Star Life: Eternal Love update Friday 15 January 2021


Eternal Love 15 January 2021: Episode starts with inspector saying we have to question Sonakshi for a sensitive murder case. Rohit asks what, whose murder. ACP says Ashish Mhatre’s wife Savita Mhatre is murdered, Sonakshi knows him, Ashish and his brother Nikhil are on the run, she has to come with me. Rohit says you can’t take a lady for questioning at night. ACP says we can take her for enquiry in the presence of a lady officer. He shows the orders. Rohit checks. ACP says let us do our work. Suman says she is an actress, why would she do this. Sonakshi is taken. Rohit says just a minute. He holds Sonakshi and says you aren’t alone, I will stand by your side forever. Sonakshi nods. Rohit asks ACP where is he taking her. ACP says police headquarters. He says I will handover the case to Mumbai police. Rohit says I will come with you. Sonakshi says take care of mom. Suman calls lawyer and asks him to come fast.

Suman asks Jai to get Pari and Pulkit to the police station. Rohit asks Ravi to get the car. Sonakshi recalls Mhatre. Inspector takes her phone. Suman says don’t shout so much Pari, we are going to the police station, come there. She ends call and says Sonakshi didn’t even tell me why she went to Pune. Rohit asks didn’t she tell you. She says I lost her trust, I didn’t even know about your act. He asks do you know about it, how. She says Netra told me, she had come home to renew Sonakshi’s contract. FB shows Suman saying I will get the contract signed, I have to go to Sippy house and witness Sonakshi’s truth. Netra asks what truth.

Suman says Sonakshi is going to marry Rohit without telling me. Netra says I know, they are doing this drama, its not true, Rohit’s family is pressurizing him for marriage, he doesn’t want to marry. Suman says Nishi was angering me, I will see her, I will get Sonakshi. Netra says Sonakshi is helping Rohit since he is her friend, you know she helps her friend in every way, you have driven her away, if you create a scene, your relation might break forever. FB ends. Suman says I lost her trust by my mistakes. She cries. She says I have enough strength to stand by her, I don’t need anyone’s support, I have been through the same situation, it was my husband that time, I couldn’t do anything for him, but I won’t let anything happen to her. ACP Swapnil introduces himself to Sonakshi. She says I didn’t talk to Mhatre after coming from Pune, I don’t know anything about him. He says I know you are nervous, relax, I want answers when I ask.

Naren says I didn’t imagine Sonakshi will be related to this news. Deepa comes and says Akash called me, I don’t think she is involved, she knew the culprit. Sukhmani says she is a nice girl. Deepa says yes, but police believes that she maybe knowing about Ashish Mhatre’s hideout. Nishi says Sonakshi knows such people, what would we tell everyone, Rohit is getting engaged to someone involved in a murder case. Deepa says this isn’t fair to judge her. Naren says I heard actresses are involved in such cases. Akash says even family hides things from us these days. Nishi asks him to shut up. Pooja asks her what happened. Nishi says nothing and goes.

Sonakshi says I know Mhatre. ACP asks did you know about his extramarital affair. She says its his personal affair, he was calling me for an event. He says of course, you are a famous actress, my mum is also a big fan of you, what was the event he called you for. She says for his brother’s function, bachelor’s party, I went there, got pics clicked and came back. He asks how much fees did you charge for this appearance. She says nothing. He says it means Mhatre was your close friend. She says no, we only had a professional relation. He says strange, I heard actors charge lakhs of rupees for events, you are a busy actress, you want to attend the event for an appearance for a man who isn’t your friend, you didn’t charge anything, right, why would you do this for free, strange, you said you met him last month, how did you get so friendly. She says its personal. He says it doesn’t matter, I want a proper answer. He asks constable to give her tea or coffee. He goes. Sonakshi says he is right, its a murder case, how can I tell him about Pooja, but I can’t lie, I have to tell the truth. Rohit says we want to meet Sonakshi.

Inspector says she is being questioned, you can’t meet her. ACP comes and asks who are you. Rohit says I m Dr. Rohit Sippy, I want to meet her. ACP says no one can meet her. Rohit says Suman is her mum, she is worried, she is a heart patient, let her meet Sonakshi. ACP asks what shall I do, take her to hospital, get out. Yash says calm down, we are sorry, we are under stress. ACP says I understand and respect your emotions, Rohit have control on your emotions. He goes. Yash asks Rohit to sit down. Rohit goes. ACP says I shouldn’t see Rohit and Suman here. Sonakshi asks can I meet my mum. ACP says you can meet them later, tell me the truth. She says I m ready to tell the truth, the Sippy family shouldn’t know this. He says this depends on your truth. She says I went to Pune for Mhatre’s event, for the sake of Pooja Sippy. Netra gets the lawyer. Pari and Pulkit worry. Rohan signs Pari. Netra says I have brought Verma along. Suman asks Verma to get Sonakshi out of here. Verma says court is closed, we can do something in the morning, sorry.

Sonakshi says I went there to do the event for free so that he doesn’t leak Pooja’s pics, Netra knows everything about it, I took Mhatre’s number from her. ACP asks was she along with you when you met him at his office. Sonakshi says no, I went alone. He asks did anyone hear your talk when he came on set to talk to you. She says no. He says you went to save Pooja, was there anyone from Sippy family. She says no. He says there will be someone in your story, I mean to support this truth, just Mhatre can help you in this truth.

She says I told him that I don’t want to see his face. Rohit says its special permission, the minister gave this, he is my former patient. Rohit asks Suman to come. Inspector says no, just Rohit can go in. Rohit says I will talk to her. ACP says Mhatre did this murder for some affair, maybe he has an affair with you. Sonakshi asks what nonsense. ACP says please, I have seen many people breaking apart, maybe you said true, maybe this happens in your industry. She says this happens everywhere but we get defamed, we come in news. He says Mhatre and Nikhil are on the run. She says Mhatre was blackmailing me for that event. Rohit comes there. She turns away.


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