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Strange Love update Sunday 16th May 2021 Shlok asking Astha will you break our relation for getting linked to them. Astha looks on and says my love and trust is not so weak that it will break so easily. She asks him how did my love shake up for you. She says I was saying this as I can’t see their tears, can’t you see the love they have for you in their eyes. Anjali’s mum speaks up and says we are hurt by your bitter words, but we are happy to see you. She says I did not know that Astha is the one whom we wanted to see, now we don’t want anything, we got what we wanted. She says now we can leave from here. Anjali’s dad says you don’t sacrifice your happiness for us and blesses Astha and Shlok. They keep the gift and starts leaving.

Shlok looks at them angrily. Anjali does not stop them and looks rigid. Niranjan apologizes to everyone for whatever happened. He tells Atul that this is our personal matter. Atul says no need to apologize, we understand, you don’t worry. Anjali’s parents leave crying. Shlok sees Astha crying. Niranjan says its time for Vidaai, so come. The guests start going after the couple.

Everyone come out for the Vidaai. Astha is crying and hugs Kalindi. Anjali looks at Niranjan and is tensed. Astha asks Kalindi not to cry else she won’t be able to go, she says I will come to meet you, I can’t live without you all. She asks Atul to calm down Kalindi. She tells Kalindi to take care of herself, Atul and Ajju and not worry about her. Suman aunty asks Astha to be happy to start a new life. Anjali says is it done, shall we go now. Astha hugs Suman aunty and Atul. Atul cries. Astha misses Ajju. Kalindi tells Anjali that Astha is kiddish and apologizes to her. She says Astha is our only daughter, she is smart but does not know things.

Anjali says we will explain her with love, you don’t worry. Anjali taunts Kalindi and says do you fear that Astha won’t become a good bahu as you might have not given her good family values. Atul requests Niranjan to forgive Astha if she does any, thinking her as your daughter. Niranjan speaks sweetly and says we will keep her as our daughter.

Astha and Shlok are on the way to home. She cries but jyoti and Bharat make her smile. Shlok hugs her. Niranjan gets angry on Anjali and she cries. Niranjan says how many time Anjali, will you repeat the same mistakes. He says I got insulted by your parents again, my wounds got refreshed, you did not think about it, if they can’t heal my wounds, they don’t have the right to fresh it up, and you have supported them. Anjali is crying and is afraid of Niranjan. Taai comes to Anjali thinking Astha might be coming here anytime. Niranjan goes close to Anjali and she is scared of him. He says I m angry after being insulted by your parents, you will have to pay for it. She cries.

Taai knocks the door and calls Anjali. She says Astha is at the door, come soon. Anjali says I m coming Taai, two minutes. Anjali wipes her tears and has her back hurt badly by Niranjan. She tries to be normal. Sojal and jaya are doing the arrangements. Sojal says I know you made good money in the marriage. They divide their share. jaya says everything is fine, even I m yours. They go to welcome the couple. Bharat asks Sojal where is Anjali. Sojal says she will be coming. Shlok says maybe she will make another issue now. Astha looks on.

Shlok asks jyoti to do the rituals. Taai says we will start the rituals as we can’t wait more. Taai asks jyoti to proceed. jyoti does the aarti and Anjali comes. She sees the wounds marks on her hand. Shlok looks at Anjali. Taai asks Shlok and Astha to come in. jyoti stops Astha and Shlok asks waht happened. jyoti says I want my nek. He says what do you want. She says I want it from Astha. jyoti says take my brother’s name. Astha takes it and smiles. jyoti says promise me that you will keep this family happy and peaceful and will fill Shlok’s life with happiness. Astha promises to her.

jyoti is happy adn welcomes them inside. Shlok and Astha steps inside the house. They go to the house’s mandir and takes the Lord’s blessings. Anjali stops them saying sorry Taai, one more ritual is left out. She says you are not this house’s bahu still, Shlok will give you a new name, you will take blessings with that name. Astha says is it necessary to change the name. Anjali says don’t argue. Kaka takes Astha’s side. Anjali argues with him and asks him not to speak in between. Shlok looks on. Anjali asks Sojal to ask Shlok to do it. Shlok writes Astha on the plate. Everyone looks on. Shlok says I like Astha.

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