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Samar says to Nisha what to try and do next? She says I even have planned a game and Arjun are going to be its pawn. Samar says I didn’t catch on. Nisha says simply grasp that we’ve got to win the remaining a part of the sport also.
Arjun tells Bablu however he fooled Nisha and samar. Bablu says you’re therefore clever. Arjun says they gave me this cash. Arjun says currently i do know who is Jia. She may be a witch. She was in fireplace and nothing happened to her. Nothing was burning her in any respect.

He says don’t build stories. Arjun says no she was in fireplace and nothing happened to her. Jia calls somebody and says i will be able to be there. I won’t tell anyone. the person says I even have to present injection. it’ll solely affect effect on} her for half an hour solely.

Due to injection Nisha won’t be able to see or hear abundant. area unit you gonna steal in her house? Jia says no are you mad. Do your work and leave from there.
Kaki ma says do arti before you permit. Jia says your blessings {are|ar|area unit|square measure} with me. Kaki says I don’t wanna lose you once more. Please watch out of yourself. Jia says Nisha doesn’t grasp me however. I currently have my family. I wont hand over.

I will get you your right. we are going to win this point. Nisha is in her lounge. She tries to require water. The doctor provides her water. Nisha says why you look therefore worried? He says nothing. Its very popular nowadays. Let me offer you your injection permanently sleep. Nisha says okay. he provides her injection. Jia goes out. Arjun stops her and says you’re a witch. She says I don’t have time. He takes her bag. Jia says offer me bag back. I even have to travel. i’m obtaining late. He says I even have a condition. She says what. he says comparable.

She tries to grab her bag. He holds her hand. Jia remembers her moments with Adi. Arjun says in heart its time to check this witch. He lits lighters close to her hand however she doesn’t feel it. Arjun says bablu see she doesn’t get burned. She may be a witch. Jia says this can be why you mention previous life. Jia says let Maine go. He provides her bag and says I don’t steal. offer Maine my phone back. She says loser I don’t have time. Arjun says my madam has employed Maine they’re massive individuals. Jia says move to tell. She goes. Bablu has fallen asleep. He says I didn’t see something I slept. Arjun says she may be a witch. They follow her. Nisha is half asleep. Jia comes there as Jhanvi. She closes the lights.

Jhanvi says I told you permit my family. Nisha says why can’t I walk. Jia says you can’t walk currently. you needed to hurt my family. keep one’s hands off from them. Nisha is frightened and can’t stand up. Jia says you may procure your sins. your reckoning has started. The door knocks. Jhanvi wonders who is that. Babasa says save me. who is here. get Maine out of here please. Jia goes there. Nisha shouts Samar. Jhanvi came here. She aforementioned she is going to ruin my life. She found Maine here also. She may be a ghost. Samar says management yourself. She says i’m not lying. Nisha says go there and see. She was there. Samar goes in this direction. He activates lights and appears all over. samar sees the door open. Jia is running from there. She says I hope nobody is following me. She sees watcher. Arjun comes there and says witch. Jia says what are you doing here.

They hide behind the automotive. Jia says what if somebody sees me. She falls on him. Arjun says you don’t get burned. am i able to check it all over again please? He burns her hand. She hits him with stone. Samar comes there. Jia puts hand on his mouth. She says keep quite please.
Samar comes towards them.

Jia says sit here and don’t noise to Arjun. Samar is returning in their direction. Arjun is drunk. he says what soap you use? She says shut up. Don’t are available my work once more. Arjun says Bablu.. he’s asleep on bike. Arjun says in the future i will be able to show you she may be a witch.
nisha says to Samar wherever were you? He says went resolute see who was here. She says ghosts will return from shut windows too. Samar says I don’t interact with them such as you.
Babasa shouts Adi jhanvi is somebody there?

Jia tells Kaki and CHini regarding babasa. She says i’m positive it had been his voice. I even have to ascertain him to substantiate it. Kaki ma says God is transfer all our items back along. I hope he’s alive and fine. Chini says however will we have a tendency to be sure? i believe dadu is detained by her. however can we have a tendency to get him out? Jia says 1st we’d like to take care if that voice was of babasa or is it nisha’s game to entice us?

Nisha remembers seeing Jhanvi and what she aforementioned. Samar comes there. He says don’t tell me you didn’t sleep all night. i’m transfer you sleeping pills. He provides sleeping pills. Nisha says I don’t want them. She throws it away. She says you mostly offer Maine meds. you would like to awaken and see the truth.

I am not wondering yesterday i’m wondering tomorrow. I even have planned one thing. Samar says what’s it?? She says you may grasp on right time. raise Arjun to return to warehouse. Samar says why? She says do as I say. Nisha involves babasa. She provides him food. Nisha says don’t be therefore shocked. Why are you therefore frightened of me? Don’t worry I wont offer you injection nowadays. nowadays is your lucky day. nowadays you won’t be chastened nowadays you may get a surprise. Wanna grasp what’s it? She releases him and says stand up previous man. Surprise is that I saw Adi in my dream. Your son Adi my husband.

He was mad at me. And he was mad as a result of you complained him. He aforementioned he can return to fulfill you. Don’t complain him regarding Maine. Tell him that I watch out of you well. Deal? Babasa coughs. Nisha says its a deal i do know. She provides him water. once he’s on the point of drink it nisha throws it away. Babasa coughs. Nisha says surprise is returning. Arjun comes in. He says what cave is this? Arjun says what are we here for? You wanna kill me? nisha says you recognize why I known as you here? He says no madam why? Nisha says to substantiate your job. Sit down. He says it sounds like a movie.

Samar says enough and hear us. Nisha says i will be able to show you one thing. Have a glance at it. She provides him a bag. Arjun says whats in it? Nisha says open it. Arjun opens, it’s filled with cash. Nisha shows him photos of Adi and his family. She says this can be our family. Kakusa, Kaki ma, kids, Babasa. Arjun is dazed. Nisha says we have a tendency to wont to live along. Nisha says this can be adi my husband. Arjun is aghast. Adi remembers what Jia aforementioned. Arjun says is it me? Samar says no. this can be Hindu deity Nisha’s 1st husband. Arjun says however he appearance precisely like Maine. His dressing is boring tho’. Nisha says be serious. this can be Jhanvi. Adi is dazed. He says she.. Nisha says does one grasp her? have you ever seen her recently? Arjun is during a shock. Nisha says please tell Maine what you recognize regarding her. Samar says Nisha relax.

We are talking regarding Jindal family not Jhanvi. Sit. Arjun is during a shock. he says meaning she wasn’t wrong. I even have to understand what all this implies. Nisha says forget it. this can be Jahnvi. She fooled Adi and took him from Maine. She ruined our family. we had 2 daughters also. She was poor therefore adi gave her employment. however she lured him into his love. She took him from Maine. Arjun says I even have to remain quite. Can’t tell them regarding her. Nisha say she ruined my life. Arjun says I feel very unhealthy for you. Nisha says anyway. She shows him babasa. Nisha says you saw him right? Arjun remembers the previous man. He says he’s your servant? Nisha says he’s adi’s babasa. Arjun says you trickster.

Samar says concentrate on what we are telling. Nisha says all this cash is yours. you’ve got to do one factor to urge them.

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