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Saturday Update of Mehek 21st September 2019 begins as Mahek through the window, sights Armaan and Nalini in white chilies from window and begins to wander what they were doing.

Armaan tells Nalini that no chance sholud be given for mistake and that  luck gets you chances and we have to avail it. Nalini says there wont be mistake this brother, all preparations are done and we have things need. Mahek looks from window and thinks what they are talking? Nalini gives box to Armaan, Armaan says father Abba is coming in two days, I have to give information to him too. Mahek’s phone starts ringing. Mahek hides behind window outside restaurant. Armaan and Nalini hears someone’s phone ringing. Nalini comes out and looks around for any spy but doesnt see Mahek. she comes to Armaan and says there is no one outside. Armaan says I will talk to you later, Nalini takes rickshaw and leaves. Mahek is tensed.

Shaurya is locked in cage. One goon says to other that brother said to decorate that kid’s room very nicely for video call. Shaura thinks which kid they are talking about? Goons bring bed there. Shaurya sees singapore sign on it and thinks they are fooling someone to make this place look like Singapore. Goon brings Neev there on wheelchair but his face is hidden from Shaurya.

Shaurya thinks what are they doing with this kid? Shaurya sees ball dropped by kid, he takes it and recalls how this ball was of Neev, he thinks oh God its Neev. Nehal says to Mahek that I always thought Nalini is fishy but Shaurya protects her. Mahek says now I am sure Nalini has some motives and has connections with that man who has connection with that bomb blast. Sonal says this is scary, its about bomb blast, you should inform police. Mahek says no, if I go without proof then even Shaurya wouldnt believe me and Nalini will get alert, first we have to find proofs against her, we have to find out what Nalini gave to that man. Mahek sees Shaurya calling her. Nehal says you should tell Shaurya about her. Mahek says no, Shaurya will get worried there in Singapore, we will investigate it here. Mahek takes Shaurya’s video call, Shaurya/Armaan asks her how she is? she says I am fine. Shaurya shows her Neev lying on bed and nurse taking care of him in hospital background.

Shaurya says doctor said Neev will be fine soon, I will be busy with Neev’s test for some tests and I wont be able to talk, Mahek is emotional and says its okay, she ends call. Sonal says to Mahek that you should have told shaurya everything, I am leaving to set house with Nohit too, Mahek says dont worry, Nehal and Vicky are with me too, we will handle it here. Kanta comes there and says what to handle? Mahek says no I was just scolding Sonal to not take much tension. Kanta says me and Jeevan are leaving with Sonal, Mansi and Ravi are going out of station for prayers, so Mehak and Nehal you should stay here for somedays with PD and Balwant, I have already talked to Karona. Mahek says dont worry, we will handle things here. In morning, Mahek asks Sonal to leave without any worry. Mahek holds Sonal’s baby. Kanta tries to give her advice but Mahek says I know routine of this house, dont worry. Jeevan says we should leave, PD comes there and says I thought we should have family photo before leaving for memories, Jeevan says we have to catch train, PD says you want to get beaten in this age? all laugh. PD ask them all to pose, Mahek takes selfie with all family members. Sonal touches PD’s feet and says I dont enjoy without you people. PD says we will come soon to see your new house, Mahek says yes we all will go. Jeevan, Kanta, Sonal, Ravi and Mansi leaves. Nehal says to Mahek that we should go to white chilies to shoo away witch Nalini. Mahek says to PD that we have to go, call us if you need, PD says dont worry, Nehal and Mahek leaves. At terrorists den, Armaan says to goon that bring best food for Abba, he is angry on our failures, I will stay here for two days to answer him. Shaurya thinks that Armaan’s father is coming, what now they are planning?

Nehal and Mahek comes to white chilies. Mahek eyes Nalini. Vicky comes there and asks Nehal when did she come here? she says I need permission? he laughs, she says I came to help Mahek, he says its good, I will be able to watch you for whole day. Nehal smiles and starts talking about menu with Mahek. Mahek keeps an eye on Nalini, Nalini notices her too. Nehal whispers that she is eyeing us too, seems like she is keeping an eye on us too, Mahek says we cant underestimate her, we have to be double alert. Mahek goes to try new recipes, Nalini looks on.

Armaan gets cleaning of den done and says Abba is coming, he asks goons to clean everything, serve Abba well. Shaurya thinks that he has been talking about Abba, who is Abba? Armaan leaves. Shaurya asks goon if their father is coming? Goon says talk with respect, he is an angel who gave us lives back, if you talk about him like then then I wouldnt spare you. Nalini keeps staring at Mahek who is working in white chilies kitchen, she comes to Mahek and says if you need help Ma’am then you can tell me, sir is not here so you can tell me anything. Mahek says I dont need you, I will tell you when I need you. Mahek mixes batter but it fall on her apron, Nalini tries to clean it, Mahek gets uncomfortable and says I will do it, relax, Nalini leaves. Mahek sees box which Nalini gave to Armaan last night, she thinks to ask Vicky about it but first.. Mahek asks Nalini and Nehal to go and check seating arrangement outside, Nalini nods, Mahek hints at Nehal to take Nalini. Nehal says okay, lets go Nalini, they leave. Mahek asks Vicky whats in this box? Vicky brings out USB and says it has wedding layout given by minister’s PA. Mahek asks if there is copy of it? Vicky says yes in cabinet, Mahek says lets check that. Vicky takes out duplicate box from cabinet but there is no USB in it, vicky gets tensed and says it was in there, where did it go? I should ask people.

Mahek says no dont ask anyone, I know what to do.

Mahek takes rickshaw and goes somewhere. Nalini comes to her work. He picks the USB. Mahek comes and says do you need help? She says what are you doing? who are you? Nalini says come I will show you the truth. She puts gun on her head and says see this. Mahek is dazed.
Nehal comes as well. Nehal says please leave didi. Nalini says do as I say. GO to pantry. First tie Mahek’s hands. She ties Mahek’s hands. Nalini asks Mahek to lock her.
Arman comes to Meet his abba. His abba says you failed my mission. He says abba I will work on it. His abba comes to Shaurya and says how are you? Are they taking care of you? Shaurya says want to be out of this cage. Abba says why? Shauya says so I can get a casket made for you. Abba says you will come out to make casket of your family. He says Arman I want to talk about something important.
Nalini takes Mahek out. Mahek hits her. The gun falls. Nalini hits her. She picks the gun. Nalini says I will kill you now. Mahek says you are a woman. We stop wars. We don’t do them. Nalini faints. Mahek says what happened to her.
Abba says to Arman you failed me in front of my people. Will my head be up again? Arman says yes. Abba shoves him. Arman says I can’t face myself. You will proudly say that I am your son. Abba says I hope.

Arman says I won’t disappoint you. Abba hugs him. Abba says you have to kill all the people who died on 26th. Abba says we will go to pray for this mission’s success. Mahek says lets take her to hospital. Nehal says but she tried to kill us. Mahek says we need to take her to hospital. So we know her truth. Mahek says I have informed police already. They take her to hospital. They give their statement. Mahek says don’t tell Shaurya he will panic. We will tell him once he comes back. Inspector says we need to investigate from Shaurya as well. Mahek says we will coordinate. He says thanks. Doctor comes out. She says that girl is pregnant. Mahke is dazed. Doctor says she doesn’t know herself. Mahek says why is she playin with her life?

Abba prays and says God give us strength to accomplish the mission. I will pray that we all celebrate. Arman says for sure that will happen. A thug says to Shaurya hungry? Do you wanna eat as well? Shaurya says in heart I need to play smart. They give Shaurya food. Thug says now don’t say you need your wife’s food. Shaurya says don’t take my wife’s name. Shaurya says in heart I need to calm down and think about Neev.

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