Star Life: Eternal Love update Sunday 17 January 2021


Eternal Love 17 January 2021: The Episode starts with Rohit coming downstairs. Ravi says Netra has removed Sonakshi from her show, Sunita told me. Rohit asks what, ACP told me that we can’t prove Sonakshi innocent until we find Mhatre. The man comes to Sippy mansion. Vimmi says he is my Bhabhi’s brother. Rohit talks to Swapnil and leaves. The man looks on. Sonakshi records her final scene. She jumps inside the well and commits suicide. Sultan says you can stay here, we can see if your close ups are left. The ladies worry for the show. The man says there is no Sumit and Sonakshi, the show won’t work now. The men ask Netra what can we do to save the show. Netra gets a message. She comes to meet Sumit.

Sumit says I regard you my Godmother, let me serve you, your heroine is involved in scandal, who will watch your show, tell me you have come to take your hero back, did I say no to you, my fans are sending me messages and collages of pics, I wish I could work with Sonakshi, I m conscious about my image, understand my pain. Netra says I will send you the script, please do come. He says I will surely come, I have some conditions, my per day amount. She says same like before. He says no, V for victory, 2 lakhs, I m a superstar, you can hire any struggler for 5000, I will shoot just on weekdays, I will work for 8 hours and charge 50000rs for extra hour, you won’t be able to replace me for a year, you want to hit me with your sandals, right, fine, beat me, you are trapped, every dog has its day, I will be present at the set. She nods and leaves. He asks servant to make a drink for him.

Rohit does his work. He calls Ravi and says I m coming, we will go and meet Sonakshi. Tulsi says none can become Parvati, it has to be only Sonakshi, tell her. He agrees. Sonakshi looks at her make up room and sets. Netra cries and goes. Sonakshi meets everyone. She says its said that there is a new beginning after an end, why doesn’t I feel it, its my last day here. Sultan says we believe this case will sort out soon, we will meet again. She takes a selfie with them. Rohit asks Ravi to hurry up. Ravi says Sunita said Sonakshi left from the set. Rohit calls Pulkit and asks is Sonakshi home, no…. He recalls Sonakshi and asks Ravi to take a U turn.

Sonakshi comes to the park and says I feel everything loses its beauty and identity one day, I m not the one to fall apart. She gets Suman’s call. Suman asks what’s this, where are you, why did they remove you from show. Sonakshi says I will be home in a short while. Suman says talk to Netra and channel head. Sonakshi says we will talk later. Rohit comes there and sees her. He comes and sits near her. He says I called you many times, you didn’t answer, look at this place, what a mess. She says mess like me, it will be fine in sometime. He says leave it, we shall go for dinner. He insists. She shouts no Rohit, try to understand, leave me alone, I don’t want to come. He lifts her. She says leave me.

Rohit says Ravi, open the boot. He puts Sonakshi in. She asks what’s this, open it please. He says no. She asks Ravi to open it. Rohit asks Ravi to go. Sonakshi says I will get suffocated, I will die. Rohit says you can take breath for two mins if you don’t panic, please and tell me, you will come for dinner. She says no. He says hello…. She says fine, I will come for dinner, open it, get me out. He gets her out and asks how did you like my idea. She beats him and asks does anyone do this, did you go mad. He hugs her. She cries. She says I play Parvati, how can they end it like this, I m not wrong, it was my identity, that’s my show, I m innocent. He asks are you better now, relax, once Mhatre gets caught, everything will be fine, trust me. He gives her a kerchief. She wipes tears. He also wipes her tears. Music plays…..


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