Sacred Relationship update Wednesday 17 February 2021 On Starlife


Sacred Relationship 17 February 2021 update: Sacred Relationship Wednesday 17th February 2021, Jasmeet joking on Rajvansh family. Bau ji asks Vishwamber to accept the invitation. Vishwamber asks why didn’t Meenakshi com. Kunal says she doesn’t know that we have come, this marriage alliance is imp for her. Vishwamber says we will come. Bau ji and Kunal smile. Rajshri says we want to talk to you. Parul says Abir spoke to you, its good. Meenakshi says Abir has gone much far, he is a question, I hope to find a solution. Abir comes and says laundry person is here, he got your clothes. Meenakshi asks what will you wear in haldi rasam. He says anything. She asks will you wear what I say. He nods. She smiles and asks where is Kunal.

Abir says he went to invite Maheshwaris. She gets angry. Mishti I want your permission, I can’t make any mistake in my life’s big decision of marriage. Bau ji asks her to say. Mishti says girls are told this story that a prince charming will come and marry you, girls aren’t asked if they need to know the prince, actual life starts after marriage, its imp to know life partner, I would like to know Kunal a little more, I want marital courtship. Bau ji and Kunal get shocked. Meenakshi says you came to apologize to me, to send Kunal to beg to them.

Abir says you think I m like you, everyone has own perception, world seems dishonest to a dishonest person, you know you got their daughters almost jailed, everyone makes a mistake, you should have gone to them to apologize instead Nanu and Kunal, this relation is broken as hearts are broken, learn to join hearts, relations will join. He goes. Mishti says its fine if you have an objection. Bau ji says no, you may do as you wish. Kunal says listen to me once. He gets a business call and goes. Vishwamber says if you talk to Meenakshi… Bau ji says I will talk to her, you come in haldi. Vishwamber says traditions need to change with time, its about their consent. Bau ji says I agree with you. They nod. Abir needs his pic with Meenakshi and cries. Ketki comes. He laughs that she looks like a flower shop. She says do something, mum has overdone this.

Kunal says I lost my way. Mishti says its okay, are you upset. He says no, I m confused, did you think my personality is different. She says no, we haven’t met much to know each other, this is moving too fast. He says you have a problem with marriage. She says not this way, we should get to know each other first, spend time together. He says I m usually very busy, I will talk to my PA, she will schedule our appointments. She says we should give life a chance. He smiles and says I used to think only Abir talks like this. Ketki says I thought just Mishti used to talk like this, that we should marry by own happiness. Abir asks did you agree on her saying. She says no, on your saying, thanks, do you think Mishti will agree for marriage, I will be glad if she becomes my Bhabhi.

Nidhi asks Ketki where did the floral accessories go. Ketki says Abir removed it. Bau ji gets Mishti and family. Abir and Mishti sign each other. Parul sees them and goes. Bau ji says Abir, we have to deal with Meenakshi. Parul comes to call Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I won’t talk to them, kids are running away from me, I had to give birth to them, I did, now they don’t need us. Abir says you are the maker of this problem, Meenu’s Papa.

Rajshri blesses Ketki. Varsha asks for Meenakshi. Nidhi says she is upstairs. Jasmeet compliments Ketki. She says I was waiting for cable guy and couldn’t come yesterday. Abir laughs. Bau ji asks Kaushal to go and call Meenakshi. Abir says she is furious now. Nidhi says we can’t start function without Meenakshi. Abir says I will apply haldi to Ketki. Nidhi asks Kunal to serve them sweets. Varsha asks Mishti to apply haldi to Ketki after Kunal’s turn. Kuhu gets sad. Meenakshi says you may go downstairs, and tell them that I m unwell. She thinks I won’t go down until dad comes to call me. Nidhi applies haldi to Ketki. Abir clicks pics. Parul applies haldi. Mishti sees Parul and asks who’s that. Abir says she is family, we call her Maasi. Sajna…plays… Everyone applies haldi to Ketki. Kunal jokes. Parul says one who gets haldi gets ready for marriage.

Mishti goes and applies haldi to Ketki. Ketki applies haldi to Mishti and Kunal. Abir looks on. Jasmeet says if Sohni’s haldi is applied to Mahiwal, they never get separated. Ketki runs after Abir to apply haldi. She applies haldi to Kunal’s clothes and apologizes. Parul says I will clean it. Kunal goes to clean clothes. He sees Kuhu. He asks her to follow her, he will help. Kuhu asks what’s the fuss about it, do you have just one suit. He says of course not. She goes. Abir tries to get saved from haldi. He falls down. Mishti gives her hand. The haldi gets applied to her hand. He gets up. She asks are you okay. He thanks her. Jasmeet says Sohni got haldi of wrong Mahiwal. Mishti sees the haldi on her hand. She sees Abir.


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