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Sacred Relationships update Tuesday 4 May 2021 Starlife

Sacred Relationships update Tuesday 4 May 2021 Starlife
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Sacred Relationships update Tuesday 4 May 2021 Abir saying we have made a school. Mehul says you did good, you have many blessings with you, who told you about the place. Abir asks who has taught you making this knots. Mehul says let there be some secrets. Abir says let there be secrets with me also, we will talk when we shift to our new house. Mehul gets a call. He says Nanu went to Mishti to talk to her, you shouldn’t shift now, I don’t want to be call a coward again, can’t you think of it again. Abir says I decided this for you two. Mehul thinks how shall I convince them.

Rajshri says you refused to Nanu, why. Mishti says Abir wants this. Rajshri says you aren’t happy, tell me the truth. Mishti says don’t worry about me, I m going to NGO tomorrow. She thinks I m lying to you. Rajshri says its Kuhu’s Karwachauth tomorrow, Jasmeet told her to keep the fast, Nidhi is also keeping the fast. Mishti smiles. Kuhu asks are you following me. Kunal jokes. She argues with him. She says you were never my friend, you were the guy I loved, you are no one now. Kunal says stop this Karwachauth drama, I won’t come, why did you hide the real reason from family, I m sorry. She says you are not sorry, you think about yourself. He says I just think for my family. She says then you will come in Karwachauth. He says I won’t come, I m done, I also have a life, I won’t come, I m not your hero. He goes. She says I knew he won’t come, what will I tell my family.

Kuhu goes to see her Sargi. Kunal looks at the arrangements. He goes and collides with Abir. Yeh rishte….plays…. Abir gets Sargi for Kuhu. Mishti books a cab. Abir drinks the juice and keeps the glass. Mishti drinks the juice from the same glass. Abir looks on and smiles. Mishti goes. Abir takes the glass and signs Mishti. He drinks the juice by showing her lipstick mark. She smiles. Kunal comes to his room and says Kuhu…. He sees their marriage pic. He gets shocked seeing his tears. Abir teases Mishti. He says I will come tomorrow. She says I will break your fast, you would be fasting for my long life. He says you need to keep fast. He hugs her and says I will miss you. Mishti thinks sorry, I would be going to Rajgarh tomorrow. Nanu feeds Nidhi by his hands and pampers her. She cries happily. Meenakshi says entire family is with you.

She says I m going out, I won’t be at office, Parul, Kuhu’s Karwachauth should happen well, then none can separate us. Nidhi asks what if Abir leaves us. Meenakshi goes. Mehul thinks I will get more time to convince Abir. Jugnu asks Abir to have water. Abir says no, I had it, are you ready. Nidhi says yes. Abir says we will make them lose.

Mishti is on the way. She reads news. She asks driver to take her to Rajgarh temple. Abir says I want to buy a gift for Mishti, help me select it. Mehul says sure. He thinks to convince Abir and Mishti. Nidhi likes a pink saree. Mehul says Jasmeet will be wearing a red saree. Abir says she will win. Nidhi says no.

Mishti asks for the old temple. The man says even pandit is old here, he is there since 80 years. She asks for Kapadia family. He says I don’t know. He calls someone. Mehul says Nidhi will look good in this saree. Nidhi likes it. Mehul gets a call and asks the man to keep an eye. He says so Meenakshi went for this purpose. Abir chooses a saree. Nanu says this saree is for Nidhi, I will decide, not for those who are leaving the house. Abir thinks Nanu is still angry, who will help me. Mishti comes to temple and attends aarti. She says I read about the temple. He says its good, newspapers clicked the pic of this temple. She asks about Mehul Kapadia.

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