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Strange Love update Monday 17th May 2021 The Episode starts with Shlok telling everyone that Astha is his wife and he loves her name. He says she is the bahu, so bless her. Sojal and jaya looks at her and smiles. Astha takes everyone’s blessings. Anjali says stop, don’t you know, you first have to take the men’s blessings, not women. She asks Astha to greet Niranjan first. Astha says you are like my mum, I want your blessings first. Kaka thinks things will change in this house now.

Niranjan comes in between Astha and Anjali. Astha is shocked. Anjali says take his blessings, he is the head of our family, the peace is because of him, all this pampering and care is given by him, so take his blessings after the Lord. Astha touches his feet and Shlok too greets him. Niranjan blesses them. Astha then greets Anjali and Anjali does not say anything. Astha says sorry, my mum says the respect should be given to women first, as the house and family is because of women, not men.

Anjali says every house has different rules and values, do as I say. Obey me and do whatever I say as your future depends on these values, if you talk about your past, it won’t be good for you, remember this. Astha looks at Shlok and they then greet Kaka. Kaka blesses them. They then greet Bharat and he hugs Shlok. Shlok says now the rituals are done, lets go Astha, come and have some rest. Anjali says till the Satyanarayana puja is done, Astha will stay with jyoti in her room, not with Shlok. Shlok is shocked.

Shlok gets angry and leaves. Anjali asks Sojal to take Astha with her. Shlok goes to his room. Bharat stops him and says where are you going being upset, why are you annoyed, be happy. Shlok says I m fed up of this rituals. Bharat says even I went through this rituals. Shlok says thats different, I did not know about all this. Bharat asks him not to meet Astha before the puja. Sojal tells Astha you will be with jyoti till the puja is done, don’t think of meeting Shlok. Astha asks when is the puja. Sojal says don’t take my name as I m elder to you. She warns her and says don’t ask any question to anyone, else you will get into a problem. She says forget your dreams, and serve the men first in this house, till Anjali is here, you can’t do anything that you want. She asks her to be ready in the morning.

Anjali comes and hears everything. She asks Sojal to go and make the arrangements for the dinner. Sojan leaves. Anjali comes to Astha and asks her to sit. She says give me your hand. Astha gives her hand and Anjali ties a Rakshasutra and asks her to wear it till the puja. She says stay away from Shlok till the puja. She says the importance of men in their lives. She asks Astha to become a good bahu and obey the rules of this house till her last breath. Astha looks on. Anjali leaves.

Astha sees her parents photo in her cellphone and gets sad. Kalindi is also thinking about Astha and thinks how will be Astha in that new house with new people. Avdhoot (Name changed from Atul, Astha’s father) says Kalindi they are her family now, she has to live with them, as you adapted my house after our marriage. He says like you stayed here, even Astha will be adapting them. We should be happy to get a son in law like Shlok, he will fill Astha’s life with happiness. Kalindi says you are right, like you have given me happiness, I wish Shlok also gives happiness to Astha.

jaya is stealing money sitting under the table. Someone holds her hand and she gets shocked. Its Sojal. jaya says see what I got. Sojal says if anyone sees you, they will kick ur out of this house. Sojal is happy to see what jaya stole till now. jaya asks Sojal to keep it with her. Anjali comes there and Sojal and jaya hide under the table. Anjali switches on the light and sees an envelope on the ground. jaya hides it and Anjali stands on her hand. Anjali leaves without seeing them. Sojal says lets go now before anyone else comes.

Sojal sees a necklace box and stops. She takes it and leaves. Astha is in jyoti’s room thinking about Shlok and smiling. Music plays….. jyoti is sleeping by her side. Shlok comes to meet her while Astha is sitting closing her eyes. He comes and sits next to her. He looks at her smiling and touches her cheek. She wakes up and is shocked to see him. He kisses her hand and she smiles. They get closer and Astha falls on jyoti. Its Astha’s imagination. jyoti says I m with you, not Shlok. jyoti says did Shlok tease you in your dreams, be patient, even he might be thinking about you. She asks her to sleep.

Shlok is in his room roaming angry. Anjali sees the gift that hare parents gave to Shlok and Astha.She cries holding the gift. Astha is sleeping and Shlok really comes to her. Its same like she dreamed. Sajna Ve….. plays….. He touches her cheek and she wakes up. She says I m dreaming again, it can’t be Shlok, he is in his room. Shlok smiles and holds her hand. Astha is sitting with eyes closed. He says I m here Astha with you. She says it can’t be. He bites her hand. She wakes up and is shocked. She asks why did you come here. He says come with me and takes her with him. Astha looks at jyoti and leaves. jytoi is awake and sees all this and smiles.

Shlok says everyone are sleeping. Astha says leave me, if anyone sees us, it will be a problem. Shlok lifts her and they have an eyelock.

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