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Squid Game Full Movie Recap Download (Begin to Ending) Explained: The Squid Game debut finished while we were all the while recuperating from the shock of having seen many bodies left for dead in the consequence of Red Light, Green Light. Its subsequent scene, “Damnation,” starts with subtler amazement. As the gatekeepers wheel life-size, gift-wrapped boxes into an incinerator room, a hand and a moan escape from one of the cases. Gatekeeper tranquility pushes the hand back in, nails the coffin shut, and drives the candidate into the incinerator to be singed alive. One horrendous disclosure after another makes unmistakably this game won’t ease upon us.

Yet, shockingly, that is the thing that this scene of Squid Game does. After the players become familiar with the genuine idea of the games, a few of them start asking the gatekeepers to save their lives, driven by a lady, player 212, who concedes she has a girl back home that she hasn’t named at this point. As per the game’s principles, on the off chance that a greater part of players consents to stop the game, they all can leave, without a worry in the world. The gatekeepers set up a vote, yet not prior to uncovering how much cash is available to all: each fallen player is worth 100 million won ($84,000) and, in case there is just a single-player left, the pot can go up to 45.6 billion ($38 million).

With this vote, the 201 players are left to conclude whether to stay with the known damnation of monetary ruin or the obscure hellfire that anticipates in the following round. After 200 players cast their votes, there is a bind with one vote left — player 001, the older man. Shockingly, considering his smile all through the first cycle, 001 votes against proceeding, and with that, the game finishes, however, it can restart if a large portion of the players consents to return. We realize that all our primary characters will return (there are seven scenes left, all things considered), so this delay capacities as a chance for some person working to show for what reason they’d prefer face demise over obligation ridden neediness. This will likewise be the last pacing slack of the period, so in case there is an ideal opportunity to head to sleep before you wind up gorging until 5 a.m., it’s after Sae-byeok leaves Gi-hun restricted in the street.

It just so happens, Sang-charm is in much more difficulty than recently expressed, with the police exploding his telephone and offering him the opportunity to give up himself. Furthermore, the difficulty doesn’t stop with him; he’s sold his mom’s home and her market slows down on a bombed bet, which is intended for 6 billion won ($5 million). He might be the local’s pride, the valedictorian who got into Seoul National University (believe Korea’s Harvard), however, his mind can’t get him out of this wreck.

Concerning Sae-byeok, she’s a North Korean deserter who came to Seoul with her younger sibling. She needs to leave him in a youngsters’ home, and an intermediary has taken the cash she raised to bring her mom. She’s likewise a boss who will toss espresso in a man’s face and take a blade to his throat while burglarizing him.

Ali came to South Korea from Pakistan to bring in cash, bringing along his significant other and child, however, his supervisor at the little production line he’s utilized will not pay him. After the squashes his manager’s hand in a battle, he escapes with the cash and purchases his significant other, and the kid trips back home. Everything about Ali’s story is unfortunate, yet he keeps up his companionship with Sang-charm, so basically he’ll have a decent partner back in the game. We likewise discover that different criminals are hunting Deok-su, so he returns. It’s an emotional scene, loads of wounding.

Gi-hun actually has the least stakes of the multitude of characters, and he’s the main player who cast a ballot against proceeding with the game. Notwithstanding, his conviction falters when his mom will not remain in the emergency clinic and get a medical procedure to treat her diabetes as a result of the huge expenses. He then, at that point, runs into player 001, who uncovers over soju and rayon that he’s returning into the game as opposed to holding on to bite the dust, all things considered. The last nail for Gi-hun comes when he winds up finishing off his better half’s new spouse before Ga-Yeong, advising him that she’ll before long be sped to the U.S., conceivably until the end of time. With all that burdening him, he chooses to get back to the game.

We additionally get the start of the show’s investigator dramatization subplot. However the cops don’t trust Gi-hun’s account of the lethal children’s games and a huge number of won, the story sticks in youthful investigator Hwang Jun-ho’s head when he discovers one of the game’s business cards in his missing sibling’s room. Jun-ho finds Gi-hun, yet Gi-hun says he’s not in the situation to help anybody. That doesn’t stop the analyst, who tails the van returning players to the game. Furthermore, with that, the scene drives us back to the game. Clasp your safety belts; the ride will proceed.

Detailed List of Squid Game (2021) Cast and Crew

Main cast

  • Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun (성기훈, Korean pronunciation: [sʌŋ gi hun],456), a chauffeur and a gambling addict, he lives with his mother and struggles to financially support his daughter. He participates in the Game to settle his many debts. Numbers in parentheses denote the character’s assigned number in the Squid Game.
  • Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo (조상우, Korean pronunciation: [tɕo saŋ u],218), the head of the investment team at a securities company, he is junior to Gi-hun and was a gifted student who studied at Seoul National University but is now wanted by the police for stealing money from his clients.
  • Jung Ho-Yeon as Kang Sae-byeok (강새벽, Korean pronunciation: [gaŋ sɛ bjʌk],067), a North Korean defector who enters the Game to pay for a broker to find and retrieve her surviving family members who are still across the border.
  • O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam (오일남, Korean pronunciation: [O il nam],001), an elderly man with a brain tumor who prefers playing the Game as opposed to waiting to die in the outside world.
  • Heo Sung-tae as Jang Deok-su (장덕수, Korean pronunciation: [dzaŋ dʌk su],101), a gangster who enters the Game to settle his massive gambling debts.
  • Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali (199), a foreign worker from Pakistan who enters the Game to provide for his young family after his employer refuses to pay him for months.
  • Kim Joo-ryoung as Han Mi-nyeo (212), a mysterious and manipulative woman who claims to be a poor single mother.
  • Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho, a police officer who sneaks into the Game as a guard to find his missing brother.

Supporting cast

Game participants

  • Yoo Sung-Joo as Byeong-gi (111), a doctor who secretly works with a group of corrupt guards to traffic the organs of dead participants in exchange for information on upcoming games.
  • Lee Yoo-mi as Ji-Yeong (240), a young woman who was just released from prison after killing her abusive father.
  • Kim Si-Hyun as Player 244, a pastor who rediscovers his faith during the Game.
  • Lee Sang-hee as Player 017, a glass-maker with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Kim Yun-tae as Player 069, a player who joins the Game with his wife, Player 070.
  • Lee Ji-ha as Player 070, a player who joins the game with her husband, Player 069.
  • Kwak Ja-hyoung as Player 278, a player who joins Deok-SU’s group and acts as his henchman.
  • Chris Chan is Player 276, a player who joins Seong Gi-hun’s group in the Tug of War round.


  • Kim Young-ok as Gi-hun’s mother.
  • Cho Ah-in as Seong Ga-Yeong, Gi-hun’s daughter
  • Kang Mal-geum as Gi-hun’s ex-wife and Ga-Yeong’s mother
  • Park Hye-jin as Sang-woo’s mother
  • Park Si-wan as Kang Cheol / Sae-byeok’s brother

Special appearances

  • Gong Yoo is a salesman who recruits participants for the Game (Episodes 1 and 9)
  • Lee Byung-hun as The Front Man / Hwang In-ho (Episodes 8–9)
  • Lee Jung-jun as Guard (Episode 3)

Recap on List of Games Played in Squid Game Movie 2021


Good gracious, by no means. I will walk before a terminating crew before you at any point discover my butt venturing one foot across that “span.” it doesn’t really matter to me how much cash is on the line, I’d have been out of this competition and securely back home before the finish of game one, trust — you all should be out of your damn brain figuring I could at any point play this moronic game. 


[Takes a profound breath] So in any case, the fifth and penultimate round of Squid Game is the “Glass Bridge” game. It’s not founded on any schoolyard game that I know about — hopscotch, perhaps? — however, rather is an unreasonable innovation formulated by the orchestrators of the competition for their own wiped out delight. The Glass Bridge game is more a question of incredibly good karma than expertise. Toward the beginning of the game, every one of the sixteen excess players remains at the far edge of a tremendous room suspended a few hundred feet over the ground. Between the passage and the exit of the room are two “spans” of one next to the other glass boards, each with 18 boards across. To win, players should cross the extension to the opposite side of the room for 16 minutes. The catch: every one of the boards between the two scaffolds is made of one of two kinds of glass: safety glass, which can withstand the heaviness of no less than two players, and customary glass, which will break on effect and send the player falling to their demise. To exacerbate the situation, regardless of whether you some way or another figure out how to make it across to the contrary side, you’ll be pelted by a shower of fragmented glass shards that will detonate once as far as possible is reached. Truly, the Glass Bridge is the most unnerving, remorseless, and troublesome game in all of Squid Game and I would totally slip and kick the bucket on the main attempt.


The back-and-forth isn’t intrinsically a “startling” game, except if obviously you’re alarmed by any type of facilitated actual effort. You likely know the standards as of now: one group of players holds one of a huge twisted rope while the other group holds the contrary side of said rope. The objective of the game is to overwhelm the rival group by pulling on the rope simultaneously, hauling them across the separating line attracted to the middle between the two. 

The coordinators of the opposition in Squid Game increase the trouble by having members affixed to said rope and standing a few hundred feet over a vast gap. On the off chance that a group is overwhelmed and loses, they are hauled above said gorge just before a guillotine cleaves the rope fifty-fifty, sending them diving to their impending demise. It’s frightful stuff; the sort of game that mallets in the chilling “kill or be killed” demeanor that every one of the singular members should have in case they’re to have any desire for enduring the competition and guaranteeing the 45.6 billion won (approx. $38,452 USD) prize.


Y’know what’s alarming? Blade battles. Blade battles are terrifying. What’s much more unnerving is a blade battle in harsh unfamiliar kids’ downplayed between previous cherished companions turned-severe opponents for fortune and endurance. The namesake for the actual show, Squid Game is played on a field that attracted the sand, isolating players into rival groups of assailants and protectors. The objective of the assailants is to cross the focal point of the field on one foot prior to endeavoring to come to the “home” square drawn at the contrary side of the field, while the protector’s goal is to stop them … for this situation, no matter what. 


Normally, what with this being the last chance game played for a great many dollars for the delight of a secret gathering of concealed Eyes Wide Shut-Esque blue-bloods energetically watching on, there’s a ton of cutting, gagging, punching, and sand tossing. Obviously, it’s exceptionally tragic, awkward, and heart-beating to watch; the ideal horrendous situation on which to end the competition off on a high note.


Candy is just hardly more unnerving than marbles, if by some stroke of good luck for the way that you could be harmed while eating it. Not this treats, however; this is the simply ordinary sweet made out of liquefied sugar and preparing soft drink squeezed with an exceptional shape by a cutout. In the best case scenario, the most startling thing about eating Korean Ppogi is the danger of getting a hole or a belly hurt. However, at that point, this is Squid Game we’re discussing — where even the most apparently harmless and harmless of exercises harbors critical and dangerous results. Recall that one person with the veil and the pink jumpsuit with the weapon I enlightened you concerning from the marble game? Better believe it thinks about what, he’s back. Indeed, not by and large: The Honeycomb Candy game really happens before the marble game, and genuinely you can’t differentiate any of these fellows from each other due to their covers. 


The standards of this game are basic: every one of the players is given a tin containing a honeycomb stepped with one of four shapes they picked indiscriminately before the beginning of the game; a circle, a triangle, a star, or an umbrella. To endure, every player should eliminate the shape flawless from the honeycomb tin inside 10 minutes. On the off chance that a player can’t satisfy both of these necessities, they are shot immediately. What makes the game significantly more troublesome is sorting out how precisely to eliminate the shape from the entirety. A moderately basic errand on the off chance that you end up picking a circle or a triangle; less on the off chance that you picked a star or an umbrella. While a few players attempt in urgency to etch their honeycomb shapes out with a toothpick gave to every player, Seong Gi-hun and limited handful of leftover players devise a more cunning answer for the game. With everything taken into account, a delicious and unnerving test.


While this game isn’t important for the Squid Game competition legitimate, it is the game that presents series hero Seong Gi-hun to the competition in any case. While sitting tight for his train home Gi-hun — a jobless layabout and ongoing speculator — is drawn nearer by a puzzling sales rep who offers to pay 100,000 won (approx. $84 USD) for each round of Ddakji Gi-hun plays and wins against him. 


The principles are basic: both Gi-hun and the sales rep alternate utilizing collapsed bits of paper to hit each other’s piece of paper, and the first to make the other one’s flip successes. Very little peril other than a paper cut, correct? However, there’s a trick: For each round, Gi-hun loses to the sales rep, he’ll owe the sales rep 100,000 won. In lieu of cash, the sales rep offers to deduct 100,000 won from Gi-hun’s obligation for each time he permits himself to be slapped. Once more, there’s no risk in this game other than being genuinely embarrassed openly for frivolous money, yet the genuine objective behind the game is to get rid of the expected possibility for the competition to perceive how low an individual will corrupt — and even imperil — themselves whenever offered sufficient cash to do as such.

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