Sacred Relationships update Wednesday 12 May 2021: Varsha asking Abir to come and sign on papers for donating things. Abir thinks Mehul felt bad. Meenakshi comes to Mehul and says I m worried for Abir, I promised you I will give you money, what was the need to get these papers. He says its insurance, I won’t get trapped this time. She says I will give you money, first give me these papers. He says its papers stating you are giving your property to me, no, deal gets complete when the conditions get met from both sides. She says give me these papers. Abir comes and asks what papers. Vishwamber asks why didn’t you not tell me about Mishti, she isn’t at home. Rajshri worries. Mehul starts a drama and acts sick. Abir asks him to sit.

Meenakshi asks why this drama now. Abir says he isn’t well. Mehul says she doesn’t want me to be with you in your engagement. They argue. Abir says enough Maa, you didn’t wish me to come here as well, you just care for your happiness. She says its your engagement today, you want me to leave, fine I got the answer, I will do as you want, I m leaving. She goes. He says I wish she could get happy in my happiness. She asks lawyer to prepare the papers and inform her. She says no one believes that I can do anything for Abir, not even Abir. Mishti comes and says I believe so. Meenakshi asks what’s all this, how did you come here, you were in home. Mishti says I went to get proof, I have proof that Mehul is a fraud, he wants to send Abir to jail. Meenakshi checks the FIR against Mehul.

Mishti says I know you don’t like me, you would hate me knowing I want to stay away from family after marriage, Mehul was the reason, I had doubt on him, he convinced Abir that we should stay separately, then he told me to stop Abir from leaving house, he is a heart patient and has no reports, he came to Rajkot many times, he said he had no money for living, how can he get money for flight tickets, he came after me to Rajgarh, I was sure, he isn’t a right person, I didn’t tell anyone, I will tell it today, Mehul is a fraud, he has come back just for money, he did another scam and he wants to blame Abir, when Abir knows, how will he feel, he will be heartbroken, he will lose truth on his dad, I know the pain of losing trust on parents. Meenakshi cries.

Mishti says Abir will be bearing this pain now, Mehul did wrong with Abir, I won’t Abir leave his name, Abir loves him, Mehul doesn’t love him, I won’t let Mehul do this. Meenakshi hugs her. Mishti says please save Abir, he will break down. Rajshri asks Vishwamber to think again. He says no, Abir has all right to know. Abir looks at them. Meenakshi says Abir had got away from me, I felt my world ended, Abir asked me to leave from his engagement, I wasn’t seeing any way to tell Abir the truth, you have showed me the way today, you don’t know what I did to keep my family united. Mishti thinks I know, I won’t say anything, if you have hidden this from everyone, I will respect you and that reason also. Vishwamber says I know you have always told truth, today we won’t ask you anything. Abir asks what happened.

Kuhu shows Mishti’s pic to Abir. He says take me to Mishti. Mishti says we have to show this to Abir. Meenakshi says no, its his day of happiness, I won’t let Mehul come between this, he loves you a lot, engagement has to happen, I didn’t give you a reason to trust me, give me some time to throw Mehul out of our lives. Mishti says Abir wants to change his name, can you stop him. Meenakshi says yes, I know, go to engagement, you will join relations with us, I will get time to plan against Mehul, don’t let Mehul go from there. Mishti asks what will I do there alone. Meenakshi says smile Mishti, we all have Maa Ambe in us, Maa Ambe can have weapon in hand and become a motherly figure, why can’t we. Mishti says I got saved from his goons, he will know my plan.

Meenakshi says he doesn’t know that we joined hands, don’t let Mehul go away, are you with me. Mishti says we both love Abir a lot, of course I m with you, we can do anything for his happiness. Meenakshi blesses her. Kuhu says its bad omen to meet Mishti now. Abir asks is Mishti fine, did anything happen, I want to meet her. He goes. Mehul thinks what were they talking to Abir. He gets a call. Abir says I was feeling something is wrong, I have to meet Mishti and ask her if she is fine. Abir, Kuhu, Rajshri and Vishwamber come to room. They see Mishti ready. Abir says Mishti… Mishti says I m sorry, I made you all wait a lot, I promise I won’t let you wait on marriage day, first engagement now. Mehul comes and asks is Mishti fine, where is she. Mishti says I m here uncle, and I m absolutely fine, you don’t need to worry. He gets shocked. Rajshri asks them to have food and come for engagement.

Mishti says I promise, I will tell everything after engagement. Abir asks everything. She says yes. He stumbles. She holds him. Mehul says I think she won’t let you get hurt. Mishti says I will always save him, he has his entire family and my family, everyone loves him, even you, right. Meenakshi comes home and cries. She says I felt I lost the battle, my Lord is with me, I didn’t lose, but my victory is still incomplete. She calls Kaushal and asks him to come back home fast, get the lawyer and Laxman back, no one should know about it. She says Mehul’s story is over, I have been sacrificing things since 20 years, I have sacrificed my love and rights, I kept my Sautan home, I will not let my sacrifices go waste. Mishti thinks I won’t let Mehul go anywhere. Everyone smiles seeing Mishti. Varsha compliments Mishti. Mishti says I have a request, I have planned a surprise, I want you to help me. Nidhi says fine, I like surprises. Mishti says don’t let Mehul go away. Nidhi asks is this surprise for Abir or his dad. Mishti says Meenakshi didn’t wish my surprise to fail, at least do this for her. Nidhi says I will do what she tells.

Ketki says we are with you. Mishti thanks them. Mehul thinks this girl can do anything, its better to leave from here. Rajshri comes to Mishti and says thank God, you came on right time. Mishti says sorry, I have come back now, everything will get fine. She hugs Rajshri. Nidhi and Ketki stop Mehul and ask for help. Mehul says I have to do Abir’s imp work. Nidhi says no, you are Abir’s fav dad, don’t do anywhere. Kuhu comes and asks Mishti to name herself mystery. Mishti sees Mehul. Kuhu jokes. She says you know how much scared Rajshri was, you are ignoring me. Mishti says no, I m sorry, I will explain it later, give me some time. Mehul thinks its good everyone is with Mishti, I have to leave. Mishti calls him out. Nidhi asks Mehul to come with her.

She gets Kunal to do ritual with Bhabhi. She asks Kunal to tie the peacock feather to Mishti’s hand, the knot should be strong so that their relation also gets strong, they aren’t on good terms, but Kunal can do this rasam for Abir’s sake. Vishwamber says we shouldn’t force them. Kunal says no, if Mishti has no problem, I would like to fulfill rasam. Mishti nods. Kunal ties the peacock feather to her hand. Mishti moves her hand to tease. Abir holds Kunal to support. Kuhu says no cheating. Kunal says no cheating, its called intelligence if I took Abir’s help. Mehul says I will just come. Mishti says come, its time for engagement. He says I have to get some imp papers. She says fine. He thinks Mishti didn’t stop me.

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