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The Evil Eye 15 December 2020: Ruby thinks why Vedsheree is delaying wedding? I have to find out what she is thinking. Outside Ruby’s room, Vedsheree puts tulsi powder on door so when Ruby puts feet on them then she will know her feet are turned away. She and priest hides. Ruby comes out of her room, she doesnt see tulsi powder, puts feet on it and leaves. Vedsheree is shocked to see that her feet are turned away. Rubyd doesnt see them and leaves. Vedsheree says oh God, what was I about to do? Ruby is a witch, we were making Ansh marry a witch, I have to tell everyone, I am a mom and I was destroying my son’s life, I have to stop this wedding. Priest says dont do it like this, Ruby can do anything, we have to make sure that she doesnt know that we know about her reality, we have to stop witch with preparation, dont tell anyone till I dont comeback, dont let Ruby know that you know, he leaves.

Vedsheree comes to mandap and looks at Ruby, she is tensed and thinks that I have to postpone wedding till priest comes back. Vedsheree says to family that good time to marry is 6PM and we have much time so we can do some rituals.

Mohana sees Piya on door and thinks that Piya’s some steps will make me go closer to my destination. She asks for water. Piya comes inside and offers her water. Mohana grabs her hand and smirks. Piya burns and asks her to leave her hand.

Ruby is sitting for a jewelry ritual. Vedsheree keeps making her wear jewelry, Ruby says I think its enough, Vedsheree says everyone should know its my Ansh’s marriage. Chitali says I will make her wear anklets, Vedsheree thinks that if Chitali sees her turned away feet then everything will be finished, I have to stop her.

The Evil Eye 15 December 2020: Guru Maa is looking around for Piya. She thinks if she went to Mohana? She comes to Mohana’s room and asks for Piya? Piya is locked in a casket, Mohana says she is here, look your devik is useless here. Piya is scared of Mohana.

Chitali is about to make Ruby wear anklet but Vedsheree stops her and says we will make her wear earing, Ruby says my wedding is more important than these rituals. Vedsheree says dont worry, my son will marry a real devik only.

Scene 2
Mohana says to Guru Maa that I thought your devik must be very strong but she is a very weak girl. Guru Maa says my Piya is very strong than you, she will fight you one day. Mohana says for that you have to save her and for saving her, you have to do one thing for me, Mohana creates witch circle around her and makes a black necklace. She gives it to Guru Maa and smirks.

Vedsheree is waiting for priest. She sees Guru Maa coming there and is surprised. Vedsheree comes to her and says you were right, Ruby is not a devik but a witch, I am sorry. Guru Maa says I am sorry, sometimes we do things that we dont want to but have to and I will do it now. She recalls how Mohana asked her to create witch circle around Vedsheree so she becomes a putty in Mohana’s hands. Guru Maa creates witch circle and says sorry. Vedsheree moves towards her and puts foot in witch circle.

The Evil Eye 15 December 2020 Starlife: Priest comes to Sushant and tells him that Ruby is a witch, I knew you could help so give me a weapon that can kill a witch. Saanvi brings a trishul and says it can kill a witch. Sushant says only a devik can kill witch using this weapon otherwise if some man tries to use it, he might be in danger, Priest says then I will take the risk and use it.

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