From the makers of the satire crush, Deuce Bigalow comes The Creature, about a little, weak Marvin, who doesn’t have the stuff to satisfy his deep-rooted dream to be a cop. In any case, his karma changes when he’s basically harmed in an auto collision and a disturbed researcher subtly utilizes creature organs to modify him. Empowered by his new parts, Marvin abandons his shortcoming and accomplishes moment notoriety as a supercop. Presently a legend, life is going perfectly for Marvin until his creature impulses begin taking once again his body at every one unacceptable time. Marvin battles to stay cultivated and be an ideal refined man with his new love, Rianna in a progression of funny circumstances that would make any creature insane.

Runtime: 84 mins

Release Date: 31 May 2001

Starcast: Rob Schneider, Colleen Haskell, John C. McGinley, Edward Asner, Michael Caton, Louis Lombardi, Guy Torry, Bob Rubin, Pilar Schneider, Scott Wilson, Raymond Ma, Michael Papajohn, Ron Rogg�, Holly Maples, Henriette Mantel, Jeremy Kramer, Robb Skyler, Nicko Mariolis, Philip Bolden, Deker Daily, Timmy Deters, Hannah K. Flood, Megan Taylor Harvey, Mitch Holleman, Mollie Rea Dodson, Charlie Stewart, Elizabeth Branson, Sandra Lee Gimpel, Paul E. Short, Arthur Bernard, Tim Herzog, Berglind Icey, Steven Kravitz, Shain Holden, Tom McNulty, James Bates Jr., Morisa Taylor Kaplan, Jack Rubens, Susan Corwin, Tom Kiesche, Karlee Holden, Clare Calvo, Michelle Celestino, Luigi Amodeo, Wes Takahashi, Fred Stoller, Jake Iannarino, John Kirk, Brett Smrz, Noel Gugliemi, Adam Sandler, Norm MacDonald, Brianna Brown, Amber Collins, John Farley, Pete, Bliss, Kanoozi, Louey, David Avallone, Kai Donovan Brady, Derek Di Biagio, David Michael Fordham, Jack Truman, Lindsay Zir,

Director(s): Luke Greenfield

Genre: Comedy, ,

Tags: forest



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