Star Life: Eternal Love update Saturday 16 January 2021


Eternal Love 16 January 2021: starts with Sonakshi showing silver modak to Pulkit. He says Bappa is your fav. he jokes. She gets Rohit’s call. She asks why did you wake up soon. He asks where are you. She says I m going to see Ganesh idol and then I will go on set, is everything fine. He asks is everything fine, it was too stressed. She asks him to come home with his family for Ganesh darshan. He says everything is fine. She says when we break up, your family will think its good. He says okay, I will talk later. Pulkit asks what do you mean about this. She says I will tell later. Ajit asks is she fine. Rohit says she didn’t read this yet, go home, I will come. He leaves.

Nishi asks who told you to stay there all night, you are sleeping now, why is Deepa supporting Sonakshi, handle Akash, he always taunts me. Yash hears her. Pooja comes and asks why, what’s happening between Akash and you. Yash says its fine, ego hassles between siblings. Pooja asks sure, I m going to judge a college event. She goes. Nishi says stupid Akash, he doesn’t know this problem is serious, if Pooja knows who are her real parents, there will be a storm. Sonakshi selects a Ganesh idol. She says I will post pic. She takes her phone. She checks the messages. She says how did this happen. Yash comes to Akash. Akash ends his call with Deepa. Akash says Nishi would have sent you. Yash says yes, I wanted to talk about Pooja. Akash asks why. Yash says Pooja is a grown up girl, she understands this. Akash says Pooja doesn’t know she is adopted, Nishi and you did the drama of her adoption, its not right to hide this. Yash says I will tell truth to Pooja and family on right time, can we just keep quiet about it. Akash says okay. He sees Nishi and goes.

Rohit asks Swapnil how did this happen, you promised us and fooled us. Swapnil says I know protecting law, I didn’t spread the rumor, celebrity has to pay because of fame. Rohit asks him to clear Sonakshi’s image. Swapnil says just Mhatre can clear this, if we get Mhatre and his brother confirm her statement is true, then I will also release my statement, don’t know where are they hiding. A man comes to Mhatre and Nikhil. He says its fine now, don’t worry. Mhatre pays him and says none should know we are here, we will leave country soon. The man says I worked as waiter in your hotel, its my time to return favor, I will go to my sister’s house and come. He locks the door and goes. Sonakshi says all the people on set are like family, don’t worry, go home. Pulkit says see what they are writing about you. She says its their work, they just want to make news, they don’t care about truth, relax.

She asks Pulkit not to be upset, she is fine. Pulkit asks Shankar to be with her and take care. He goes. She gets down the car. Media surrounds her and questions her about Savita’s murder. Sonakshi says I just met Savita during an event, I gave statement to police. Reporter asks about her affair with Mhatre. She asks what. Tanya says journalist is saying about affair of Sonakshi and Mhatre. Naren asks where is Rohit. He doesn’t like coffee. Rohit comes and says I have a surgery, I need to go. Nishi asks him to talk. Naren says stay away from this scandal. Sukhmani says Rohit loves her, we know her truth. Naren says its imp, owner of Sippy hospital with a defamed actress. Rohit argues with him. Yash asks him to calm down. Nishi says we all worry for you.

Rohit asks Rohan and Yash to say truth, is Sonakshi a criminal. Rohan says trust me, Sonakshi didn’t do anything. Naren says enough, our image can spoil. Rohit says you all were praising her and have given ancestral necklace to her yesterday, we reached Sumit because of her, you may meet people, use then and throw them out, I m not like you, I don’t want to become like you. Veena slaps him. She says don’t cross your limits. Sukhmani says you didn’t do this right. Rohit says mom has right to slap me ten times if she wants, its my life, I will do what I find right, I trust Sonakshi, police will clear her name, I will be with her, clear…

Sonakshi shoots the scene. She hears the female co-stars commenting on her. Sonakshi says I told my brother, that everyone on the set is like family, I was wrong, we work together, even I got a chance to spoil your name. The lady says then do it, we aren’t involved in murder case. Netra says go to room, I will come and meet. She asks Sultan to announce lunch break. Sonakshi says you know the truth. Netra says I told you to stay away from Mhatre, tell the press that you did this for Pooja, Parvati’s fan think she is ideal woman, how will they accept this scandal, you aren’t just my actress, but my friend, I m the producer and have to listen to channel, tell them you did this to save Pooja’s respect. Sonakshi says sorry, I can’t take Pooja’s name in press, I told everything to police, its difficult for me, I will wait, I m sure it will be proved that I m not connected, you should do what the channel is asking you, they want to replace me right, then do it, nothing is bigger than the show, don’t worry, I will support you, I will cooperate.


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