The Evil Eye Sunday 28 February 2021 Starlife Written update


The Evil Eye 28 February 2021: Piya says to Vedsheree that I will do as I say. Vedsheree says we have to go pooja on eclipse night which is tonight, we have to go and do it in witch’s den. Piya says but I cant leave Adi alone, I will ask Ansh to take care of Adi, she goes to talk to Ansh. Vedsheree glares at Adi and says I am going with your mother, when we comeback then your mother will be a witch too and she will eat you too.
Piya tells Ansh that Vedsheree has become a witch. Ansh says what? I didnt trust you. Piya says I have to go with her tonight. Ansh says its dangerous, I will go. Piya says no, we have to take this risk, take care of Adi, I will be fine. Ansh hugs her and cries. Piya moves away from him.

Avi shows will file to Jiji and says its your husband’s will. Jiji says I am thinking to go back. Chitali says we will celebrate holi, Koel and Tara will be here. Jiji calls Tara and says we should stay here till holi. Tara nods and looks at file. She sees some pictures and sees Mayank, she says what he is doing in dad’s documents.

Vedsheree calls witch tree in her room. Piya comes there. She tells Adi that I will comeback soon. Vedsheree says lets go Piya. She holds her hand. Witch tree pulls them both and vanishes. Adi cries. Ansh comes there and says dont worry, God is with Piya.

Scene 2
Piya and Vedsheree come to witch area.

Holi starts, Chitali starts holika fire. Tara sees Mayank in ceremony and gets scared. She looks around and sees that he is gone. Avi comes to her and asks what happened? She says nothing. Jiji says lets do pooja.

Nishant hammers nail in wall and says we will find answers ourselves. He takes eagle locket out of box and covers windows. He says now it will give us answers.

Vedsheree says to Piya that you need powers to take my braid off and you have that power. Piya says but witch cant her braid to anyone, she fights for it. Vedsheree says thats why I brought you here, she makes a circle around her and says when moon falls down then I will be tied in this circle and wont be able to do anything then you snatch my braid. Piya nods.

Mayank comes to Tara and says you will marry me only or I can forcefully do that, he leaves from there.

Nishant says I will ask answers from this eagle locket. It will answer us tomorrow, he asks eagle how creature is following tha girl? He applies powder on eagle mark. Screen infront of it starts burning.

Piya waits and see circle on fire. Vedsheree asks her to get ready and brings her witch braid out. Piya is about to take off her braid but Vedsheree throws her in circle and comes out. Piya is stunned.

Nishant sees a 5 years old girl on screen. Saanvi says mom met girl with mark when she was 5 years old. Naman says Tara? Naman says I saw her name in college register. Nishant says what this means?


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