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The Cost Of Love 24 May 2021: The Episode starts with JD troubling Pankti. She calls out Anita. He says you want to know where is your mum. Poorva and Anita tell inspector that Anita didn’t steal the money. Inspector says then how would you get money from JD. He scolds Anita. Pankti and JD come there. Pankti says mum said JD has given her the money. JD says why would I give money without taking anything in return. He gives her jail clothes and food utensils.

Anita worries. JD sends the inspector. He says we can get back to our old relations if you want. He talks dirty with Pankti and offers money. Pankti asks inspector how much money is required for Anita’s bail. Inspector says one lakh would be charged, but you need to get it till morning else matter will reach court. Pankti asks Anita not to worry, she will free her. She goes. JD says your time will change Anita, your daughters will get sense in one day.

Ahaan comes home and calls out Pankti. Maid says she is not at home. He calls her. Poorva asks can’t we take help from Ahaan. Pankti recalls Aparna selling jewelry and says no, we can’t. She answers Ahaan’s call and lies hat she is in recording studio. She ends call. Poorva says I will try to get help from Monty, he asked me to meet Sahay in office. JD calls Sahay…

Poorva comes to Monty’s office and asks for Sahay. The men see her and comment that she is Monty’s item. Sahay comes to office. Poorva goes to meet him. Pankti talks to someone and says fine, I will come even if I get less money. Sahay says company is going in loss as Monty had signed Pankti, anyway you can have this money. He says don’t feel bad, you look educated, office people comment on you, you are responsible for our deal breaking with Jaishri. Poorva returns money and goes. Anita thinks how to get out of jail. She thinks of Thakur.

Anita fools a constable and flirts with him. She requests him to give her phone, she has to make a call. He gives her phone. She calls Thakur. He doesn’t answer. She gets angry and messages him. The girl asks Pankti to be careful while she sings in chorus, director is very strict. Pankti sings in chorus. Ahaan comes there with Uday for the song recording. Pankti hides her face seeing him. She says if Ahaan sees me, I have to tell him what JD said. Director scolds Pankti for moving back and singing bad. He asks her to sing carefully and not waste time. Ahaan sees Pankti and gets shocked. She goes from there. Director asks where is she going. She goes out and talks to Poorva. She asks her not to worry, they will do something.

Ahaan comes and asks her to talk to him. Pankti asks about his recording. He asks her to share the matter, what’s the reason that she spoke to JD. She says I was telling him that mum isn’t involved in Sheetal’s incident. He says this was already clarified. She recalls JD’s words. She asks him not to come in JD’s words, he can stoop much love. Ahaan says I trust you, so I feel your behavior weird. He hugs her. She says sorry, I was worried for mum. She kisses on his forehead. She asks him to respect work, go for recording. She says we decided to support each other and not come in between our struggles, I will finish my recording and call you, I love you. He says love you too. She goes. Uday asks Ahaan to come now. JD looks on and says I needed just one night to get you back on ground, while Ahaan took many months to make you fly.

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