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Nisha askes what has arjun done. My privacy would be gone. The medical personnel Priya says we should not let him go there. Nisha says he has gone to bring Kaki ma and Chini here.


Arjun says to Chini don’t lure into her money. She is fooling you. She is not a good woman. Chini says Jia was my mom in her last life. She saved us this time Nisha as well. Nisha only gave birth but she is a devil in our life. = Kaki says Nisha killed you in last life. Arjun says no this Jia killed me. She is fooling you now. Jia says okay if you think I killed you take revenge and kill me. Adi could never harm Jhanvi. Arjun puts knife on Jia’s neck. Flashes of Jhanvi and Adi come in front of his eyes. His head hurts. Kaki says what are you doing. He recalls their marriage. Arjun faints. Nisha’s men hold him. kaki says how dare you come here. Nisha says why did she come in my house? If you try to be clever I will get you arrested. Don’t provoke ajrun. She takes him from there.

Kaki says why did he faint? Jia says only good things will happen now. Chini says what do we do now? She says I know.
Priya checks Arjun. She says you brought him on right time. He doesn’t remember anything as yet. Nisha says I have to do what was left. I have to talk to babasa. Kaki ma comes to house. Arjun saays welcome. This is your house. Kaki ma says we will only live here if Jia lives here too. Arjun says she killed me. She is a devil. She wants to take this house. She can’t live here. Don’t listen to her. Come with me. Kaki sas we will only live here if jia does. Nisha says as you wish. If you want her to stay here she will. If you think she should live here you should. You and Chini should be here. At any cost. I don’t want anything else. Nisha says I hope you are happy that your kaki ma is here. Jia says won’t you welcome us with an arti? Nisha brings an arti. Arjun says you won’t have any problem now. I wont leave anyone who harms my family. Kaki ma says finally seeing my family together. Nisha says let me show you guest room. Jia says we are not guests. Chini says we also wants a temple in this house. Nisha says sure. Jia says lets meet babasa.
Arjun says if I knew before she was coming too I would have not asked them. Nisha says don’t worry about her.

you should be happy that they are here. Get signature from babasa. He might melt now and sign the papers. Jia chini and Kaki come to babasa. He hugs them. Jia says I told you I would bring them back. Nisha says enough leet babasa rest. Jia says don’t disturb their family moment. Bring them some juice at least. Be a good person.
Babasa asks Kaki how are you? She says thank God we found you. We tried to so hard to get you out of her. Jia says we have to find why Arjun is on Nisha’s side. We have to find out what is she upto. Jia looks for proofs. She sees a secret room and comes there. She says these injections. I knew nisha was upto something. Priya comes and says who are you? How dare you come here? Jia says who are you? Nisha says she is our maid. Jia says thats why she doesn’t have manners. Why is she working as a bai here? She would get a good job. Nisha says few years ago I was surprised to see that Kaki ma in jindal house is illiterate too. jia says what are these injections? Nisha says I care for arjun and want to take care for him in the house.

I get a nurse here every day. Jia says I hope you get treatment for your lies too. Nisha says what would you take in lunch? She says but she is the maid right or will you cook? She orders what to make. she says go and cook this all for us. She leaves.
Priya says how dare you call me a maid. Nisha says I pay you enough to keep you quite. This jia is here as well. I have to get her out of my life again. Do you know about any poison that kills but no one knows? Priya smiles. Nisha says favorite food forr everyone. where is kaki ma? Chini says she is not well so she is asleeps.
Nisha recalls asking about the poison. Jia says you made such good food you should eat it before anyone.

Chini told me garlic bread is your favorite. Nisha says this garlic bread is made for you. Jia says don’t say no to your fav dish. Arjun says eat why are you not eating. let me make you eat. He offers her bread.
Babasa says I want it, Arjun gives it to him. Nisha says no he shouldn’t eat. She says arjun are you mad. Baba sa can’t eat garlic bread.

He should eat lighter stuff. Arjun says doesn’t matter once in a blue moon. Jia says babasa won’t eat it. have you mixed poison in it? Arjun says are you mad? Why you always accuse. Jia ssays why is she not eating it then?
Jia says eat it if there is nothing. If there is something then confess your crime. She eats it and says I make such good bread.
Arjun says are you happpy now? I know you are only here to blame people. Nisha says now you may enjoy your food. she leaves. Arjun says you are such a devil person. He says to chini you only blame people. You only ruin people’s mood, Chini stop trusting her. Chini says I don’t know when will you understand the truth. Nisha comes to her room. She is scared. She says I almost dodged them. Arjun knocks on the door and says nisha come out. Nisha says I am too upset to come out. He says I can understand. Nisha says I am so unlucky. I always try to do good for this family and this happens. I was so happy chini and kaki ma are here. They hate me beacuse of Jiaa. Arjun says dont’ worry they will accept you. Nisha says I tried so hard. Arjun says its all my mistake. I promised babasa. I didn’t know bringing them here would do this. Let me talk to kaki ma. Nisha says Jia is the probleem. She came between us in last life. I don’t wanna lose you. He says why would you lose me? I will show this Jia’s real face to everyone.

Nisha says the property that you should have, babasa will give it to her. We havee to be very careful. Jia is very clever. Arjun says what should I do? Nisha says get baba’s signature on the property papers. Arjun says baba sa will sign today. Jia says I am sure nisha mixed something. She wanted me to eat it. Chini says I know. We are in her house at the moment. She is very clever. Jia says she is provoking arjun against us. Jia says what drama happened at lunch, nisha will do something after it. I don’t know whats next. Nisha texts Arjun and says we should get the signatures tonight. He goes to babasa’s room. Nisha says once he gets signature I will kill these three. Arjun says baba sa please sign these papers. Babasa call Jia. I will only sign it then.
Arjun says you will take her permission? I am your son. she killed me. You will trust her? Baba sa says you are not adi.

Call jhanvi. He breaks a vase.
Jia comes there. She says i heard some noise here. Nisha says go and do your work. Babasa says call jhanvi. Jia knocks on the door and says open the door babasa I am here.
Arjun says jhanvi wants to take this property and ruin us. Jia says babasa open the door. Nisha says this is my house. Jia says this is muy family.
Arjun says you don’t trust me. Kill me. You trust that murderer Jahnvi. SHe took my family from me. Chini comes as well. Chini says kaki is not well.
Arjun says choose adi or jhanvi.

Who you love more? Babasa says I love adi. I will sign.
He takes the papers. jia says adi thats your baba sa. Please open the door. Please think before you do anything. Please open the door. Arjun for your babasa.

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