Star Life: Eternal Love update Tuesday 19 January 2021


Eternal Love 19 January 2021: Nishi asks Sonakshi what is Netra saying. Rohit asks Ravi to follow the auto and keep a distance. He follows Sailesh. Mhatre and Nikhil get inside the car. They leave. Sailesh goes to his house. He calls Mhatre and says I just reached here, fine I will come there. Rohit locks the door and leaves. Suman asks Sonakshi what have you done, tell us. Veena asks what’s the matter. Yash asks how is Sonakshi connected to Pooja’s pic. Netra says Sonakshi won’t say it, I will say, Mhatre handles regional press, Sonakshi did a deal with him so stop Pooja’s pics from leaking. They all get shocked.

Netra says Mhatre didn’t leak the pics, she had to go in his brother’s marriage, she didn’t charge for it. Naren recalls Rohit’s words. Netra says this happened one day before Savita’s murder, so police is doubting her. Pooja and Nishi recall Sonakshi’s words. Suman says I knew it, this family is behind her downfall, Nishi what do you want to say now, Sonakshi has put her everything at stake to save Pooja’s dignity, she is guilty in front of everyone.

Veena asks did you do it for Pooja. Sonakshi says I don’t want to say anything, sorry. Pooja holds her hand. Sonakshi goes to her room and cries. Veena scolds Nishi. She says Sonakshi had put herself in risk because of Pooja. Everyone gets sad. Nishi faints. Yash and everyone hold her. Mhatre asks Nikhil to sit in the car. Mhatre calls someone. Rohit looks for him. The man gives him flat keys and Dubai air tickets. Rohit collides with Raima’s mum and says sorry. She sees him in the mirror. She gets shocked. Rohit tries to help. She doesn’t take help. He says sorry, and runs. She says Rohit shouldn’t know that Raima is here. Rohit catches Mhatre. Mhatre asks who are you. Rohit beats him and says you murdered your wife and ruined a girl’s life, you are running away. Mhatre and Nikhil beat him.

Sonakshi says the truth came out this way, I never wanted this, so I was telling Rohit… She looks for her phone. She calls him. He says I have seen Mhatre and his brother, I m following. The goons kidnap him. She asks are you fine, what’s going on, Rohit said he is following them. She says sorry, I have to go for some imp work. Suman says you won’t go, Rohit just went out, you are going to meet him. Sonakshi says I don’t have time. Rohan and Yash go to Sonakshi. Rohan says we will come along. Sonakshi calls Ravi. They come to Ravi and ask where is Rohit. Ravi says don’t know, he asked me to wait. She asks Rohan to call Sailesh. Yash says I hope he is fine. Sonakshi says he would be alright. They ask about Rohit and try to find him. Sonakshi sees Rohit’s watch. Yash asks how did you get it. The ladies ask her for selfie. Rohan slaps the man and asks him. The man says I found this watch here. Rohan scolds him. The man says goons kidnapped this guy, his watch fell there. Rohan says take us to him. Mhatre beats Rohit and asks what’s your relation with Sonakshi. Rohit says untie my hands. Mhatre asks is he a cop, check him. Nikhil says he is a doctor, Rohit Sippy. Mhatre asks what. Rohit says I m a surgeon. Mhatre says Pooja Sippy, are you her relative. Rohit asks how do you know my sister.

Mhatre says so this is the game, Sonakshi plays Parvati, she had come to your bachelor party for dance, she had come to save Pooja’s dignity. Rohit gets shocked. Pooja says Sonakshi did everything for me. Veena says Nishi’s BP dropped. Naren says Ajit took her home. Suman says Sonakshi’s life became hell because of you all. Vimmi comes and says Rohit is kidnapped, Rohan had called, he was asking for Sailesh’s number, Sonakshi and YK are finding him.

Rohit says so she went to Pune to save Pooja. Mhatre says Sonakshi didn’t charge money, she came to dance, she played smart, she called my wife and daughter there and tricked me, she got the pics and videos deleted, but she got trapped in my wife’s murder case, I will not leave her. Rohit recalls Sonakshi’s words. Nikhil says you are lucky, your GF is so beautiful. Rohit hits him and says don’t you dare take her name. Goons beat him. Sana asks Raima’s mum what happened. Raima’s mum says I bumped into Rohit, we can’t stay here, Hitesh we have to shift Raima soon. Sana sees Raima getting conscious…. She says look at Raima. They see Raima. Raima’s mum says after four years. She has opened her eyes.


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