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Station 19 Season 5 Episode 1 MP4 Download

Station 19 Season 5 Episode 1 MP4 Download
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Connections are questioned at Station 19 as indicated by Sullivan’s offers at Maya’s wedding and Carina, scrutinizing his marriage with Andy. Dignitary goes to his affections for Vic, while Travis interfaces a past love interest. The Annual Phoenix Festival features foolish lead in a portion of the residents of Seattle, challenging the groups of Station 19 and Sloan Memorial Gray.

Station 19

Season Number: 5

Episode Number: 1

Episode Title: Phoenix from the Flame (I)

Air Date: Sep 30, 2021

Source: Station.19.S05E01.1080p.WEB.h264-GOSSIP


Seattle was in any event, commending the finish of the pandemic with an occasion known as the Phoenix Fair thus the main thing that was demolishing the second was the downgrade. Commander Maya Bishop was mitigated of obligation. Maya was at this point don’t chief and she had been compelled to acknowledge that choice to keep the group together. Or then again as a large part of the group she could. Andy was reassigned to Station 23 since she supported Maya and there was no way to stop it. Maya consented to venture down during an examination concerning her as long as it kept every other person together at Station 19. Yet, her choice to venture down implied everybody resented Sullivan. 

Sullivan likewise lost his significant other on account of his choice to knock Maya. Sullivan conceded to his significant other what he did and he was amazed to see she wasn’t satisfied. He really thought he had settled on an incredible choice for his profession anyway he spat on the fellowships he had with everybody in the house and his better half wasn’t addressing him. She recently quit imparting out and out. She hadn’t addressed him in ten months when he at long last had enough and visited her. Sullivan needed to give their marriage another attempt. They wedded in a flurry with the goal that her perishing father could join in and they’ve been battling from that point forward. In case it wasn’t a certain something, it was another. Sullivan had been a chief when they met. He even became Battalion Chief during their romance. 

Then, at that point, his fixation went crazy. Sullivan was downgraded down to a probie on the grounds that he took drugs from another division inside SFD and there must be repercussions. Just Sullivan hadn’t preferred the downgrade. He thought it was disparaging and he has been battling to get back the authority however much as could be expected. It’s the reason he turned on Maya. Maya had been an incredible companion to him and an extraordinary chief. She never praised her position over him. She dealt with him like every other person. She was additionally closest companion to his significant other thus you would feel that would mean something and it hadn’t. He actually sold out Maya. He double-crossed his better half. His significant other quit conversing with him thus he at long last discovered the boldness to search her out at her new house. 

Andy was as yet furious. She loathed working out of Station 23 since it didn’t feel like home to her but then she hadn’t petitioned for legal separation. It very well may be on the grounds that she actually adores Sullivan or it very well may be one more structure to hurt him. Who knows following ten months. Andy let the entire group know what Sullivan did and they presently saw him for the savage man that he is. Ben called him heartless to his face. He did it at Maya’s wedding since Sullivan had stayed close by for reasons unknown thus Ben let him know they all reasoning. He asked Sullivan for what valid reason he hadn’t left at this point? Sullivan didn’t have a response for him then, at that point, he actually doesn’t have a reply. He deceived Maya and another person was gotten as skipper. Skipper Beckett was a jerk. 

Beckett talked down to everybody. He irritated Maya for reasons unknown and he was additionally a horrible skipper. Beckett and the group were working the Phoenix Fair-like different firemen. But Beckett passed on the way to the apparatus opened and ended up being significant. The group was treating all on-location wounds when they got a call about a person utilizing his own firecrackers. The person’s name is Brad. Brad was playing with firecrackers while on something and he was hanging over it when he set it off. He passed over a large portion of his face. The group was treating him when one of Brad’s companions thought he was helping by taking the apparatus (which he wouldn’t have had the option to do in case it wasn’t opened) and later slamming the rig. Furthermore, halting all types of traffic. 

The traffic was excessively weighty to the point that the emergency vehicle couldn’t get past. Ben and Sullivan were stranded in rush hour gridlock. The apparatus in the interim was releasing liquid and nobody acknowledged it until Station 23 was called. Andy recognized the fuel spill. She figured they should clear the region and Captain Beckett who outclassed her idea in an unexpected way. Beckett had his group restrict the region with the goal that regular people couldn’t meddle and afterward he requested Maya to go into the vehicle. Sullivan imagined that was unreasonable. He attempted to oppose Beckett and Beckett nearly sent him into the vehicle all things considered. It was Andy who elected to go with Maya. They were on top of the thing when a fire hurler unintentionally a light excessively near the hole and the apparatus detonated. It might have killed the firemen. It might have likewise killed the alcoholic non-military personnel that took it and individuals that were assisting him with escaping the vehicle. 

Beckett’s call was crazy. He was wild. Sullivan sold out Maya and unexpectedly introduced a numb-skull in her place. The group wound up losing its apparatus. The very apparatus that has been with them through everything actually bears Andy’s dad’s name on it. Andy had been mournful watching it consume. Beckett didn’t appear to mind. Beckett talked with Sullivan and Sullivan said he’s not sure how Beckett go the work over her. Beckett inquires “Priest?”. Sullivan says “No, Andy”. Andy was a lieutenant when Maya was downgraded and Station 19 was her home. Under ordinary conditions, she would have been tapped to turn into the following skipper and on second thought, she was moved to an alternate house where she didn’t entire the second-most elevated position at the station. 

Sullivan made more issues to settle. He likewise never apologized until after the apparatus detonated and he understood the amount of an error he made. He said sorry. Maya said thanks to him and the group continued on. Mill operator discussed the program he set up with specialists on call to reacting to peaceful crisis calls. He set it up with the cash he won from his claim against the police division and he was trusting that city would perceive how well it was and would proceed with it after his own award was finished. Mill operator discussed the program to Vic however he neglected to tell her that he’s infatuated with her and she proceeded to fall head over heels for her new sweetheart Theo. 

Sullivan likewise heard back from Andy. She had been holding back to check whether he would change or understand his mix-up and he understood somewhat past the point of no return for her or their marriage. She’s petitioning for legal separation. She knows since she doesn’t need to remain wedded to a man she doesn’t regard.

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