The entry from this world to the dream realm of Stormhold is through a break in a wall close to an English town. During the 1800s, a kid turns into a man when he adventures through the breach in the quest for a fallen star, to demonstrate his affection for the town’s excellence. The star is no piece of rock, it’s a lady, Yvaine. Tristan, the young, isn’t the only one searching for her: three witches, driven by Lamia, need her heart to make them youthful; and, the children of the dead ruler of Stormhold need her since she holds a ruby that will give one of their title to the high position. Helping Tristan are his mom, the survivor of a spell, and a cross-dresser privateer of the skies. Will Tristan win his genuine affection?

Runtime: 127 mins

Release Date: 09 Aug 2007

Starcast: Claire Danes, Ian McKellen, Bimbo Hart, Alastair MacIntosh, David Kelly, Kate Magowan

Director(s): Matthew Vaughn

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Tags: race against time, kidnapping



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