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Hwi cautiously uncovers her mysterious to Ji-un. Master Sangheon releases his imperial desires and clears a path for the future ruler.

As the night goes further, the two of them attempt to work everything out. Lee Hwi approaches the bewildered and befuddled Ji-Woon. She enlightens her concerning her past and her late twin sibling, the first Crown Prince, and how she ends up being the Crown Prince. Lee Hwi inquires as to whether he feels disdain towards her where he rapidly concedes that he feels hatred however not towards her; it’s for himself for not perceiving her sooner and letting her worry about all the concerns and difficulties without anyone else. Ji-Woon defies her dread by consoling her that the individual she is currently is the most significant and goes for the ameliorating embrace.

In the midst of the turmoil that is going on in the Palace, the two nod off adequately as everyone’s other shoulder in the woodland. They even arranged the future and guarantee to remain together. Indeed, characters are permitted to design however the author is the person who chooses. In this way, how about we simply trust their arrangement materializes.

The demise of the King

Obviously, we have seen this coming yet it actually, torment us when it occurs. Somebody compels one of his workers to harm his natural tonic. The ones he generally drinks prior to resting. In the meantime, he isn’t the one in particular who comes for the Kin. There is another man who likewise has an unsettled business with him, our Kim Ga-On. He put his swords on his Majesty’s neck. Ga-On asks for a clarification on for what good reason the King assists him with getting away from Seok-Jo with the assistance of Commander Yoon. So in the past scene, they are not cooperating however it is fairly a deliberate assistance in the inadvertent circumstance.

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The King defies him with reality. He discloses how he neglects to secure his old buddy which is Ga-On’s father who is executed thinking correctly before him while Ga-On is as yet a kid. His blade drops in the wake of hearing his words how he attempts to take his late dad’s heritage by satisfying their guarantee of building the world that they belives in. Pretty much time, the worker who brings a harmful homegrown tonic comes. Ga-On stows away and sees the King drink the harmed homegrown tonic. After the worker leaves, the King calls Ga-On with his genuine name, “Age Seo,” and provides him the guidance of his dad’s grave as a method for settling the misconception. “You should visit him,” says the King.

Shockingly, not long from that point forward, The King likewise causes his own downfall. He kicks the bucket while hacking blood just before the rests. Ga-On is looking astounded with regards to what occurred. The following day, the report about The King’s passing is spread all over Joseon while Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon adequately rest together in the center of the backwoods.

Carrying on with the existence she needs, truly?

In the wake of isolating his direction from Lee Hwi, Commander Yoon turns into a detainee. He requests the water from the watchman, sprinkles everything over his face, and wrecks him. What amazing luck, Hyun acts as the hero. He assists him with getting away. Officer Yoon urges him to find Lee Hwi first on the grounds that Seok-Jo is highly involved with looking for her while getting her bloodstains in the woods. In the interim, Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon are walking the valley together. They’re making a beeline for Mount Bukseong, where she will rejoin with everybody. After seeing her bloodstains, Ji-Woon recommends she change the garments first. He discovered Lee Hwi taking a gander at a lady’s adornments.

Lee Hwi returns in the wake of putting on something else. She is back with the garments she uses to wear; men’s garments. “The garments feel more recognizable to me,” says Lee Hwi. All that actually feels strange for her is that after a long time carrying on with the existence of another person, she, at last, get the opportunity to carry on with her own life as a lady. Ji-Woon grins and consoles that whenever everything is settled down, later on, he will get her beautiful garments and she can dress whatever she prefers with every one of the clasps and blossoms. He likewise offers her a bite and requests that she stand by a tad since he’s going to purchase a flawless clip for her.

Lamentably, things don’t work out as expected. A gathering of men wearing dark garments, which is no other than Seok-Jo’s kin unexpectedly shows up and takes Lee Hwi to meet Seok Jo and her greatest dread, Lord Sangheon. He requests that she return to the Palace and illuminate her with regards to the King’s demise. In the meantime, Ji-Woon who restlessly looks for the missing Lee Hwi likewise found out about the King’s passing through the resident and accepts that it is associated with Lee Hwi’s absence.

The King’s Affection

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 13

Air Date: Nov 22, 2021

Language: Korean

Subtitle Language: English

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