidhi and hugs Jasmeet. Kuhu says I m going to room to chill. She cries.

Abir getting tea for Ketki. She asks how is this dress. He says this will suit you a lot, and this one will suit Atul. She laughs. He asks do you have any BF. She asks what, you know if I say this word BF, mum will make me out, Atul can have a GF, but I can’t have any BF, girls like me won’t have a BF, girls like Kuhu and Mishti would have a long list of boys. Abir asks how do you know. Meenakshi says Kunal shouldn’t get that courier, Kunal shouldn’t know about it, never. She gets the courier, and says Devki has become Yashoda’s enemy, Yashoda has to save her Kanha. She turns and sees Kunal.

Ketki says I never asked Kuhu, how will I ask her now. Nidhi asks what did you say, boyfriend? Whose boyfriend? Kuhu’s BF? I told Meenakshi about her kundli dosh. Abir says Kuhu has no BF. Nidhi says Ketki you can’t say this. Abir asks why, will she become a bad girl if she gets a BF. Nidhi says you be quiet. She goes. Abir says I have to find out if Mishti has any BF. Ketki asks why. He says just like that. Ketki says how, I can’t ask her about it, why are you taking interest in her, do you and Mishti… He says she helped Kuhu and Kunal, I want to know about her. She says I will try and find out. He says great. He thinks every BF has a duty to be one step ahead of GF. Meenakshi says my courier had come here. Kunal says I will check it, I don’t trust you now. She says I don’t care, this chair, this cabin and this business, I have made this, I raised you and made you qualified that you sit here and work, you are saying you don’t trust me, I m your mum, this truth won’t change. He asks do you want me to leave this and go. She says problems should be at home, this is my work, be professional. She goes out and thanks Lord. She says if Kunal had seen this envelope….

Kuhu thinks of Kunal’s words. Mishti asks are you okay, you can tell me if anything happened. Kuhu says yes, you left and came back, why. Mishti says I wasn’t going by my wish. Kuhu says you insulted me. Mishti says never, I can tell you the truth, you won’t believe me. Kuhu says you said right, I won’t believe you. Mishti says I know you hate me. Kuhu says as if you love me, stop making me a villain. Mishti says Meenakshi didn’t want me… Kuhu says no one wants you, I know you feel you are great, stop coming in my new life, Kunal’s mom is right, you have come from a broken family, you can only break families. Mishti gets shocked and cries. She says shut up Kuhu.. you know what, I just came to ask why you and Kunal were fighting downstairs. The lady says Abir has been shortlisted for startup of the year, he has to give an interview. Ketki says I also want to work in your NGO. Abir says yes, but you should call Mishti and ask if she had a BF. Ketki says I m scared of Mishti, she is sweet but… Abir says she looks like shooting arrows from eyes when we ask her personal question, I m not even scared of mum, find out and then get a job. Kuhu scolds Mishti and shows her face in mirror. She says you have come to see me sad to celebrate. Kuhu says you don’t know love, what you are doing with Abir is a drama, you want to trap Abir to hurt me and Kunal. Mishti asks her to stop nonsense. Kuhu says you knew that Kunal gets angry seeing you.

Mishti says he needs to grow up. Kuhu says no, you need to leave from our life right now. Rajshri and Varsha come. Kuhu hugs Rajshri and cries. Varsha asks Mishti not to talk to Kuhu, don’t do this. Mishti says listen to me. Kuhu says my mum has no interest in talking to you. Rajshri asks Mishti to tell the matter. Varsha says Mishti insulted us and tried to break the relation, still we are forced to be with her. She says I respect mum and dad, I will not go and I won’t ask Mishti to go, but I can’t be happy. She goes. Rajshri goes after her. Kuhu asks did you see. Mishti says I m seeing, you blamed me for everything since childhood, take responsibility of your mistake, its your mistake, I tried to unite you and Kunal, you tried to separate me and Abir, Meenakshi is mean, and you… Kuhu asks am I your sister. Mishti says we are staying here since 15 years, I can’t forget what you did, you don’t mean anything to me. She calls Abir and says I will meet you. Abir asks really, I will make a plan and tell you. Ketki asks whom are you talking. Abir says client. He thinks of Mishti. The lady says I thought client called for Janmashtami. Abir says get ready to witness many miracles, where is Kunal.

Ketki says he would be in office, call Uma Patel. Abir calls Uma and says I m Abir Rajvansh, can you make me talk to him. She says he is still on conference call, he will be in office till 9pm, he directed us not to disturb him. Abir thinks is Kunal not going to pick Kuhu. He asks the lady to apologize to the journalist and give tomorrow’s appointment. Kuhu cries. Varsha hugs her. She asks what happened. Kuhu says everything is fine. Varsha says swear on me and tell me what happened. Abir asks what’s happening. He asks the staff to give them some time. Staff goes out. Abir says you had to pick Kunal, then you kept yourself busy. Kunal says its business, my work. Abir says I also do work and have less staff, tell me what’s happening. Kunal says Uma made a mistake. Abir calls Uma in meeting room. Kunal asks don’t you trust me. Abir says no, I want to ask her. Uma comes. Abir asks why did you tell me about Kunal’s mistakes. Uma says I have made a mistake. She signs Kunal. Abir says thanks. He asks Kunal to be with Kuhu.

Kuhu says everything is perfect, Mishti is back, I have this fear that Kunal will get offended, will he vent anger on me. Varsha says no, I m here with you, I will safeguard you, you just focus on your relationship and Kunal. Kuhu hugs her. Shaurya gets gifts for Kuhu. Everyone hugs Kuhu and give her gifts. Khushiyan bhi baaten….plays… Kuhu thinks Kunal won’t come. Kunal is in a meeting. He sees the clock. He thinks I won’t go, what shall I tell Abir. Abir gets Mishti’s message… I can’t meet you today, I m sorry. She gets ready to leave. She thinks of Abir and cries. She thinks he read the message, but didn’t call, he may have felt bad. She sees the time.

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