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The Cost of Love 26 May 2021: Episode starts as JD is seen beating the man a lot. Pankti and Poorva run inside the lift. The power goes. A blood drop falls on Pankti’s hand. They see upwards and find the man dead. JD walks downstairs and comes to them. They get scared. He takes away Pankti with her. Poorva asks him to leave Pankti. Ahaan is on the way. Manav asks Kaira what is she doing. She says I m looking for job, I know the financial problems, I understand everything, why mum isn’t wearing any jewelry, Ahaan is busy in his work, so someone has to manage the expenses.

Manav smiles and asks Aparna to find a guy for Kaira, she has grown up. JD pushes away Poorva and takes Pankti in his car. Poorva asks him to leave Pankti. He drives off. Aparna feeds Sheetal and says I wish you were fine, I wish you could say you would make everything fine, Ahaan is also worried, he is finding Pankti. Manav comes and says if JD is behind all this. Aparna asks him to call Ahaan and ask about Pankti. Ahaan answers and says Pankti and Poorva aren’t answering. Manav says don’t worry, call me if needed. Richa hears them. Ahaan comes to Pankti’s house.

He rings the bell and calls out Pankti. He worries and calls her. She stays numb and doesn’t answer. JD sees her. Uday comes and asks what happened. Ahaan tells everything. Uday says we will find her, I will come along. Ahaan drives off. Richa says I m also worried for Pankti now, Ahaan and JD aren’t at home. Vikram says your friendship for her is returning, use your brain. She says yes, why is dad still after her.

JD passes by Ahaan’s car. Ahaan doesn’t see him. JD gets Pankti home and throws her. He says you think I m feeling good seeing you like this, I have saved you and Poorva, who came to rescue you, take this one lakh bail bond for Anita, get her released, have these papers, just come to me once, forget that Ahaan, then this dark night will end forever. Uday calls Ahaan and says I didn’t know anything about Pankti, call JD and ask. Ahaan asks how would he know, if he knows, why would he tell me. Uday says what’s there to try. Ahaan says where are you Pankti. JD says this is the only chance, to change your family’s life, your mum is in jail, your sister is serving drinks, the world is so bad, did you not see today, it will be injustice with me, did I torture you till now, I m better than the world. Pankti shouts enough.

He says what’s there to try, I want to give you a surprise. He calls someone and says do my work. He says you will know the surprise in just 10 mins. He doesn’t let her go. He gets a call from Ahaan. JD answers the call and asks what happened, did you lose sleep. Ahaan asks where are you. JD says in heaven with my fairy. He shuts Pankti’s mouth and does drama of romance. He asks Ahaan to take care and ends call. He says Pankti you will forget everything after seeing my surprise. She says I m not scared of you. He says I want to love you, not scare you. Door bell rings. She runs to the door and sees Anita.

Ahaan gets a call from Poorva. Poorva says go home fast, save Pankti. Ahaan says house was locked. Poorva says JD took her home, mum is in jail. She tells everything. Ahaan gets shocked. She says go home fast, I m also reaching. Anita sees JD. JD says you would have known how much I love you, I m ready to do anything for you, I m ready to fulfill every need, you have to take care of my needs, forget Ahaan now. He asks Anita to explain Pankti, she has seen outside world. Ahaan comes and asks how much will you fall JD, how do you cross limits always. JD says shut up. Ahaan says you shut up, you have stooped too low, you aren’t ashamed. JD says I love my thing, its just the beginning, take your steps back, you can’t tolerate more.

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