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Sailor and Boiler are abandoned on an uninhabited planet with an aware PC. On the Cerritos, Lt. Authority Billups should demonstrate his designing capacities to an old foe.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Season Number: 2

Episode Number: 7

Episode Title: Where Pleasant Fountains Lie

Air Date: Sep 23, 2021

Source: Star.Trek.Lower.Decks.S02E07.1080p.WEB.H264-GGEZ

A standard fix mission, with the Cerritos giving guide, prompts an awkward family gathering for Chief Engineer Andy Billups with his mom while uncovering his unexpected regal legacy. What’s more, as the group of the Cerritos winds up at the sudden focal point of some regal interest, Beckett Mariner and Brad Boimler persevere through an escort mission turned out badly as they end up abandoned on a far off planet with one of Star Trek’s most established sayings: an aware PC expectation on controlling and disposing of all-natural life. 

The Cerritos visits an existence where civic establishments were deceived by a conscious supercomputer into fighting among themselves, with the maverick PC preparing to fool Commander Jack Ransom into attaching it to a centralized computer before it is shipped off to imprisonment at the Daystrom Institute. As the Cerritos travels towards its next mission, the boat gets a sign that offers Billups to help his mom, the Queen of the Federation universe of Hysperia, with Billups having surrendered his imperial inheritance to get away from his domineering mother and join Starfleet. Billups uncovers that in the event that he at any point has sex, he will be needed by Hysperian law to guarantee the lofty position as he plans to assist with fixing their motors.

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