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Sacred Relationships 2 April 2021 update Mishti coming somewhere at night. She says why did Kunal say that when he loves Kuhu. She says what did he mean. She sees the live video from Ketki. Ketki says Kuhu has become my Bhabhi today. Abir asks Kunal to smile, Kuhu hug him and make him comfortable. Nanu jokes on Meenakshi. Kunal says I m exhausted, I need some rest. Parul goes. Ketki says Kuhu is going to be with him, don’t hurry. Nidhi asks Ketki not to joke such.

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In Sacred Relationships update Friday 2 April 2021 Abir says don’t worry, we won’t let the season of love go anywhere. Mishti smiles. Mishti and Abir sing Zehnaseeb… and imagine each other. Kunal sings sadly. Mishti thinks of Abir. Kunal goes to room. Kuhu gets a jerk. Abir says careful, what are you doing, you vowed to be with Kuhu, don’t worry. Kuhu says its okay, I won’t let Kunal go ahead, I will catch up. Ananya asks Jasmeet what is she doing. Jasmeet says I m counting money, I got this from Mishti’s room. Ananya says its wrong. Jasmeet says Mishti has come back. Varsha says don’t focus on her words. Vishwamber says like you didn’t pay attention.

Shaurya says how did Mishti come back. Vishwamber says we should apologize to Mishti. Jasmeet asks why. He says I couldn’t understand Mishti, Abir understood that, he called me out at the time of pheras. FB shows Vishwamber coming to Abir. He says I want to tell you, its good to bid bye to daughter after wedding, you aren’t happy, I have got Mishti back, Mishti wasn’t at fault that day.

Vishwamber asks whose fault was that, did your mum do that. Abir says I can’t answer you, our heads bend down in shame when dears ones do wrong. Vishwamber asks why did she do this. Mishti says I m not that dad, that’s imp to know. FB ends. Varsha says Meenakshi and Kunal hate Mishti, we should respect Kunal’s feelings. Vishwamber says Mishti is my daughter, I will respect that, Abir does things for family, Meenakshi and Kunal do everything for their pride, I won’t bend down to them, Mishti will stay here.

Mishti comes home and calls out Kuhu. Rajshri comes. She asks are you missing Kuhu. She jokes and says I will cry when you get emotional. She acts like Kuhu. Mishti laughs. Rajshri says Abir is a gem, you came back because of him, its your turn to get married. Mishti says no, I won’t go away. Rajshri says yes, I m talking of Abir, I will find a girl for Abir, will you help me. Mishti asks how. She says we will ask Kuhu when she comes for pagphere tomorrow.

Kuhu says I saw many films in childhood, all had wedding night scenes, Jasmeet used to fast forward it, its cheesy and romantic, I have always wanted to do that, make an entry in room again, I will offer you a glass of milk. She sees Kunal sitting away silent. She goes to him. He asks her to sleep. She says you are asking me to sleep on my wedding night, what happened to you, Abir brought Mishti back, are you upset for this. He says we will talk tomorrow. She says this night comes once in lifetime, don’t ruin it. He says nothing will be fine now, its all ruined. She says I will not let Mishti go to Abir, I will go home for pagphere. He says and you will never return. She asks are you joking. He signs no. She gets shocked.

Abir gets a call. Mishti asks did you ask Rajshri to find a girl for you. He says yes. She says I will find a girl for you. He says great, I trust your choice. She asks him his choice. He says I told Rajshri, one who is excited like her. She says you told DDLJ’s dialogue to her.

He asks shall we meet tomorrow and discuss, it will be our first official date. She says we will find a girl for you. He asks are you angry, jealous or my GF. She says no. He asks why did you stop in between. She says its my wish, bye. She ends the video call. He sees Meenakshi. She says whatever I did. He says I have no interest in knowing this, I will stop respecting her knowing her excuses, I m happy that I m not like her. Parul looks on.

Kunal says I didn’t want this marriage to happen, this relation is a mistake, this bed, wedding night, I ran away, mom got me back, this wasn’t part of the deal, I didn’t love you and didn’t want to marry you. Kuhu says you love me.

He says no, I came back as my mum made me promise, it was not to fulfill the marriage, you go back to your house in the morning. She says you are angry, once you calm down, we will talk. He says yes, but none can change the fact that I don’t love her, I can never love you. She looks at him.

Parul says Abir, you have to talk to her, you don’t know anything properly. Abir says mum manipulated Kunal, he ran away from the marriage, when he came back, he wasn’t happy seeing Kuhu, he was angry seeing Mishti, he wasn’t present there mentally, I didn’t say anything as Kuhu was there, I didn’t want to worry her more, he will have to answer me, how long will be vent frustration on Kuhu, Kunal has to accept that Mishti is part of his life, she isn’t going anywhere.


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