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Sacred Relationships update Sunday 16th May 2021 Mishti coming home and getting a surprise. Rajshri says we want to celebrate your success. Shaurya says Mehul is arrested. Rajshri says Mehul went to Rajgarh alone and found out evidence, inform Abir that we are giving him a diamond. Vishwamber jokes that they will take dowry. Rajshri says I m worried for Abir. Mishti says Meenakshi was with Abir. Rajshri asks her to share Abir’s pain. Varsha says yes, Kuhu go back home, Kunal needs you. Kuhu says I think that family need each other, you don’t need me. Mishti says of course we need you, you decide what to ask in dowry. Jasmeet gets prasad and says Mishti won my heart, you saved Abir, I m so proud of you. Mishti hugs and thanks her.

Its morning, Abir thinks of Mehul. Kunal comes and sees him upset. He asks him to control Nidhi, he doesn’t want to do Dandiya. Abir says she is asking you to do garba. Kunal says what’s the difference, why shall I do. Abir says you can’t spoil it. He dances. He says you are my brother, you don’t want to dance, I think mum got you from some dustbin and gave you to me saying you are my new toy. Kunal says not funny. Abir says sorry, I was joking. Kunal says I m your younger brother, so deal with is. Jugnu comes and says Parul gave this. They take the chocolate shake. Jugnu says this bag…. Abir says take this, I have to unpack it, I m not going anywhere. Jugnu hugs him and goes. Abir says you have to do Garba. Parul and Meenakshi look on.

Parul says I wish their love stays same, what if they know the aren’t own brothers, we have to focus on Mishti and Abir’s marriage. Meenakshi thinks. Kuhu says you solved all problems alone, my life problem has many twists and turns, everyone asks me when will I go home, what shall I say, you are super woman. Mishti says no, my problem wasn’t bigger than yours. Kuhu says your way is super amazing, what shall I do, how did I make this big mistake. Mishti says don’t know, you are doing it right now. Kuhu says you mean self pity is good. Mishti says you are accepting your mistake, you will win now. Parul says its your win, they both love each other a lot. Meenakshi says you have equal share in this, we both know this truth. Parul says just we will know it. Meenakshi says yes, it will be limited to us.

They see Kaushal and Jugnu coming. Meenakshi asks what’s happening. They say bonfire, we boys will make gobi tandoori on barbecue. Meenakshi says fine, you can do that. Jasmeet says Varsha and I have made this icecream at home. Mishti says wow. Varsha serves icecream to Mishti. Rajshri sees Kuhu. She says when I learnt Mishti isn’t at home, I told it to Kuhu only, Kuhu helped me, she has thought a lot of things, Kuhu made Mishti win.

Vishwamber says yes, Abir’s NGO got a big donation. Mishti praises her. She thinks to call Abir. Meenakshi takes food to feed Abir. Kunal says Maa, first bite mine, you got me from dustbin. Meenakshi says who told this to you. Kunal says your fav son said. Abir says yes, you got him from dustbin, I m joking, you should doubt on me. Meenakshi says we shouldn’t talk about it now. Ketki says Mishti’s call. Kunal sees Meenakshi. Abir says Maa first, feed me food.

Mishti says Abir first. Shaurya says Varsha likes my attention. Rajshri says if Vishwamber doesn’t answer my call, I get angry. Mishti says I don’t pay attention to Abir much. Rajshri says we are happy being on second number. Meenakshi says give us some time. Jugnu signs Nanu. Nanu says we won’t trouble you. Abir looks on. Abir messages Mishti. He writes…. can you meet me for some time, shall I come. Jasmeet says you were saying family first. Shaurya says Bau ji, mum, Varsha and I will go for movie. Jasmeet asks will you leave Kuhu and me alone. Varsha says we won’t leave Mishti alone at home. Mishti smiles and replies okay. Abir smiles.

Meenakshi says Abir… Kunal comes and says sorry, you are waiting for Abir, he will come, I need to talk something imp, I know you would be tired. She says I m fine. He says I saw your reaction, I used to react like that on hearing Mishti’s name, I learnt that Abir and family are imp to me, this can never change, so I was thinking…. She asks what. He says you have many problems with Mishti. She says no, just one problem, that she came in my son’s life. Kunal asks what do you mean.

She says how shall I explain, you aren’t a mum, no mum wants to share her son’s love. Kunal says you don’t hate Mishti. She says no, I m happy that you forgot your annoyance. Kunal says I don’t think I can forget it, but I forgot to love Abir while hating Mishti, I want to give love to family, I won’t ask Abir to choose. She says its okay, I understood, don’t be worried, everything will be fine, I promise you. Mishti messages Abir that she is coming. She sees Kuhu sad. She tells her plan to Jassmeet. They go to Kuhu. Mishti sings Raat ke dhai baje….. and dances. Kuhu and Jasmeet also dance.

Abir, Kunal, Nanu, Jugnu and Kaushal also dance. Mishti goes out and sees the moon. Abir leaves the red balloons in the sky. He smiles.

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