There’s a clouded side behind the splendid lights of Las Vegas, where frantic resides and busted dreams battle in the shadows to make due. What’s more, when a shabby gambling club proprietor swipes $20 million from his representatives’ health care coverage and benefits reserves, ex-favorable to baseball-player-turned-club circuit tester Nick and his collaborators set up thinking for even a second scheme to take the cashback. At any point yet, in a lowdown town of underground enclosure battles, smoky strip clubs, and lethal deceive, could the ideal heist at any point go as expected?

Runtime: 87 mins

Release Date: 31 Dec 2011

Starcast: Eric Roberts, Ethan Landry, Anabella Casanova, Eloy Mendez, Kristen Terry, Brandon Shead, Michael Tylo, Nate Bynum, Antonio Fargas, Sergiu Iva, Griffin Stankus, Frank Strebel, Shelby Seiler, Joe Martin, Skylor Lopez, Rachelle Tylo, Jeff Jay, Martin Aleman, Mike Bautista, Denis Bosnjakovic, Shannon Brokaw, Michael Brown, Nathan Bucar, Cindy Burgoyne, Donald C Roose III, Katie Coates, Billy Cropley, Dee Cutrone, George Harvey Dabling, Vanessa Elgrichi, David Heaton, Mac Hines, Jessica Jones, Adam Kilbourn, Lance Klepper, Rachel Lanyi, Steven McRae, Steven McRae, Lindsey Naves, Linda Nicolette, Jason Outlaw, Hannah Parker, Reagan Pfifer, Brian Robak, Steven Sanchez, Lesley Sluzynski, Valentina Smirnova, Aletha Stainbrook, Susan Todd, Nathan Uhlig, Kyle Bahl, Nivia Balsera, Bonnie Bloss, Joseph Castellanos, Jenny Egidio, Rebecca Gutierrez, Leah Martin, Michaelangelo Miller, John Miyazono, Samantha Plantaric, Jamison Proctor, Dallas Reiber, Sonia Seelinger, Christian Tedesco, Cherry Vercher

Director(s): Francisco Menndez

Genre: Crime, Thriller



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