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The Cost of Love 25 May 2021: It begins as Poorva is coming to find a job. She tells the man that Jasmine has sent her. He says you just have to serve the food with a smile, you can work well and earn. The man tells Pankti that if she sings well, she can earn in lakhs, he will get 10 percent commission. Pankti worries for Anita. JD pays someone and says the work should be done today itself. The man goes. Poorva works as waitress. The man smiles and asks her to get fork. He holds her hand. She sees Pankti coming and hides. Pankti says I was told this is a family restaurant. The manager says yes, these are family men who didn’t get family along, just focus on your performance. Poorva says does Pankti know I m here.

Everyone claps for Ahaan. Director asks him to sing his solo song. Ahaan says I m sure Pankti is also getting praised. Manager asks Pankti to change and come fast. Pankti comes on stage to perform. Poorva gets shocked. Ahaan sings his fav song Saansein meri….. Pankti sings the same. Manager signs good to her. The men smile seeing her. Everyone claps for Ahaan in the studio. Pankti and Poorva cry. The men clap for Pankti. Anita says why is Thakur not answering, maybe his wife is close. JD comes to her and asks what’s the matter, are you waiting for reply, you want to use my relatives against me. He shows her the phone and says just I can save you from myself. She falls in his feet and says I understood it well. He says I don’t believe in forgiving, but in dealing.

The men ask Pankti to sing once more. The man touches her. Pankti slaps him. The man points gun at her. He asks his friend to lift her and take. Pankti takes a fork and threatens to stab. The man says I will pull the trigger. Poorva runs and switches off the lights. The man holds Pankti’s hand. Pankti hides. The men look for her.

Poorva takes Pankti from there. Pankti asks you here. Poorva says I will explain later, we shall leave it. The men come there and catch Pankti. Poorva asks them to leave Pankti. The man drags Pankti. Ahaan says why didn’t Pankti call till now. He calls her. The man gets Pankti to his room and says girls like you just need money. He throws money at her. She pushes him. The other man teases Poorva. She hits his leg and runs away. She looks for Pankti. She calls Ahaan. He answers and asks her to say.

JD comes there and takes the phone. He says when senior is here, what’s the need of junior. He switches off her phone. She cries. Ahaan tries call Poorva and Pankti. He gets worried. The man tries to molest Pankti. She pushes him and runs. She collides with JD and gets shocked. Poorva comes to Pankti. JD slaps the man and says how dare you touch my thing. He beats the man.

Poorva asks Pankti to come with her, JD will manage. Pankti takes her phone and runs. Ahaan calls Uday. JD beats the man a lot. The man says leave me, I did your work for what you paid me. JD says I paid you to trouble her, not to touch her, how dare you. He beats him more. The man says that girl has gone away. JD turns to see.. Poorva and Pankti run.

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