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Strange Love update Tuesday 18th May 2021 Astha and Shlok being together. He lifts her in his arms and music plays….. Sajna Ve…… They have an eyelock. He brings her to his room where there are lots of diyas lighting the room and the room fully decorated.

Astha smiles seeing all this. Shlok comes to her and says close your eyes. She says I won’t. He insists. She says do you remember what Anjali said about the puja. He says close your eyes. She closes her eyes and he brings a soft teddy bear for her. She looks at it and says this… you brought it for me. He smiles. She hugs him smiling. He says I can do it for you, I know and have to c are about your likes and comfort. He says anyways do you know, you are looking more beautiful after our marriage. She says let me go, if anyone sees us. He says I don’t care, I waited a lot and stayed without you.

She says I came in this house today, let me go, I m afraid if anyone comes. He says I don’t want you to go away from my sight. They look at each other with love in their eyes. He holds her hand and Tum Ho paas mere Saath mere…. plays….. He touches her back and draws her closer. Astha spends couple of moments in his arms.

The next morning, Anjali looks out for Astha and asks jyoti where is Astha. She sees the Rakshasutra on the bed and goes out to look out for Astha. She thinks is Astha in Shlok’s room if she did such mistake, no one can save her today. She gets angry seeing Astha and Shlok sleeping near the bed. Astha rests on Shlok’s shoulder and sleeps. Anjali looks at them angrily and throws water on Astha’s face. Astha and Shlok wake up and stand. Anjali says won’t you listen to us. Shlok says whats this. Anjali stops Shlok from saying anything and scolds Astha saying you have to keep your respect as our bahu, I m ashamed to call you my bahu. Shlok says I don’t care, she is my wife, I’m not related to you, you don’t have any right to talk to Astha like this. Taai asks Shlok not to talk like this with Anjali. She says if you don’t give respect to your mum, even Astha won’t give respect. Shlok leaves.

Taai asks Astha to do as they say as its her duty to obey them being in limits. Taai asks Anjali not to tell this to the men of the house, as its important to hold respect in their hearts. Anjali tells Astha I made it clear that you need to stay away from Shlok till the puja. She says I have to tell Kalindi about this. Astha says I did not do anything, we did not break any ritual, we were talking and did not know when we slept, don’t talk to my mum about this. Astha requests her. Anjali asks Astha to get ready. Everyone leaves from the room. Astha cries.

Anjali is angry and calls Sojal. She asks Sojal to do her duty and start the preparations of the rituals. She asks jaya to leave from the house as she has booked her ticket. jaya goes to Sojal to help her. Anjali looks at jyoti and says Astha was with you, you were responsible for it, how did she go to Shlok’s room. She scolds jyoti for it and blames her for being beaten at her in laws house. Astha hears this.

Astha tells Anjali not to scold jyoti, as it was not her mistake, she was ….. Anjali says this is your first mistake, so I m forgiving you, but if you speak in between me and my daughter again, it won’t be good. She says if you got in laws like jyoti got, you would have known. She says think what I should do with you. jyoti cries. Astha tells her sorry. She says I respect Anjali a lot but I don’t know why is she so strict. jyoti asks her to agree with Anjali on everything, only then you can be happy. Sojal talks to jaya about Anjali. jaya says Anjali is lucky to gate a bahu like you, but Astha will give equal aswers to Anjali. She asks Sojal to make her place in this house. Bharat comes and asks whats going on. Sojal and jaya are worried.

Sojal changes the topic. She says my mum was saying a bahu should always serve her mum in law. Bharat says great, it looks like the sun has risen from the west. jaya smiles. Anjali brings tea for Niranjan. He says what was going on in the morning, I heard so much noise. Anjali says nothing. He says answer me. Anjali tells him that Astha was in Shlok’s room. He asks Anjali to take care of everything, and be sure that kids don;t break any rituals. He says its your mistake, you have to see what to do, and how to deal with them. Anjali says some rituals are pending, have to do their preparations. She leaves. Niranjan gets angry.

jyoti tells Astha you are looking very beautiful. Shlok comes and looks at Astha. Anjali sees Astha and keeps a ring on the table. She asks jyoti to call Taai. Anjali tells Astha about the ritual of finding the ring, and it would be good if the husband wins. Taai comes with Kaka. Anjali asks Astha to touch everyone’s feet and take their blessings, and she has to do this daily. She says you are our bahu now, so you have to do what we say. Astha agrees and greets everyone touching their feets. Taai blesses her. Kaka says this is not needed. Anjali argues with him and says I don’t want any changed in my house, I want it my way. She says even i touch Niranjan’s and Taai’s feet daily, whats wrong in this. Shlok interrupts and says Astha will not do this, sorry. Everyone looks on.

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