Shaadi Mubarak update Monday 18 January 2021 On Star Life


Shaadi Mubarak 18 January 2021: Shaadi Mubarak update Monday 18th January 2021, starts with KT venting out his frustration on Nandini. She hears him and doesn’t open the door. Preeti comes to take KT. KT says what a timing, first class. KT asks Nandini to see his wife has come. The hotel staff stops him. KT says I know Nandini. He asks Nandini did she feel hurt, how does it feel when someone cheats or rejects you, answer me. Preeti says come with me, enough. KT says I have taken revenge on you today, you kicked me, I kicked you. KT falls on the sofa. Manager asks Preeti to take him soon, else he will call the police. Preeti asks KT to get up. Nandini comes to her.

Its morning, KT wakes up with a hangover. He recalls his words. He calls Nandini. She says wow, you can’t stay with me and without me, you came here on your wedding night and talking to me in the morning, good morning. He asks what happened when Preeti came to take me. She asks why, did she leave you. He says tell me what you said. FB shows Nandini saying KT married you to take revenge, he would have married any woman today, but not me, he doesn’t love you, I m still there in his life, this sindoor is given to you to take revenge on me, its a cheat, I pity your fate. FB ends. KT disconnects the call. He says Preeti got to know that I married her to take revenge on Nandini, she would be much hurt, I can’t hurt her more. He looks for Preeti. Neelima says I have seen Preeti going out. KT thinks she left me. Preeti gets her bags. KT’s dad asks where did you go in morning. Preeti says I went to Kusum’s house to get my luggage. He says good, get ready for Mu dikhai. She sees KT. He thinks she knows I married her for revenge sake, why is she ready to keep marriage. Neil stops KT. KT says I have to talk to her. Neil says give me some good gift and then talk to her. Uncle asks KT to take any jewellery for Preeti from the locker. He gives the keys. Preeti recalls Kusum’s words. FB shows Kusum saying you should have slapped Nandini.

Shaadi Mubarak 18 January 2021: Preeti says I knew KT doesn’t love me, I don’t care. Kusum says every relation needs love, KT had to take revenge on Nandini, what revenge you had to take that you sat in the mandap. Preeti says I had to support him and keep my friendship, I will always keep the respect for each other. Kusum says your relation needs love, KT has seen bitterness in life, you have always seen bitterness, just give love to him, KT married you for his revenge, but why just you, your relation isn’t of friendship, but there is something special, I have kept my relations with dedication, now I understand about life, you are lucky to get a good life partner, the life is long, ask me, its time when you need a life partner. She cries and says you got a chance, make your life. Preeti hugs her and says I m your life partner. Kusum laughs and says you are now KT’s life partner. She gives a pretty dress to Preeti and says its a gift for you, wear it on Mu dikhai.

Preeti likes it. Kusum says I have stitched the gota on it myself, you have to wear it. FB ends. Preeti gets ready. KT says sorry, I should have knocked and come. Preeti puts sindoor in her maang. Adha ishq….plays…. KT tries to talk. Neil comes and asks KT not to see Preeti before mu dikhai. He asks Preeti to come. Neil asks KT to get ready and come. KT’s dad asks Neelima not to behave rude with Preeti, its about KT’s happiness now, she has to respect his choice, Preeti came his wife, she is their bahu, Preeti Keertan Tibrewal. KT’s uncle gives a gift to Sneha. He says you respect Neelima a lot, you have a decision with KT also, its not good that you don’t respect his relation. Neil asks them to meet Preeti. KT comes there. The mu dikhai rasam begins. Neelima lifts the ghunghat and sees Preeti’s face. She feeds sweets to Preeti and gives her a gift. She asks Preeti to check the envelope, if its fine or not. Preeti reads… don’t expect much from this marriage, it won’t stay for long. Preeti gets shocked.


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