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Saturday Update of Kindred Hearts 21 September 2019 begins as Arjun demands that the inspector catches the real culprit and the inspector replies by saying all proofs are against Jia so we have to arrest her.

Arjun tries to stop them but the arrest Jia and takes her to police station. Kaki loses balance seeing it. Chinni consoles her, Arjun looks on. Nisha and Priya enjoys drink. Nisha tears Jia’s photo and says she did too much drama of being Jhanvi, she thought Jindal house is her inlaws house but I sent her to jail which is her real house. Priya says I was dying to see her destroy, good is happening. Nisha says the one who tries to destroy me, this happens with them. Priya says all family will try to free Jia and Arjun is with them too so we have to be careful. Nisha says yes we have to be very careful and think if I make this family against Jia then? Priya says you couldnt do it earlier. Nisha says what? Priya says I mean did you think of what you will do? Nisha says you just enjoy and let thinking part be for me.

Kaki is sadly sitting on bed. Chinni checks her BP and says its high. Arjun says dont worry, we will bring Jia back, do you think Jia can do something like that? she says no. Arjun says when your God didnt let you lose anytime then how you can lose this time? we will save Jia. Chirag brings Sherlock series and says we can watch this to save Jia, Chinni says you are crazy. Arjun says I have talked to lawyer, he will try to bail Jia. Chinni thanks him and says Baba left us and Jia is in this condition, what happened to our happiness, she cries. Arjun hugs her and says dont worry, we will get Jia back soon. Kaki says he is right, everything will be fine. Arjun looks at Baba’s picture and says I miss you, your Jia is in trouble too, I need your blessing, try to forgive me too. In morning, Chinni asks Kaki to eat something. Kaki asks Arjun where is lawyer? he have to get Jia’s bail. Arjun says he must be coming, you eat something first, he makes her eat. Chirag comes there and says someone sent Jia’s letter. Chinni checks it and says it from London, it says that her london house is sealed as she didnt pay loan for one year.

Kaki says she was in debt but didnt let us hear about it, Chinni says she brought us here from chawl, she spent all her savings on us. Kaki says now she is in this condition and we cant do anything. Jia is sadly sitting in jail and recalls her moments with family, how she became part of the family. She says everything will be fine, Kaki and Chinni will do something to bring me out of here, they are my family, everything will be fine. Lawyer says to family that Jia has been arrested in murder so bail is difficult. Kaki says she has been in jail for one day, we have to get her bail. Lawyer says we have to go to to court first. Another lawyer comes there and says I am Jia’s lawyer, I want her signature on these papers, Arjun says what papers? Lawyer says these are property transfer papers, Baba has transferred all his property to Jia as per this will. Arjun checks papers and is stunned. Jia checks them too and says these papers have thumb prints, Baba knew how to sign, these are fake. Jia’s lawyer says you can show them to your lawyer. Arjun’s lawyer checks the papers and says they are correct, your Baba gave all his property to Jia. Arjun says it doesnt have Baba’s signature but thumb print, means someone killed Baba and then put his thumb on papers.. means Jia killed him? no.. Nisha hides outside door and hears all that. She thinks these thumb prints saved me, I will get property soon but family will start hating Jia now.

A Flashback shows Nisha coming to morgue as nurse and putting Baba’s thumb on papers using his deadbody, flashback ends. Chirag comes to family and shows them bloodied cloth and says I found it in Jia’s cupboard. Flashback shows Nisha filling syringe from Baba’s blood and pouring it on cloth and then coming to Jia’s room and putting that bloodied cloth in her cupboard, flashback ends. All family members are shocked to see the cloth. Nisha thinks what are thinking now? Arjun says to lawyer that we dont want anyone’s bail, I will make sure that the killer of Baba gets punished.

Jis is being interrogated, she says to inspector that I didnt kill Baba, I didnt.. inspector says just accept the truth, why you started scolding Baba? Jia says Baba was trusting a cheating person so I wanted him to not be a fool. Inspector says Baba trusted you who wanted his property only. Jia says I am telling you that I didnt kill him, my answer wont change, I am innocent. Constable comes and says someone has come to meet her, Jia thinks it must be Kaki. Inspector says you wont leave till I order you.. Jia cries. Jia comes out of interrogation room and finds Arjun there, Jia says you? Kaki didnt come? I didnt do anything, they are forcing me, they are not even giving me water, please trust me I didnt do anything, ask Chinni to find a lawyer, I cant stay here.. she faints. Arjun makes her drink water, Jia wakes up and puts hand on his face, she says you trust me right? you know I didnt do anything right? Arjun moves away and says arent you ashamed? the person who trusted you so much, you killed him? you killed Baba for property? Jia says what? Arjun shows her property papers and says you killed him for property? you would have asked and he would have signed anywhere for him, but then your real face would have come out to everyone so you killed him and put his thumb impression on property papers and got in your name. Jia is stunned to hear all that. She says I didnt do it. Arjun shows her property papers. Jia says I made Chinni get it all, dont know how this happened. Arjun says he trusted you most and you killed him? you wanted me away so you could have asked me. Jia says I am being trapped, Nisha have done all this.

Arjun says if Nisha wanted it then she could have killed Baba earlier as she wanted property which you wanted but you killed him. Arjun gives bloodied cloth to inspector and says it might help you with investigations, I found it in Jia’s cupboard. Arjun says to Jia that my burden is off, I thought how will I get your forgiveness. Arjun says to Jia that I dont need to apologize to you, I should apologize to myself that I fell in love with a cheap woman like you, Jia is hurt to hear it and please hear me, I didnt do anything, please.. she cries but Arjun leaves. Nisha hides and hears all that. Nisha says this is killing four birds which one hit, Baba is gone, Jia is in jail and I will get property soon and Jia will get stale in jail, she leaves. Arjun hides and sees her going.

A Flashback shows Again when Jia asked Arjun if he trust her? and she didnt do anything, he saw Nisha hiding there and had to pretend that he believes Jia is the killer. He thinks that I know you didnt kill baba Jia, I just wanted to hear from you and I know you didnt, Nisha was there so I had to be bitter with you but I will find proof to show you innocent and I know Nisha is involved.

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