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Jia says to baba that I even have come back to require you home. cake says no you’re not Jhanvi, Nisha should have sent you. Jia cries and says no i’m Jhanvi, let me take you home then i will be able to make a case for everything to you. cake winces in pain, Jia takes him from there.
Nisha is fastened in space and shouting to bring her out.

Jia makes cake sit on couch and says I even have to scrub red stains. She cleans the notes she wrote on tiles with red color. She says to cake that i will be able to take you home. He says no. Jia hears somebody returning there and hides. Arju come backs there and says what’s oldie doing here? Jia sees him and thinks what’s Arjun doing here dressed up as Arjun? Arjun involves baba and says wherever are you roaming? Jia hides behind pillar and thinks if Arjun didnt come at now, i’d have taken cake with me, I even have to go away currently. Nisha shouts to bring her out of space.

Nisha runs to Arjun’s arms and screams. Samar smirks. Arjun says i’m here. Samar says Nisha are you okay? she moves removed from Arjun and says affirmative. Samar drags Arjun to lounge and shows cake sleeping on couch. Samar says you needed to abduct this oldie? you fastened me in space too? Arjun says I came to require my garments. Jia thinks it means that they’re all concerned. Nisha asks Samar enough, she asks Arjun to require garments and leave.

Jia involves space and packs her things, she leaves however her anklet falls there.
Nisha says dont grasp what’s happening. Samar says however am i able to get fastened and you too, perhaps like Adi, there’s somebody can similar face like Jhanvi? Nisha is concerned him and asks him to get rid of baba from couch, she leaves. Samar moves to baba and finds Jia’s anklet there, he appearance at it and takes it, he thinks.

Jia says to Kaki that dont worry, we have a tendency to atleast grasp that cake is alive, i will be able to bring him back presently. Kaki cries and says he was living such bitter life of these years. Chinni says I cant believe that Arjun is with Nisha and being concerned during this plan? Jia says i do know Arjun doesnt have morals however he was trying like Adi once he was dressed up as Adi, dont worry, we’ll figure one thing out, i will be able to bring baba here presently, Kaki says no, if you bring him here then Nisha can doubt us 1st, she’s going to get suspicious of you too, we’ve got to require next step when thinking, Jia says you’re right, we’ve got to watch out.

Arjun is at his home. He dreams concerning obtaining extra money from Nisha. Babblu comes there and says dont dream, choose interview, dont trust these wealthy folks. Arjun says my job wont modification. Babblu says you would possibly be doing mistake. Arjun says i’m obtaining cash, I want they’re upto one thing, {i can|i will be able to|i’ll} get clingy to them and that we will have solid future, he remembers however Nisha hugged him and smirks.

Jia says oh God my headache. Kaki says you have got headache from havan’s smoke? Jia says I dont believe God however in the end this, I want God is there to guide however this smoke makes my head spin. Chinni thinks cigarette’s smoke doesnt do something. Kaki says we’ve got to watch out of Nisha and arrange consequently.

Kaki says you ought to rest, Jia says i’m fine, dont worry concerning me, she hugs her. Kaki jokes concerning her holding wrong, they laugh. Nisha says to Samar that once Jhanvi came here, she aforementioned these items, she writes it on board and says last time we both got fastened in space. Samar says I cant believe you’re creating presentation of all this, we will attend a vacation, removed from all this. Nisha says no I cant live a frightened life, I even have to resolve this. Samar says I cant believe you’re basic cognitive process in ghosts, ghosts dont wear anklets.

Nisha says precisely, perhaps that ghost is attempting to allow a message through that anklet or even its Kaki and Chinni’s arrange, like they need Jhanvi’s doppelganger, we’ve got Adi’s lookalike therefore perhaps they need Jhanvi’s lookalike, tonight we’ll realize everything out, Samar asks what area unit you reaching to do? she says simply wait and watch. Jia asks Chinni if she saw her anklet? Chinni says no, they give the impression of being around. Chinni aforementions what if you left that anklet in Nisha’s house? if Nisha finds it then she’s going to grasp your reality. Jia says it should haven’t happened if that simpleton Arjun didnt come back there once I was there, I even have to travel there and realize anklet back, Nisha cant have it. Arjun is singing in his house, he opens window and finds Jia obvious at him, he’s shocked and says witch? you dont even sleep in daytime? She intrudes his house, he tries to runaway, she runs behind him and slips, he catches her. They share eyelock. Jia remembers all their sweet moments from past life, Hawain plays as they’re lost in one another. Arjun appearance away. Jia says i would like to speak.

Arjun runs and says I dont need to speak. Jia says its vital, Arjuna says flee witch. He locks himself in can. Jia says hear me,its vital, Arjun says leave. Jia says dont come back between my work. Arjun says flee. Jia says I dont have time, I even have attend Nisha’s house otherwise i’d have brought this Arjun out of can, she leaves. Arjun comes out of can and says she is therefore clingy, leave her, trust cash, I even have detected that if married ladies get bored of their husbands and wedding then flirt with them a bit will build them feel superb, I will think of Nisha too. Nisha has place Jhanvi’s image on dart board and throws dart at it, she says these days her truth can pop out. She throws another dart however Arjun comes there dressed as Adi, he stares at her intensely. Nisha gets finite.

Arjun involves her and says its me Arjun, your loyal, not Adi. She says why you’re dressed as Adi? Adi says he was your husband, I even have to seem convincing as Adi, we’ve got to form golden oldie believe that i’m Adi thats why i’m active, i’m certain Adi wont to speak like this.. he holds her hands and says Adi would say darling, i’m created for you merely, offer all pain to me and are available in my arms. Nisha smiles and gets lost in his eyes. Arjun moves away. Nisha jerks away.

Arjun says typically you get terrified of me and typically i purchase terrified of you. Nisha says no, i feel I simply saw a ghost. Arjun says ghost, I saw a ghost too, no it had been an attractive witch. Nisha asks where? Arjun caresses Nisha’s hair and says I even have seen several lovely ladies however your beauty is simply totally different. Nisha is rattled with him shut. They hear a glass breaking and switch to check Samar obvious at them. Later, Nisha says to Samar that I even have an inspiration and it’ll bring truth of Jhanvi’s ghost. At night, Nisha lights candle. Samar is concealment behind curtain. Nisha sees Jhanvi’s ghost(Jia) returning there. Nisha glares at her.

Jhanvi stares at her and thinks that why Nisha isn’t frightened today? why she isn’t screaming? Jia says i’m back. Nisha throws burning candle on carpet wherever Jia is standing, carpet catches fire and Jia gets enclosed by fire. Nisha smirks at her however Jia walks close to hearth. Nisha is dismayed and thinks nothing is occurring to her by hearth, it means that she extremely is ghost. Jia sedately walks over hearth and starts coming Nisha. Nisha says Jhanvi? she gets frightened and shouts Samar.. she involves Samar and says cant you see her? she’s going to kill me. Samar throws Nisha away and leaves. Nisha cries and says Samar dont leave me. Jia takes stick hand puts hearth thereon. Nisha collects a knife bit Jia moves burning stick towards her. Nisha says i’m sorry, I shouldnt have killed you and Adi, i will be able to repent my mistakes. Jia says you killed me and Adi, tried to kill Kaki, created your youngsters orphans, displeased cake for years, destroyed Adi and baba’s business.. list is long.

Nisha says i’m sorry, i will be able to repent all mistakes, i will be able to not torture Kaki, I swear on Chinni. Jia says you lie victimization your children, it’ll take you down, slap yourself immediately for Adi’s murder. Nisha says what? Jia gathers burning stick towards her, Nisha cries and slaps herself exhausting, Jia says slap yourself for killing me, Nisha does, Jia says slap yourself for torturing family, she slaps, Jia says you brought family on road, slap, Nisha does, Jia says you created your kids get kidnaped, slap yourself, she does. Jia says you tortured Adi, created his life hell, when our wedding, you song to me spoken communication you lost memory and cancer, slap youself, Nisha does, Jia says you killed Neha’s baby, slap yourself. Nisha starts slapping herself incessantly, she cries and says I cant do a lot of, please dont do that. Jia says do what i’m spoken communication otherwise i will be able to burn this whole house down with you here. Nisha says i will be able to do what you would like.

Jia says you have got twenty four hours, prepare a gathering, decision all folks in your circle, decision Kaki and Chinni and confess what you probably did of these years, bring cake out, tomorrow are going to be grand party and it’ll be your penance party, you’ll confess all of your crimes then you’ll attend police and confess murders you probably did and if you dont then i will be able to do everything. Nisha says no, I will go, i will be able to do everything you would like, I cant bear all this any longer, i will be able to repent my mistaes. She cries. Jia leaves. Nisha appearance around and sees she is gone. Nisha shouts for Samar.
Jia involves dhabba and washer her hands and face.

Arjun comes there and taunts that clingy is here. Jia says shut up. Arjun says what you probably did, if you actually were witch then you wouldnt be cooling yourself when walking in hearth, Jia thinks however he is aware of concerning it? Flashback shows Arjun was observation Jia returning to Nisha’s house, walking in hearth and creating Nisha slap herself, Arjun hid behind window and watched everything. Flashback ends. Arjun says you actually dont get burned from fire? Jia says affirmative I dont get burned. Jia says dont tell anyone. Arjun says I even have to inform somebody.

Jia says dont tell Nisha in any respect, he says not in any respect and smirks, he runs away. Jia thinks I even have to watch out of him. Samar is in space and says is it extremely Jhanvi’s ghost? she created Nisha frightened and currently making me frightened. His room’s door opens, Samar gets frightened and says I didnt do something, please forgive Maine.

Nisha comes there. Nisha says however dare you permit me there? ghost might have killed me. Samar says you’d have done same, everybody love their lives. Nisha says your life is attributable to me, I even have given all this to you. Samar says dont forget that if i used to be not with you that point then you wouldnt have succeeded. Nisha says ghost asked me.. she tells him however Jhanvi’s ghost asked her to confess her crimes. She screams and leaves. Arjun is sleeping however dreams concerning mandir and Jhanvi obtaining killed in blurred pictures, he wakes up with jerk. Babblu wakes up and says your dreams have inflated attributable to reaching to Nisha’s house.

Arjun says these dreams are reaching to build us wealthy. Babblu says you appear fascinated by Nisha’s personal life. Arjun says she desires me to urge concerned, Nisha looks to own everything however looks to own passion of achieving one thing. Arjun says to Babblu that when I win Nisha’s trust then we’ll enjoying in cash, i do know Nisha and her husband doesnt get on therefore i will be able to flirt and lure her. Babblu says however you thought of such massive game? Arjun aforementions that God have given me mind to use.

Jia is standing on door and slowly claps. Arjun is dismayed to check her. Jia says nice arrange Arjun however i’m smarter than you, I even have higher arrange. Arjun says then tell me. Jia plays clip of Arjun saying to Babblu that i will be able to think of Nisha and lure her. Jia says you’re not good, I even have emailed this clip therefore you’ll be able to delete it. Arjun says you cant let me sleep in peace, what you want? Jia says to Arjun that I even have recorded your arrange, if you retain your mouth shut then I wont tell concerning this to Nisha, your secret are going to be safe with me and my secret are going to be safe with you, deal? Babblu says roll in the hay.

Arjun holds her hand and makes modify her. They hear noise and turns to check, they’re dismayed somebody standing on door. They see Samar there, Samar smirks at them. Jia is dismayed to check him.

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