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Snatched update Thursday 13 February 2020;Shreya and Bhushan are a newly wedded couple who couldn’t be happier. Bhushan’s family welcomes her with open arms, but not all is as its seems as Bhushan puts his family needs before everything else. Can Shreya open up her heart and accept her big and bold family or will jealousy and envy get the better of her?

Elaichi says this is for my daughters, mothers keep collecting things for their daughters. Look what have i collected for you avni. I wanted my daughters to have everything when they get married. Elaichi says but my daughters are my real wealth, when they will leave. Avni says i wont marry i dont wanna leave you. Vianti says what are you saying? We all girls have to get married. And mami ji keep these tears safe for bidai. Show us what else is there. Shreya says in heart what drama people are they. Elaichi shows them the necklace her mom gave her. She says avni you can wear it tomorrow. Mishri says she sure will. shreya says its so good. Mishri makes avni wear it. Elaichi says vinati keep it safe. Vinati says yes i have to get her ready tomorrow. Avni has to look most beautiful tomorrow.

Shreya comes to her room and calls her mom. She says why she has to give avni such expensive locket to avni. They are giving so much to outsiders. Her mom says you have to be patient and work on things. Shreya tells her about the acting, and the insult sanjina faced. Shreya says last plan was flop no one ever believed the curse plan. Her mom says come here for few days. And we will work on the necklace too. she says something. Shreya says what an amazing plan. It will hit two nails. Its avni’s engagement come tomorrow. Bhushan comes in, shreyas says what are you thinkin? Bhushan says about avni’s happiness. There should be no mess up this time. Last time in broke, i am scared. It shouldn’t happen again. Shreya says it wont happen again. Everything will be okay with avni. Now sleep, we have big day tomorrow. Bhushan says you are right.

Snatched update Thursday 13 February 2020

Scene 2
Next morning everyone is busy in decorations. Elaichi says bhushan come here. He says yes i will there should be nothing less in avni’s engagemnt. Dadi and kirlok taste the sweets. Elaichi says will you do some work. Elaichi says i hope nothing wrong happens this time. Kirlok says everything will be fine. Mishri says the saloon girl called, she can’t come. No one is free right now. AVni says its okay i will get dressed home. Shreya says its your special day. I have an idea. I know how to do facial. Your face will glow.

Shreya takes them with her. SAnjina says should i help you ammi ji? elaichi ignores her. Shreya says to sanjina no one likes you here, if you try you are gonna get another another slap on your cheek, blush on you know. Come join me for facial i have a special steamer. Shreya is about to turn on the steamer. Elaichi says i am bringing a dress change it, till then sit in steamer. Vinati says thank you so much, you are so nice.

sanjina is worried about what shreya is going to do. She says i have to go in her room and check. Ayush says to sanjina i am glad to see you are working. mamma and mammi ji are noticing everything. I know you are doing this for all of us. I am glad to see you know your responsibility. Sanjina says i am doing this for avni’s engagement.

Snatched update Thursday 13 February 2020

Vianti says lets go in the towel. sheya says yes. dont take it off, or it will catch air. she takes vinati’s keys. Shreya says to sanjina where are you going? sanjina says i wanted to check if someone needs anything. shreya says i am there to look after them. Maybe you are going to see if avni’s skin is glowing more than yours. Sanjina says let me go in. Shreya says you can’t disturb them go from here. Elaichi calls sanjina. Sanjina comes in the room. Vianti says what are you doing here? sanjina says i came here to check the machine. Vinati says its fine, go from here. Sanjina checks the machine again. Vinati says let avni be ready please. sanjina says please give me a moment and check the machine. Sanjina says why was shreya stopping me from coming here when there is nothing wrong with the machine.
Shreya takes out the neckpiece from vianti’s closet. she goes out, sanjina sees her talking to her mom thank God you came on time before someone see me, keep this. she gives her the neckpiece..Her mom says my jeweler must be waiting for me.


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