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The Cost of Love 5 June 2021: The episode starts with Ahaan hearing Pankti singing in the changing room, he gets to beat the wall on the tone of the song. Pankti gets hiccups, she senses Ahaan enjoyed that. Ahaan suggests her to have some water, and says it must be his parents missing her; they must wish them to get married soon. He walks into her room.

Pankti was worried she might die because of this hiccup. Ahaan gets serious and says not because of hiccup, but the shame of what she did. Pankti was worried and asks what she did. Ahaan shows her something in his cell phone, it were her photos while asleep last night. Ahaan signals her hiccups were gone. Sanaya comes to the room and urges them to give a performance that may blow people’s minds.

Aparna finds Vikram and wife leaving for concert, Vikram tells Aparna he isn’t angry with Ahaan, only he himself is upset. Richa asks Manav if they aren’t joining them. Manav says a lot of wedding preparations are still left. Aparna assures Vikram that Ahaan loves him as well.

Sanaya was happy to see the house full in concert. Pankti goes inside to get her notation although the names were announced. Vikram and Richa reach the sow. They discuss why JD sent the invitation, Vikram says there must be something in his mind which none understands. Pankti comes to changing room and finds a dummy wearing the bridal attire, the negatives of her photos tied to it. She hears JD’s voice that only the dummy would wear the bridal dress, anything suits Pankti and the new avatar of Pankti is bold, beautiful and ready to show off.

Pankti throws the voice box on the table down to floor and snatches the negatives of her photos from the dummy, crying; tears them to pieces and flush them.
There, Sanaya was called on stage. Ahaan await Pankti restlessly near the stage. Pankti walks out of changing room and collects the negatives that filled the corridor. The audience was hooting and shouting for Ahaan and Pankti, Uday and Sanaya insists on her to go on stage. Sanaya was worried what they would reply to people if they only give a solo performance. Everyone disperse to look for Pankti.

Pankti had come upstairs following the negatives where she confronts JD. She questions when he took the photos and why? JD recalls pushing an injection onto her and snapping the shots while she lay unconscious. He wasn’t ready to listen to any of her complains and says he wanted to show her how he looks towards her. He won’t show these photos to anyone; only he holds the right to look at her. Pankti asks JD what he wants? He tries to touch her face but he pushes his hand away.

JD replies, She! Her beauty! So that no one can ever watch her again, the story returns to its initial point and she returns to be a puppet in his hands. He questions what that child Ahaan can give her, she must return to him.

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