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Strange Love May Teasers 2021 Starlife

Strange Love May Teasers 2021 Starlife
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Read Starlife Strange Love May 2021 Teasers: Shlok’s affectation of adoration proceeds before Astha’s family. Kalindi illuminates Astha about the enquiry against Avadhoot.

Saturday 1 May 2021

Scene 75

Afterward, Astha requests that Shlok assist her with reestablishing her dad’s picture and he concurs, yet with conditions.

Scene 76

At the Agnihotri family, Niranjan reprimands Anjali for planning zesty food. Afterward, Anjali admonishes Astha for returning home late and restrictions her from returning home. She additionally requests that Anjali save a quick for Shlok.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Scene 77

Astha’s family is stressed over Anjali’s conduct. Avadhoot educates the family about his suspension request. In the mean time, Astha won’t wash Shlok’s feet according to the Pati Puja notwithstanding Anjali’s demand.

Scene 78

Astha’s refusal is upheld by Bharat and Vinayak. Regardless of Niranjan’s solicitation; Astha doesn’t yield; and is irate with Bharat. Thusly; Shlok advises Astha to take off from the house however not prior to disclosing to her that he will introduce the verification against her dad.

Monday 3 May 2021

Scene 79

Shlok advises Inspector Shinde regarding the proof against Avadhoot. Astha is denied consent by Anjali to visit her debilitated dad. Afterward, Shlok reprimands Anjali and goes about as a mindful spouse before the Kirloskars.

Scene 80

Jaya attempts to prompt Anjali against Shlok and Astha however she is advised to take off from the house. A frantic Astha demands Shlok to surrender the proof against her dad. At the point when Astha gets back, Anjali propels all her a quick to make up for her offenses during the Puja.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Scene 81

Astha is compelled to keep the quick. Anjali advises her to prepare food and Niranjan gets some information about Avadhoot’s wellbeing. Afterward, Sojal offers her some juice, and on seeing this, Anjali is irritated. While doing the family errands, Astha swoons.

Scene 82

Shlok yells at Anjali for constraining Astha to quick. Shlok cautions Astha to not decline to go on the wedding trip. Afterward, Abhay blessings a gold chain to Sojal and advises her to give Astha’s visa to him. Then, Jaya goes out.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Scene 83

Shlok requests that Varad book tickets for Goa. Afterward, Income Tax officials show up to lead an inquiry at the Agnihotri home. Nonetheless, they apologize when they don’t discover anything and say somebody warned them. Niranjan advises Varad to discover what it’s identity was.

Scene 84

Shlok educates Niranjan that he has kept the records document and cash securely. He at that point guarantees Astha of Avadhoot’s wellbeing in the event that she drops their vacation. Afterward, Abhay impels Astha’s grandma against Shlok.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Scene 85

Seeing Astha’s harmed leg, the family proposes that Shlok drop the wedding trip. In any case, he doesn’t yield and several leaves. In transit, nonetheless, the vehicle stalls and Astha get away. An irate Shlok looks for her.

Scene 86

Abhay and his mom rebuff Jyoti for supporting Shlok and Astha and lock her in the room. In the backwoods, Astha is terrified by a canine and falls into a pit while attempting to get away. Will Shlok discover her?

Friday 7 May 2021

Scene 87

Shlok offers Astha a hand in the event that she is sorry to him. In any case, simultaneously, he, as well, falls into the pit, causing Astha a deep sense of delight. Afterward, Shlok advises Varad regarding the occasions and they attempt and advance out of the wilderness.

Scene 88

Anjali encourages Vinayak to get hitched yet he denies. Then, Shlok drives Astha into a lake and afterward helps her out. He conveys her and proposes taking asylum at a neglected house however Astha decays. Where will they go?

Saturday 8 May 2021

Scene 89

Avadhoot’s mom advices Kalindi to direct a puja and welcomes the Agnihotri family, as well. Then, Astha gets terrified seeing a snake in the house. Afterward, Jyoti is compelled to tackle errands by her relative.

Scene 90

Adhering to Shlok’s directions, his partner discloses to Inspector Shinde to conceal the proof. Abhay, thus, calls the controller again and advises him to continue. In the interim, Shlok acts gravely with the locals and Astha apologizes for his sake.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Scene 91

During the puja, the police capture Avadhoot. Abhay enlightens Sojal regarding what he did. In the mean time, Astha gets nibbled by a harmful snake and the residents encourage Shlok to get home grown medication from the sanctuary.

Scene 92

Niranjan faults Varad for his carelessness towards his work and orders him to shroud the information on Avadhoot’s capture. Sojal attempts to affect Varad. In the town, Shlok adheres to the minister’s guidelines and applies the medication on Astha.

Monday 10 May 2021

Scene 93

Niranjan peruses the information on Avadhoot’s capture and helps in getting him delivered. A thankful Avadhoot signs the land papers. Notwithstanding, Astha peruses the information on the capture and is stunned.

Scene 94

Astha is incensed with Shlok. He is similarly stunned and attempts to disclose to her however she will not tune in. Then, the family is glad to see Avadhoot home. Afterward, Niranjan advises Anjali regarding Avadhoot’s delivery and teaches her to make a gift.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Scene 95

Anjali educates Nilofer to remove her folks from the mature age home. In the interim, Avadhoot assuages Astha and advises her regarding his delivery. Shlok is irate with his partner for the misstep he submitted.

Scene 96

Niranjan is angry when Anjali educates him that she has not welcomed the Kirloskars. Afterward, Anjali is irate when she discovers that Astha has gone to visit her dad. She requests that Astha relinquish her folks until the end of time.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Scene 97

The visitors leave in the wake of sitting tight for Astha. Afterward, Anjali brings Astha home and she uncovers reality with regards to her relationship with Shlok. After a ceaseless contention, she chooses to proceed to remain with her folks.

Scene 98

Notwithstanding the entire family halting her, Astha goes out and uncovers reality to her folks. Niranjan, then, condemns Shlok for his misstep and orders him to get Astha back. Astha disregards Shlok’s calls.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Scene 99

Niranjan reprimands Anjali for not carrying out her responsibility. Afterward, Niranjan consoles Avadhoot that Shlok will bring Astha back. Then, Anjali alerts Jyoti again as Jaya attempts to take Astha’s adornments. Stunned at Shlok and Astha’s separation, Jyoti chooses to join them.

Scene 100

Shlok sees Astha on the lookout and requests that she return home. Kalindi slaps Shlok. Afterward, Varad discovers Shlok plastered and brings him home. At the Kirloskars, Kalindi encourages Astha to separate from Shlok and Avadhoot advises her to take up a task.

Friday 14 May 2021

Scene 101

Jyoti persuades Shlok to bring Astha back. Then, Astha goes to a meeting where the questioner discovers that she is Shlok’s significant other, and offers her the post of an occasion administrator.

Scene 102

Shlok coercively takes Astha with him. Kalindi arrives at Shlok’s home with the police, and captures him for abusive behavior at home on Astha. Shlok binds Astha with him, and never look back.

Saturday 15 May 2021

Scene 103

Astha pulls out her objection, and decline to uncover anything to the media. Shlok gets Astha’s separation notice. Niranjan recommends Astha and her folks to rethink their choice to separate.

Scene 104

Varad demands Shlok to accommodate with Astha. Shlok orders his subordinates to watch out for Astha’s exercises. Astha figures out how to get a new line of work. The organization teaches her to sign a bond. She is stunned to discover that Shlok is her chief.

Sunday 16 May 2021

Scene 105

Shlok harms his hand, when Kalindi requests him to sign the legal documents. Astha keeps an eye on Shlok on finding out about his physical issue. Niranjan encourages Anjali to blessing Astha an accessory for her first Vaan custom. Afterward, Kalindi advises Astha that Shlok hurt is hand intentionally.

Scene 106

Astha wears the accessory, which was skilled to her by Anjali, and shows up at Shlok’s home. She demands Niranjan to concede her and Shlok separate. She returns the accessory to Niranjan.

Monday 17 May 2021

Scene 107

Niranjan illuminates Shlok that the principal becoming aware of his separation case is on the following day. Kalindi advises something very similar to Astha. Then, the place of business bursts into flames. Shlok and Astha are caught inside the structure.

Scene 108

The firemen salvage Shlok and Astha from the structure. Astha uncovers to Avadhoot and Kalindi that she works in Shlok’s office. Kalindi is incensed at Astha for misleading her. In any case, Avadhoot demands Kalindi to excuse Astha.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Scene 109

The Agnihotri and the Kirloskar family show up at the court. Shlok illuminates the appointed authority that he would not like to separate from Astha. Astha neglects to shield her choice. In this manner, the appointed authority orders Astha and Shlok to remain together for a half year.

Scene 110

Avadhoot apologizes to the appointed authority for Kalindi’s benefit. Shlok educates the media that he and Astha went to the court to enroll their marriage. Kalindi needs to remain with Astha for her wellbeing, yet Astha requests that she get back.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Scene 111

Niranjan and Anjali convince Astha to remain in Shlok’s room. On Astha’s refusal, Anjali sends utensils to Astha’s room, and orders her to cook for herself. Astha, be that as it may, returns the utensils to Anjali. Shlok educates Astha that he will eat the food that she plans.

Scene 112

Anjali cuts the power supply in Astha’s room. Afterward, Shlok goes to her room. Astha is frightened, and accepts him. Shlok illuminates Astha that he will keep her in his home until the end of time. In the mean time, Jaya and Sojal see Astha and Shlok together.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Scene 113

Anjali teaches Astha to plan lunch for the family. In the mean time, Kalindi is stressed over Astha, and can’t reach her on telephone. Niranjan chooses to have a get-together for Astha, and welcomes Dr. Joshi. Anjali prevents Astha from going to office, yet Shlok educates Astha regarding her show.

Scene 114

Sojal takes the plate containing Astha’s prese

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