Saturday Update of Mehek 28 September 2019 begins as Mahek and Shaurya are in serious fear after Abba sets on dialing the Phone line to know the traitor among them.

Dialing the number, a guy picks up and says I am on your side bhai jan, this is a game. Mahek recalls Shaurya said someone might trace your number, using their phone as the man says am not a traitor.

Abba says we should listen to him once. He can’t be a traitor. Abba says you had doubt on Nahida because I brought her. This guy deserves a chance because you brought him. Mahek says abba never wanted me in the mission. The guy throttles her and says you did all this. I wont leave you. Arman shoots him. He dies.

Kanta is worried for Mahek and Shaurya. She says pleas help my kids God. Abba sees the dead body of that guy. He is angry. He come to Arman and says you killed our loyal person. You trust this Nahida over us. Arman says there is nothing greater than mission.

Arman says this is all done by you. Nothing is greater than mission. Neither me nor you. Abba says Umar was like a child to me that is why I am a bit emotional. Abba looks at Mahek. He says let it go. We don’t have time. Our mission is our everything. He says you have to take the bomb to the venue. Get the picture or video of that place. Arman says to Nahida come with me. Abba says no she should focus on while chilies.

Nahida is leaving. Abba says stop. I want to talk to you. she says yes? He says come with me.
Kanta is in hospital. She says for how long will I have to do this drama. Ravi comes in. He is dazed. he says what drama? Tell me what are you hiding from us. Tell me or I will tell Jevan. Kanta says don’t do that or Mahek’s life would be in danger. He says what happened to her?

Abba brings Mahek to a room and says sit. Shaurya is worried for her. He comes close to her and grasps her hand. Mahek says abba jan what are you doing. mahek says leave me. She says what are you doing. I didn’t do anything. He ties her to the sofa. Mahek says let me go what are you doing. He throws water on her face. Shaurya is worried. He says get me out of here.Its keroasene oil that he threw on her. Mahek says please don’t do this abba jan. Shaurya is worried for her. Mahek breaks a vase. She says let me go please.

Mahek tries to hit him with the vase. He says now I will see who saves you. Mahek tries to run. She throws things at him with ties hands. SHaurya says open the cage. Let me out. Abba brings fire near mahek.

Mahek says save me please. Shaurya throttles a thug and asks the other one to leave him or he will kill him.

Abba is about to burn Mahek’s hair. The thug opens the door to save his brother. Shaurya hits them and runs towards abba’s room.

Ravi says why did you not tell us. Mahek and nehal are kids. Kanta says there was danger in telling all. Ravi says there was someone else living with us in name of Shauyra and you didn’t tell us. Arman comes and hits Abba with a rod.

Shaurya hits Abba. He takes her out. Mahek comes out too. Arman comes as well and his thugs hold Shaurya. Abba says this Nahida is a spy. Why would shaurya try to save her otherwise? Shaurya says I saved her because she is a woman. I would save any woman even if she is our enemy. Mahek says I thought this mission was equal for men and women. But Abba jan treats me really bad. I will quit.

Mahek says he tried to burn me with kerosine oil. Arman says how dare you abba. She is a woman from our people. how can you do this. You are harmming our mission. You tried to kill our member. She proved her innocence. we can’t complete this mission without her. I won’t let you harm her without proof. Abba says okay then she has to give proof. Abba says you can’t judge people. SHe has to prove herself. If she proves her loyalty I will apologize and leave this mission. Nahida says I am ready for your test. ABba gives her gun and says shoot Shaurya. Mahek takes the gun and shoots. She says in heart what to do now.

Kanta says to Karuna don’t wanna celebrate anything. Just hope this holi brings peace. Abba says why can’t you shoot? Shoot him. Arman says shoot him Nahida. Abba points gun at Mehek and says who are you? Mehek shoots. Shaurya falls down. His hand touches the sindur plate and it falls on everyone. And The bullet only touched Shaurya’s hand.

Mahek says if he dies our plan will be failed. Arman won’t be able to enter the venue. But If you want I will shoot him after couting till 5. Mahek counts. 1.. 2.. 3.. Arman says stop. He takes Abba inside and says enough of this doubting. You were about to kill our plan with it. I can’t let you take control of this mission anymore. You have to leave. Abba says okay I am leaving.
Mahek is crying. She hits her hand on the wall. She recalls shooting on Shaurya and cries. A man comes to her and says Arman has called you. Abba is leaving. Everyone goes to sleep.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and says I am sorry. See what I did. She heals his wound and dresses it. Shaurya says I am fine. Shaurya says I am proud of you. She says I am tired. See what I had to do. He says you saved my life. Mahek says I am very scared. We don’t know where Neev is. He says we have to save him and stay strong. You have win Arman’s trust. We have to be strong.

Kanta and Nehal pray for Shaurya and Mahek. Kanta says I wish shaurya and mahek were here. Kanta says we are here to pray for them.

Abba says arman thinks he can kick me out of the mission. I won’t go anywhere. Mahek says what happened? Arman says we have to run. They take shaurya somewhere else.

Arman gets a call that police is coming there to raid. Babu lal told police everything.

Mahek runs with Arman. They take Shaurya somewhere else. Mahek is worried. Arman says Nahida come with me. They run from there. On the way Mahek sees that her color is removing. She sees in the mirror and is worried. Mahek says my makeup is removing what to do. Mahek covers her face and says save me God please. She collides with someone and falls. They have colors. Mahek covers her face with colors. Armana says Nahida re you okay? He picks her and says lets go. They sit in a car.

Everyone is praying for PD. They see the news that terrorist group is raided by police. Kanta and Ravi are worried. They know its the same place where Mahek is.
Arman says to Nahida we have to go to a safe place. SHe says I will go to white chilies and get everything done.

Mahek comes to a house she goes to washroom and tells her that everything is fine. She says they’ve shifted Shaurya somewhere but I don’t know where he is. I ran from there with Arman. She tells Kanta everything. Mahek says in three days we have to find Neev. We don’t have much time.
Mahek sees them bringing Shaurya to the house where she is.

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