The Evil Eye 11 June 2021: Mohana says if she becomes Maha witch, we will all die. Piya says she is our mother. Mohana says Vedeshree is gone. Only Maha witch will come back now. Nishant says I don’t know any way to stop witch join. Mohana says when even he doesn’t know, that means there’s no way to stop. Shekhar says Mohana, don’t dare moving forward and to touch the ashes.

Mohana says to try to understand. He says you are the root cause of all the problems. Leave us alone. Go from here. Pari says no dadu, Mohana dadi helped. Adi says yes, she told us how to get you out. Chetali says you don’t know her, she must have helped you for her benefit. Avi says she only thinks for herself. Chetali says maybe there’s a way to stop all this and bring back Vedeshree. But she would only be concerned about her safety.

Mohana says you can’t deny that I helped you. I gave up my eye. Shekhar says you can bring it back too. She says if it were this easy, I would have done it. I helped you people, I tried warning you too but no one listened to me. I am telling you now as well if Maha witch comes, we won’t be able to do anything. I won’t be able to help either. Piya picks the ashes and says enough. Until we find a way to bring ma back, we will keep it safe. Nishant says yes. She gives the ashes to Shekhar. Mohana says okay, do what you want. Ask your witch version what would you do with these ashes? Ansh says why would they tell us? Mohana says they will have to tell me.

Mohana comes to the mirror. Ansh says where did they all go? Piya says inside the mirror? Mohana says all mirrors are broken. There’s no way. Ansh says she is right. Shekhar says why does it matter? We have to think about bringing Vedeshree back. Mohana says for that too we have to find them.
Shekhar is crying. Ansh says please don’t give up like we never do. We will bring ma back at all costs.

Piya says to Nishant we have to find a way out. I can’t see papa like this. Nishant says even if we find a way, we don’t know who would come back? Vedeshree or Kalashree? Or both of them? Piya says we have to take this risk. Chetali says yes she is right. I am sorry for what I said. Please bring my bhabhi back. Nishant says I will try my best. I have to find a way out. We can’t keep the ashes here. Mohana will try to discard it. Shekhar gives the ashes to Nishant. He says please take care of her. Nishant says don’t worry. Piya says we will wait for you. Adi says please bring her back soon. Nishant hugs the kids. Mohana is angry.
Mohana says I know you’re sending the ashes away from me, but I won’t let that happen.

Dilruba says I am sure this Savi must have trapped my husband. Savi says I could have Ranvir Singh, why this weird Naman? Dilruba says stop trapping my husband. Savi says I am not that stupid. Naman makes them of gold. He says be quite now. Dilruba’s mom says how dare you to make my daughter of gold. Naman says shut up or I will make you of gold too.

Mohana stops Nishant’s car and tries to take the ashes. He stops her from the green smoke. Nishant says I knew you would come for these ashes so I was prepared. He runs. Mohana snatches the pot from him. He says you thought you could take the ashes of my sisters away from me? Nishant says I knew you won’t let me go so we planned all that. Mohana opens the pot. It has water. Nishant took some ashes in his locket. He said to rest, you people keep it safe here. Ansh said but Mohana will try to take it from us. Nishant said I would distract her and meanwhile you find a place to hide the ashes. Mohana breaks the pot in anger. Nishant says all in vain?

Chotu says you did right thing for the first time. He laughs. Let’s go to catch those black powers. They both fall down. Chota says you made me fall. Naman says you made me fall. Naman says someone made this circle around us. That’s why we fell. Chotu says who made it? Dilruba’s mom says I did.

Nishant says we have to separate the ashes of Vedeshree and Kalashree. Pandit ji says how will we know? Nishant says when I add the ashes in this bowl, black and white powers will separate. The ashes don’t separate. Nishant says the black power doesn’t want us to separate them. We have to find another way soon. Before maha witch comes.

Piya says our witches are nowhere. Ansh says everyone looked everywhere. Did you speak to papa? Piya says he couldn’t separate the ashes. He said if maha witch comes, we won’t’ be able to bring ma back. Ansh says we can’t let that happen. Ansh asks Adi to hide the ashes. He goes into the wall and hides it on the wall. Ansha says Mohana won’t be able to take it now. Mohana comes there.

Naman says what are you doing? We have to go somewhere. She says to fix my daughter first. Naman says it happened because of the wand. Oh, it’s in my hand. I love your daughter but I have something urgent. She says you can only go once you fix my daughter. Chotu says you’re a witch yourself. Why can’t you break this circle? He says only the witch who makes it can break it.

Mohana says well played. Sent me after Nishant and hid the ashes? You people are even more selfish than witches. I did a favor on you. Piya says what favor? Mohana says I gave up my eye for you people. I will have to wait for so long to get my eye back. Ansh says you have ruined the peace of our lives. You even tried killing us so many times. Piya says if you want those ashes, you won’t get it. Mohana says I don’t want it anymore. It’s useless to talk to you. Now get ready for the consequences.

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