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Sacred Relationships update Thursday 13 May 2021: Mishti thinking to stop Mehul. She signs Kuhu. Mishti and Kuhu dance on Prem Ratan…. Mishti doesn’t let Mehul go. Abir dances with Mishti. Kuhu dances and falls in Kunal’s arms. Bekhudi…plays… Varsha sees them and smiles. Nanu says Meenakshi has to sing as well. Abir says she isn’t here. Nanu says your engagement can’t happen without her. Mehul says yes, I will get her. Abir says no, you don’t go, you both may fight. Mehul says I can manage, she is your mum, this ritual can’t happen without her. Vishwamber says I m with Mehul in this. Kunal asks why did mum go. Abir says mum and I had a small argument, but I didn’t ask her to go. Mehul says but you didn’t stop her either, I will get her. Mishti says no one will go anywhere, engagement should happen on mahurat. She recalls Meenakshi’s words. She says Meenakshi isn’t happy with me and this alliance, why are you all forcing her to come here. Kunal says because she is my mom.

Rajshri gets Meenakshi’s call. Meenakshi says sorry Rajshri ji, I can’t be part of engagement, Abir wants this, his happiness is my happiness, please conduct the engagement. Rajshri says Meenakshi was saying we should fulfill the engagement ritual, she won’t be able to come. Vishwamber says Abir, it depends on you now. Mehul asks how can this happen without mum. Mishti says but it should happen now. Mehul says its mahurat, so we shall complete the rasam. Abir nods.

Meenakshi gets Mishti’s room checked. She says Mishti didn’t call, it means everything is fine. Kaushal comes and says I spoke to Rajgarh police station, the police has to come here. Meenakshi says thanks for helping me, you have grown up. He says I should thank you, you have always forgiven my mistake, I have grown up now, now Mehul will go to jail. Kedia says I got the papers. She asks him to check papers well, it states Mehul is breaking ties with Abir legally. He says yes. She asks Laxman to help Kedia, nothing should go wrong. Parul says I will go and get your mum. Abir says you are also like mum, Maasi, you bless me today. She nods.

Abir hugs Mehul. Mishti thinks Mehul is still doing a drama, doesn’t he regret. Abir does shayari seeing Mishti. Saathiya mere….plays… She says when you know your dad is a fraud, how will I manage you. Laxman gets pics. Kaushal says this time, that man shouldn’t get saved. Laxman says don’t worry, he will be in jail. Kedia asks the man to cancel name change application, Abir’s name should be Abir Rajvansh. Kaushal asks you think he will come. Meenakshi says Mehul can’t change his nature, when he sees Mishti there, he will run away, he doesn’t know that I have joined hands with Mishti, he will take property from me and run before truth comes out, we will trap him. Kaushal asks how, will he come. She says surely, he has to face his defeat today. Mishti sees Abir.

Abir holds her hand and makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Saathiya mere….plays… Mishti says I m not like you, I can’t love everyone like you do, I felt how can I get all this, how can I get this entire family, then I met you, you taught me to love myself, you taught me that all this belongs to me, I have right on these relations, I won’t let anyone snatch this right, not even you. Mehul leaves. She thinks how did Mehul leave so soon. Rajshri asks what happened. Mishti drops the ring. Kunal picks it and gives her. She makes Abir wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Mishti thinks I need to inform Meenakshi, Mehul left. Laxman says we will come later. Meenakshi asks them to go. Mehul comes home. She says Mehul Kapadia…. Mehul asks how did you know its me. She says you didn’t come alone, your footsteps has your helplessness. He asks her to give property papers. She says deal isn’t complete, Abir is leaving the house. He says forget the deal, I just want the property. She says I want my Abir else… He says I have come here to get property, I have no fear to lose Abir, I don’t care for my son, with whom I spent few years, why would I care for one who isn’t born in front of me. She says don’t care for Kunal. He says I won’t remember my blood ties with Kunal, I will ruin Kunal and you. She says don’t dare to take Kunal’s name, Abir can go against me, he won’t go against Kunal, he won’t leave you.

Abir asks Mishti whose call are you awaiting, you didn’t notice me. Mishti says you look good, jealousy don’t suit you. He says I know you are here, I feel you aren’t here. She says I m here. He says I felt you are in some problem, away from me, you would be feeling stupid. She thinks I have proof now and doesn’t need to hide truth, none can stop me from telling him truth. Parul gets kheer for them. Mishti says you also have it, I know you love kheer. Parul asks how do you know. Mishti says just like that. Mehul says I m ready to leave everyone and go, I want my property. She asks why, is this the reason for your restlessness. She shows the pics. Mehul gets shocked seeing pics of Mishti’s kidnapping.

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