Strange Love update Saturday 27 March 2021 Starlife


Strange Love 27 March 2021 update: Astha’s dad Atul telling everyone about shlok’s proposal. Astha’s mum is very much happy. Astha says she won’t marry Shlok. Shlok’s dad talks to him about his stay at the house. Shlok says I can’t stay here. Shlo’s dad says I m growing older, how can I bear it that you come only twice in a year to visit me. He says you are my heir, but I have thought about you. He says I thought about your marriage. Shlok is shocked. Astha says I won’t marry him. Astha’s mum why are you reacting like this, what happened. Astha says she met Shlok on her trip. Shlok’s dad asks Shlok to meet the girl he chose for him. shlok says forgive me, I can’t do this. Shlok’s mum comes there and hears them talking. Shlok looks at her angrily. Astha says Shlok is not a good man, I hate him.

Astha’s mum says we will think about this, we need some time. Shlok comes to the study room and thinks about his love and that girl. He thinks how he was devastated when the girl left him because of his mum. He says he would never forgive that girl and burns her photo. Astha’s mum talks to Atul regarding Astha. She says Astha is not normal after she returned from the trip. She is hiding something from us. Astha comes there and gives them prasad. Astha says punish me for speaking to you both in a raised voice. Astha’s dad says did he beat you till now. She says yes, you did not scold me till now. Astha’s mum says you realized your mistake, its enough for us. Atul hugs her. Astha apologizes to her mum. Astha says Shlok does not respect women, I don’t want to marry him.

Atul says you don’t want to marry, its ok, we are not forcing you. Astha’s mum says what will you tell to Niranjan. He says I will manage, my daughter’s happiness is important to me. Astha asks Ajju did she talk about her with her parents. Ajji says no. Ajju does not reply. Astha says I m asking something, shall I apologize to them again. Ajju says your parents have forgiven you. Astha says I get worried when my parents are hurt by me. Astha says she has some work. Ajju says come home soon. Astha says sorry, I will not do anything. Astha leaves. Shlok’s brother comes to shlok. Shlok says I m going to office. Shlok says I m addicted to work. His brother says come back home. Shlok gets sad. His brother says till when Shlok. He says you can make the things right. He says the relations can’t be made by going far from us. He asks about Astha.

Shlok’s mum Anjali and dad discuss about Shlok’s marriage. She says shall I talk to him. He says no, I spoke to Atul about the proposal. She is shocked to know that he selected Astha. He says I liked that girl. She says Astha does not have good manners. Shlok’s dad takes Astha’s side and says once she gets married, she will adjust to our house. Anjali says I don’t think she can… He says am I wrong. Anjali says I don’t have any problem. Anjali thinks Astha can’t adjust in this house.

Shlok’s mum wants everything perfect in her home. Everyone come together for lunch. Shlok’s dad asks Anjali to allow Kavya to sit with them. Anjali disagrees and sends Kavya inside. Shlok talks with his brother on the table. Shlok’s dad gets a call and he is happy to hear some good news. He tells Shlok that Shlok is selected for a big award. He says the award function is tomorrow. Everyone congratulate Shlok. Shlok’s mum scolds her bahu and says I will have to send you to your mum’s house to learn how to manage a household. Astha is on the road wishing that she should not face Shlok again. Shlok comes to her. They are shocked to see each other. Astha thinks does he know about the proposal. Atul comes to meet Shlok’s dad.

Shlok’s mum meets Atul. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and asks her what were you doing. She says I was taking my sandal, I did not know this is your car. She tries to tell him about the proposal. Shlok says shut up. Atul says we cannot say yes to this proposal. Shlok’s mum is shocked.

Astha telling Shlok that she did not do anything purposely. Shlok says shut up and be away from my car. Astha says let me take my sandal. Shlok leaves. Astha gets her sandal which gets damaged. Astha’s dad tells Shlok’s mum that he cannot say yes to the marriage proposal. Anjali says you have taken the right decision. She says my husband got emotional, we both have so much difference in between us. It will be good if this proposal is not fixed. Niranjan comes and welcomes Atul. Niranjan asks whats the matter. Anjali says Atul came to say no to Shlok. Atul says Astha is not ready for marriage. Anjali says it means Astha does not want to marry Shlok. Astha comes to Gauri’s house. Gauri tells her about a problem.

Niranjan says if Astha is not ready, we should respect her decision. He says everyone has a right to choose their life partner, if she is not ready to marry Shlok, we should not force her. Atul is relieved and says its not about Shlok, its Astha. She wants to work and be independent. He says Astha wans to work hard. Niranjan says its good, he says our friendship should not be affected. He invites Atul to come in teh award function tomorrow. Atul agrees and leaves. Anjalu hears everything and gets angry. Astha’s mum says Niranjan agreed to you, now we should go and attend the function. Atul says will Astha agree. Astha comes there and says what do you wish. Atul says its about you. Astha says I will come. Astha says if you cant hink about my happiness, why can’t I. I will surely come. Astha tells Gauri about meeting Shlok in the award function. Gauri says Shlok will be getting an award, its a public place, you should talk to him there itself. Astha says I can’t speak to him infront of anyone. Gauri asks her to insult Shlok. Gauri says I can’t. She says I have to think something about this. Astha gets an idea and thinks she should talk to Shlok before the award function.

The next morning, Atul asks where is Astha. Astha comes brushing her teeth. Atul says bring a good bouquet to give it to Shlok, will you bring. Astha says do you have Shlok’s number. She says I want to congratulate him. Atul says will you? Astha says yes, why not. She asks for the number. Atul says Shlok does not need a mobile, maybe I have his secretary’s number. Reporters come to Shlok’s house and interviews Shlok. Shlok gives all the credit to his dad. They question him that whats the stand of your mum in your success. Shlok says she is much responsible, whatever I m is because of her. He says I stayed out of the house for 3 years. I got the inspiration from her to stay and work outside the house. Atul gives Shlok’s secretary’s number to Astha. The reporters questions him saying all the institutes are after your dad’s name, not on your mum’s name, why so. Shlok closes their camera and looks at them. He asks everyone to shut their cameras. Shlok says everyone knows my dad, he is a brand, so every institute starts by his name. The reporter questions him further. Shlok scolds him. Niranjan looks on.

Shlok says I know what to do in my institute. He says its better if you stays in your limits. Shlok gets angry on the reporter. The reporter feels bad. Shlok’s brother also supports Shlok. The reporters leave. Gauri tells Astha will Shlok listen to you. Astha calls Shlok’s secretary Suresh. He talks to her and says Shlok is not in office. Astha says I have some important work. Suresh says talk to me. Astha says she is Astha. Suresh recognizes her. Astha says I wanted to say sorry to him. Suresh says I can’t give you any information. Astha thinks of going to their head office. Astha reaches their head office and says she wants to meet Shlok. The security guard stops her. Astha meets Shlok outside the office and tells him she wants to talk to him. Shlok sits in his car. Astha sits in his car and says listen to me for two minutes. He says leave from my car, whats this. Astha does not listen and says I won’t come out of the car till you listen to me. Shlok says you want to talk to me, ok then do. She drives the car in high speed. Astha gets worried and says I m afraid. Shlok says talk to me. Astha says how are you driving. Shlok raises the speed further. He comes at a cliff and stops the car. He says don’t try to challenge me next time, you will regret. Shlok leaves her there and drives away from her. Astha’s dupatta gets stuck in the car door.

Shlok takes it out and gives it to her, while Astha stands shy. Shlok looks at her and walks towards her. Shlok leaves from that place in his car. Astha looks on.


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