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Sacred Relationships update Tuesday 11 May 2021 Kunal asking Mehul to go. Mehul refuses. Abir calls on the number. Mishti makes the files fall. She picks the files. She gets Mehul’s file paper. Abir says don’t know whose call was it. Ketki asks him not to call back on unknown number. Abir gets ready. Kunal says mum is very sad. Ketki says Nidhi is also sad, because Abir is going after engagement. Kunal signs her. Ketki says Nidhi didn’t get time to prepare for dance. Abir says everyone’s mum will perform today. He jokes. Mehul looks on. Mishti checks the paper. Inspector asks her did this man steal the phone. Mishti says yes, he was the one. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu. Kuhu says I m good, how are you, its Abir’s engagement, so I came to help. Meenakshi says I m also fine, talk to Ketki, I will finish a small work and come. Ketki says you won’t do any work today. Mehul looks at her. Kaushal says you won’t go anywhere. Abir and Kunal dance on Aaj ki party….. Everyone dances.

Meenakshi thinks Mehul shouldn’t get these papers. Kunal takes Abir away from Mehul. Mishti reads, Mehul had run a chit fund on Abir’s name, he cheated people of Rajgarh and did fraud of 16 crores, many people have filed complaint about him. Mishti says how shall I contact Abir. She sees a landline in some shop. Abir goes after Mehul. Meenakshi stops Kunal. Mishti calls Abir. She says your dad is really a fraud, he did a big scam in Rajgarh, I have the police report, he was married to Parul, are you listening to me. Mehul hears her and gets shocked. Mishti says I m sorry, your dad is really a fraud, Nanu, Meenakshi and Kaushal were against Mehul. Abir says dad….. Mehul drops the phone. Abir asks what happened, Mehul says it was a wrong number. Mishti says I was talking to my fiance, but call disconnected. Mehul says I wasn’t feeling good. Abir makes him sit and asks whose call was it. Mehul says wrong number. Abir calls back. Mishti says number is busy, Mehul is changing Abir’s name as per his plan, if Abir changes his name, he can go jail. Mehul acts sick. Abir says its busy, whose number was it. Mehul says wrong number.

Abir asks why are you worried. Mehul says I m helpless, I felt I m not part of this family. Abir says check these papers, my name will officially change to Abir Kapadia. Mehul says my son, Abir Kapadia. Mishti says you aren’t Abir Kapadia. Lalita asks what are you trying to do. Mishti says I have to message Abir. Lalita asks didn’t Abir say anything after hearing so much. Mishti says I m thinking the same, Abir loves Mehul a lot, he won’t believe me, I have to send him proof and stop him. Lalita asks is Abir younger than Kunal. Mishti thinks Abir is elder to Kunal, how, Parul is Kunal’s mum. Mishti gets her phone on and messages Abir…. we have to meet and talk about your dad. Mehul hugs Abir. Nidhi asks Abir to come, Mishti would be waiting. She takes Abir. Mehul thinks Mishti won’t wait for long after knowing everything. He checks Abir’s phone. He calls goon and says do as I say, I m sending a girl’s pic. He replies who is telling this to you, where is you. Kuhu worries. Jasmeet asks her where did she go, where is Mishti. She shows the dance video. Kuhu says Mishti is in her room right. Rajshri says yes.

Kuhu asks Jasmeet where is her focus. She says Varsha is best bahu. Jasmeet asks her why did she go to Rajvansh house. Kuhu says yes, I had a big reason, I wanted to spy to know what they are doing, Abir is a great poet, Ketki is a good dancer. Vishwamber says there is nothing like competition. Kuhu asks Rajshri to check if Mishti is fine, apply cucumber sheet to her. Rajshri goes. Kuhu says I want big weighing scale, we will rock in the engagement. Vishwamber says lets see what Kuhu does. He hugs Kuhu. She thinks where are you Mishti. Mishti replies Mehul did the scam to put the blame on you, don’t change your name, meet me in Rajgarh. She says its my engagement with Abir today, I need to go, I would have not known about Mehul if I didn’t come here. Mehul replies Mishti. He says Mishti is clever, she has found the secret soon. Mishti gets his message. She replies.. calm down, and come soon to meet me.

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